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Old 12th June 2007   #1
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Default Kailee O'Sullivan at Maurice's

Maurice's (which is a division of the Dress Barn company) has just launched a new plus-size division, and it couldn't have possibly chosen a better model to become the face (and figure) of the new line.

Kailee O'Sullivan is the company's muse, and if you thought she looked gorgeous before, you will faint when you see how breathtaking she looks here.

She is far more alluring right now than ever before. Indeed, her beauty increases with every shoot.

The styles are a mix of youthful and mature, but Kailee makes them all look ravishing.

You simpy have to see the site, where you will find many other gorgeous pictures of this curvy starlet.

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Old 13th June 2007   #2
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan at Maurice's

Kailee's beauty beggars belief. Her charms increase with every campaign. How brilliant a move by Maurice's to select this voluptuous vixen to represent their new plus-size line.

The denim landing-page photo (the first picture posted by Kaitlynn) is indeed breathtaking. Plus-size goddesses are ever at their most seductive when they are shown in states of indolent repose, and Kailee looks wonderfully languid here--but at the same time, she infuses the picture with a dash of fun as well. The top alluringly shows off her gorgeous arms, and although it is comfortable, it also hints at her curvy waist. Note how the sunlight frames her flowing tresses in a golden halo.

The following photograph is equally stunning, focussing on the model's attractively full arms. As many fans have noted, what makes Kailee's figure so perfect is that it exhibits a naturally rounded softness, rather than being disfigured by gym torture.

The other essential element that makes these pictures so lovely is the natural backdrop (although the curious colour-filtering is unfortunate). The fresh, outdoor environment contributes greatly to the ambience of the images, and helps make even the more prosaic outfits look appealing (although Kailee's beauty is so extraordinary that she could make them enticing in any setting).

Not only does Miss O'Sullivan headline the site's plus pages, but she also graces the Maurice's cover--both in the following adorable picture, on her own,

and with two of the company's straight-size models (whom she outshines completely).

The cover line, above, reveals the inspired approach that makes this campaign is so successful: "Introducing sizes 16-24. Inspired by the girl in everyone." The association of plus-sizes with youth is quite perceptive. Maurice's clearly understands, as few retailers do, that there is something inherently youthful about being full-figured--girlish, even. This is one of the reasons why well-fed beauty is so essentially feminine--it enhances the bloom of youth, and also preserves it as a goddess matures.

- Kailee on the Maurice's cover

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Old 19th June 2007   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan at Maurice's

There have been a number of good articles online describing the debut of this line. Here's one:

“We’re excited to meet the needs of a new customer who, up until now, has had limited fashion choices available to her in our communities,” said Lisa Rhodes, the executive vice president and chief merchandising officer in a news release.

Solsaa said the new line is a “trendy, fun style of clothing.”

These statements confirm the notion that Maurice's has the right idea in mind, in introducing this line:

"We created the plus size line to satisfy the multiple lifestyles of the young, fashion-conscious customer who shops at Maurices, while giving special attention to details that flatter a curvier figure," Lisa Rhodes, executive vice president of Maurices, said in a news release.

But the best evidence of all is their choice of Kailee as star model.

Here's another pretty image:

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Old 16th July 2007   #4
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan at Maurice's

Maurice's has just revised its Web site, and it now features several new pictures of Miss O'Sullivan that are sure to thrill fans.

Most delightful of all is this image, showing Kailee looking particularly curvaceous. Her delight in her own beauty is infectious, and her shapely figure makes even this simple, casual outfit look remarkably attractive.

This ensemble is rather prettier. Closely-fitted white capris are always an alluring look on voluptuous vixens, and the short-sleeved blouse reveals a hit of Kailee's lovely arms.

And finally, here is another look at the outfit in the first image. It's a cute look, but one must say that the previous Maurice's campaign with Kailee was even more attractive, owing in large part to the lovely outdoor setting.

Maurice's also promises a "Look Book" coming soon on the company site, which will hopefully feature further images of Miss O'Sullivan. Fans will surely keep a close watch.


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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan at Maurice's

Ah, lovely Kailee. She's achingly pretty. She reminds me a little of the actress Renee Olstead:

except Kailee has the better figure, and is ultimately more beautiful.
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