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Default Buxom Beauty

"This was a full-blown, very plump damsel, fair as waxwork, with handsome and regular features, languishing blue eyes, and ringleted yellow hair...the blooming and luxuriant younger girl had her contour of jaw and chin -- perhaps a little softened, but still imparting an indescribable hardness to the countenance, otherwise so voluptuous and buxom."
-Bronte, Jane Eyre.
Charlotte Bronte's sensual description, quoted above, of her peripheral but unforgettably seductive character Georgiana Reed, reminds us of the traditional definition of the word "buxom" as signifying a well-fed, full-figured vixen. Although, like so many historical terms describing female attractiveness, the term is routinely misused and abused in the modern day (and now often refers to tanorexic waifs with bodies disfigured by synthentic material), it is actually a venerable adjective signifying timeless feminine charms.

How fitting, then, that the term defines the identity of a West Coast enterprise that promotes plus-size beauty.

Buxom Entertainment (which also operates a "Buxom Boutique," and refers to its models as "Buxom Bombshells") maintains a Web site that publishes online editorials showcasing the work of aspiring full-figured models. The Buxom layouts often feature girls whom the organization's founder, photographer Chanel Rene, has previously tested.

What we especially like about Buxom is that it consistently celebrates the efforts of young women who are curvier than the narrow and dated size-related standards to which certain elements of the fashion industry still cling. Buxom regularly features models size 18 or better, and in so doing, is performing an invaluable service--giving fuller-figured talents some vital shooting experience.

As the plus-size industry increasingly embraces more generously-proportioned models, (a move that Buxom may well accelerate,) this organization will help create a talent pool on which clients will be able to draw, when seeking more opulent representatives to showcase their apparel.

We also appreciate the style of Ms. Rene's photography, which is very size-positive, and quite attractive. Chanel has no compunction about photographing her girls in such a way as to celebrate their curves--all of their curves--and in this, too, Buxom is at the leading edge of the industry.

The nature of the Buxom editorials is rather sensual, occasionally even steamy, but always in a tasteful way. More recently, Buxom has refined its style to introduce a more softly romantic quality to its imagery, and this new development is proving highly popular with the public--and is, in fact, the proximate reason for this post.

* * *

We first noted Ms. Rene's work in a test shoot that she did with plus-size model Tiffany Kaelin. Although the styling was more contemporary than we generally prefer, the softness of Ms. Kaelin's look was still apparent, and we were impressed that Chanel in no way diminished Tiffany's curves, or tried to suggest that the model was any less curvaceous than she was.

Buxom's most attractive girl, and probably its most talented model, is one Angela Perez--seen here in a commercial image for the Buxom Boutique,

and in a test photo by Ms. Rene. Angela has appealing facial features, softly rounded and with prominent cheekbones, and a very shapely figure--which she and Chanel proudly showcase, in their collaborations.

Plus-size models always look particularly captivating in states of repose. Shooting outdoors, on the grass, and featuring the model barefoot, adds a welcome hint of sensuality to an image that nonetheless serves as a fine commercial test. An image such as this effectively promotes the dress and sweater that the model displays, while also achieving a size-positive result, in unapologetically celebrating the model's natural contours.

Of the models who appear with some frequency in Buxom's editorials, Claudette Rangel is undoubtedly the most attractive and talented. The image below showcases the model's plus-size figure in that unique Buxom way, which is quite alluring, yet still commercially viable. What makes the image so progressive is that it presents the model's generous waist as being just as seductive as her hourglass traits (which it surely is). The wrap-dress style is always becoming on a fuller figure, and the model's pose is graceful rather than overt, and thus highly effective.

Ms. Rangel is also the "star of the show" in a highly entertaining behind-the-scenes video, showing the "making of" one of the Buxom editorials. Claudette appears in a peach-coloured sweater, which lovingly embraces her figure,

and she strikes a variety of expressions--from warm and genial to excitingly haughty and spoiled--which are the stock-in-trade of the professional plus-size model.

Click on the arrow in the centre of the picture to play the video:

Buxom's greatest accomplishment to date is undoubtedly its current online editorial, a romantic and dreamlike Valentine's Day-themed shoot which features several plus-size models in bridal lingerie, and wearing angelic wings, in the manner of the Victoria's Secret girls. However, these Buxom models, with their generous proportions, far more closely resemble how angels have been conceived and depicted in Western art throughout the ages than the ill-nourished cadavers who walk the VS runways.

The standout image from Buxom's angel editorial is the following. Observe how delicate and ethereal the fabric seems, against the fullness of the model's figure, with her especially attractive arms (soft and shapely, not "toned").The model's pose references a legendary Barbara Brickner lingerie editorial in Mode magazine, and the expression is fittingly gentle, yet with a slight suggestion of desire. Note the brilliant hair and cosmetics work, and particularly the enchanting flowers in the model's tresses--a timeless, feminine touch, if ever there was one. The shimmering shoreline location contributes to the dreamlike quality of the image, and confirms, yet again, that the plus-size industry can find its best aesthtic inspiration in present-day bridal editorials and commercial campaigns, which exhibit timeless beauty in every way, except in their choice of models.

Click to enlarge

You may click on the image to see it at a larger size, and view more of this editorial at the Buxom Web site, linked below.

* * *

We applaud Buxom for giving fuller-figured models a chance, and for leading by example in encouraging the industry to dispense with its hypocritical and glaringly outmoded restrictions on size.

True, the Buxom talent may be a tad inconsistent--but that is true of the board of any professional agency. Although it is not an agency itself, Buxom should nudge professional plus-size model divisions to start representing fuller-figured girls, or else they will find their clients turning to Buxom, for girls who more closely represent the proportions of their customers.

From a size-positive point of view, Buxom is on the leading edge of the industry, and the aesthetic of its imagery is improving steadily. We look forward to this organization's future contributions to size celebration, and hope to see its most notable girls achieve greater visibility.

- Buxom beauty . . .

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Default Re: Buxom Beauty

I've been meaning to reply to this post for a long time, and I finally got around to it today. I enthusiastically support this "Buxom" concept. I think Angela is gorgeous, and in class of her own among the Buxom girls; Claudette is stunning; and Chanel's photography is pretty, and obviously comfortable with showing the models' luscious curves- just as the models are comfortable with having those curves.

I would love to see this project become better known and more publicly visible. It could help show the plus-size fashion industry that truly full-figured models are very effective at showing off clothing, as long as they're just as carefully chosen for beauty and talent as faux-plus models are; and beyond that, it could help advance the acceptanace (and let's hope, the celebration) of plus-size beauty.
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Default Re: Buxom Beauty

The Buxom project continues to impress us with its vision, and Angela's work is particularly striking. If any goddess demonstrates that models above a size 18 can be just as effective at promoting alluring fashions as their thinner peers, this Buxom beauty certainly does.

Here are a few more of Chanel Rene's images of this lovely model. First, we have two gently alluring bedroom pictures, somewhat reminiscent of Justine Legault's test with Yanick Dery. The photographer's lighting is soft but dramatic. Note the steamy sensuality of the model's heavily-lidded gaze--a captivating look of quiet desire. The photograph seems very provocative at first, but a second glace reveals that it is actually quite demure. The viewer only glimpses the model's soft, rounded arm, and shapely legs. This reconfirms an interesting fact about full-figured goddesses: that they can completely surpass their underweight rivals in allure, but with far more subtle effects.

Click to enlarge

A second bedroom shot shows the model with a more arresting, hungrier look. Again, note the subtlety: The sensuality of the image is wholly derived from the view of the model's full, shapely arm.

Click to enlarge

Turning back to casual fashions, Angela's commercial pictures prove to be just as impressive as her more daring photos. We tend not to be fond of animal prints, but a very few models--including Barbara Brickner, and, in this image, Angela--can make them quite appealing. The model creates a stunning silhouette in this piece.

Click to enlarge

The following is singularly eye-catching dress image, showing the model in a beautifully fitted item that lovingly embraces her curves, and is abbreviated enough to highlight the beauty of her shapely legs. It is the model's figure that makes this dress so appealing--an effect that a smaller model, including a faux-plus girl, could never achieve.

Click to enlarge

Here is another example of Angela making a dress look irresistible. A retailer with an image such as this in its Web catalogue would see products sell in record numbers.

In case anyone is wondering, Angela's beauty is not a camera illusion. Here is a "behind-the-scenes" glimpse of the model at a Buxom shoot, showing that she is just as gorgeous when viewed, Polaroid-style, in a happenstance manner. She exhibits the "slight rise" of a "slope toward the throat" so admired by Renaissance writers.

But all of this is simply preliminary to the picture that we really wish to highlight. The following is not only the most gorgeous image that Angela and Chanel have ever produced, but a photograph so lovely that any plus-size model would be proud to have created it. This is a bona fide masterpiece of size celebration, and a captivating expression of timeless beauty.

Above all, the image celebrates the exquisite fullness of the model's rounded arm. Her expression is at once both dreamy and lively, with parted lips and a faraway gaze. (That is the test of a great model, being able to blend two or more sensations in a single look.) Her complexion is fair, with adorably flushed cheeks--and note her stunning cheekbones! The body-conscious dress (a halter design--the ideal style for a plus-size goddess) alluringly frames the beauty of her womanly figure, and hints at that most daring of feminine features, a curvy waist. The hairstyle is pretty and youthful. The photographer brilliantly employs a lush green background to contrast with the model's luscious red lipgloss, and with the splash of red behind the bench. The overall effect is soft and lyrical, yet vibrant. This could easily be a magazine cover or a print ad--and it also happens to be an ideal presentation of plus-size beauty.

Bravo to Angela and Chanel for producing such a masterpiece. If any model richly deserves success above a size 18, it is Angela. We wish her, and the Buxom project, the greatest success, and eagerly await future triumphs.

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Default Re: Buxom Beauty

That final image of Angela is not only her persona best, but is altogether one of the loveliest, most alluring pictures I have ever seen of any plus-size model. I would even deem it Mode-worthy. The longer hair really enhances her look, and her expression is one of complete self-possession, comfort, and pleasure in her own appearance. It reminds me of one of my favourite images of Lillian Russell,

but in some ways, the Buxom picture is even more gorgeous.

Angela has a stunning figure, and I certainly hope that Buxom shows us more of this extraordinary beauty in the future.
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Default Re: Buxom Beauty

First off, I'd like to say Thank you to Chanel Rene and Buxom Entertainment for making me the model I am today. Also, I am very excited and honored to see my face being recognized. My goal is to show all of the beautiful women out there that being plus-size isn't a bad thing. There is true beauty everywhere you look. I hope everybody keeps thriving for what they believe in!
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Default Re: Buxom Beauty

Originally Posted by alperez817
I'd like to say Thank you to Chanel Rene and Buxom Entertainment for making me the model I am today

And all of Angela's fans here at The Judgment of Paris would, in turn, like to thank her for being the model she is today.

Those fans will undoubtedly be thrilled to see three more photographs from the remarkable Chanel Rene shoot which produced the luscious image posted above.

First, here is a gorgeous figure shot, showing Angela relaxing in the shade. The rich green hues of the grass contrast vividly with the model's passionate red lipgloss, and the red details in her dress. Said dress attractively embraces Angela's goddesslike figure--a figure that puts to shame both faux-plus and straight-size models alike. The model's expression is relaxed but arresting, communicating a world of emotion and feeling.

And here are two captivating headshots of Angela. The first effectively shows off the soft beauty of the model's neck and shoulders--so much comelier than similar features on underweight models, with their jutting clavicles. She positively beams with health and vitality, her fair complexion slightly flushed in a very pretty way. The stray wisp of hair falling across the face is an appealing touch.

And in this image, the model adds a dash of roguishness to her expression, gazing with a hint of desire and come-hither seductiveness at . . . well, one can only imagine what might have caught her interest.

With genuinely full-figured proportions, and the bold style-sense to really show off her curves, Angela is a gifted model who could prove to the world that shapelier women can be just as effective--or more effective--at showing off fashions than their underweight rivals.

One hopes that a visionary retailer might take advantage of the opportunity that she presents, and enlist her services in creating an advertising campaign that would really turns heads (and change societal perceptions of plus-size beauty).

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