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Default Justine Legault: Zizzi, Spring 2013

Fans of gorgeous plus-size model Justine Legault (and though she has many more of them now, her enthusiasts here at the Judgment of Paris can take no small satisfaction in that they recognized her beauty long before the Johnny-come-latelies who have jumped onto the bandwagon) who adored her stunningly size-positive Elle Québec cover, along with the accompanying behind-the-scenes video, will be just as thrilled to see her Spring 2013 campaign for popular Danish full-figured fashion label Zizzi.

The still images, as we will shortly see, are lovely, but the real magic of the campaign is to be found in the idyllic video that Zizzi shot to accompany the promotion. It capitalizes on the uniquely gentle and delicate qualities of Justine's beauty, creating footage that is dreamy and romantic, underscored by tranquil, soothing music. One can almost feel a soft breeze winnowing through the trees, as the afternoon sunlight dapples the leaves. The setting appears to be a rustic cottage, a secret hideaway seemingly built just for Justine and the viewer. The video is remarkably intimate, comprising brief, adoring clips of the model, like snippets of an old Super-8mm home movie.

Observe how coy and demure Justine is in the video, playfully shy, like a young bride on her honeymoon, blushing at the ardent infatuation of her spouse. (The demure business with the hat at 0:56 will melt your heart.) Her fair tresses drape sensually over her face and shoulders. Watch for especially pro-curvy moments at 0:20 and 0:48, when Justine's close-fitting jeans embrace and define the luscious thighs that Elle Quebec exposed to the world on the cover of its current issue.

* * *

The rest of the campaign can be found in the pages of the current issue of Zizzi's seasonal magalog, now called The Curvy Magazine. Justine appears dreamily soft and gentle on the cover, in a white blouse with a lacy collar that is almost Victorian in how it suggests her irresistible innocence.

Click to enlarge

The rustic cottage seen in the video provides the setting for the print campaign, and with the natural greenery in the background, it offers an ideal backdrop for Zizzi's spring collection, which has such an Old World charm to it, with its earth tones and folkloric touches.

Click to enlarge

The most pro-curvy image of the campaign is the following, with Justine in an adorably girlish pink sweater that embraces her womanly, 46" hips and suggests her buxom contours. The pink hue gives her fair complexion a hint of a flush and perfectly sets off her golden tresses and blue eyes, recalling the "plump and pink and flaxen attributes" that Charlotte Bronte ascribes to her delicious coquette, Ginevra Fanshawe. The braid in the tresses is an enchanting touch, adding to the Old World beauty that Justine personifies, youthful as she certainly is. Her manner of posing in this sweater is delightfully self-assured, as if she is deliberately exhibiting her luscious hips, knowing how gorgeous her figure appears. Note the magnificently carved rocking chair in the background.

Click to enlarge

Also exquisite is the following picture, in which Justine's facial features appear especially attractive in their babylike softness. The eyes-downward, modest-model pose is ideally chosen to reinforce the narrative of this shoot, as presented in the video: a virtuous, if well-fed young beauty who is budding into awareness of her youthful pulchritude. The jeans embrace her world-famous thighs, seemingly opening at the seams, as if they can barely encompass the shapely fullness of the model's legs. Pink boots? Adorable.

Click to enlarge

The lace touches in the Zizzi line add greatly to the appealingly femininity of the outfits--such fitting adornments for Justine's classical beauty. The yellow of this top gives her blonde tresses an extra glow, while the jeans define her opulent thighs.

Click to enlarge

The next two items are certainly the most beautiful pieces in the collection. First, this lace dress is so enchantingly feminine that it appears to have been hand-sewn in bygone era, veritably the kind of dress that a Lillian Russell would have worn. And yet, its seductively abbreviated length makes it entirely contemporary. And in the case of Justine, a goddess whose legs are so full and gorgeous, short dresses are a must. Notice how she shows off those legs with her tantalizing pose. The lush greenery in the background completes the Old World effect.

Click to enlarge

Equally pretty is this marvellously folkloric outfit, the print of the dress embellished with little pink flowers. If the previous item recalled a Victorian gown, then this garment brings to mind traditional girls' dresses from Eastern Europe. The sweater adds to the model's fetchingly modest presentation of herself, as does her downward glance. Observe how the sunlight gilds her tresses with a celestial radiance, the shafts of sunlight streaming down upon her like heavenly light. The woodland setting provides the perfect backdrop to complete the rustic effect. This image is entirely a rejection of the modern world, with all of androgynous, angular, minimalist misery, and a thoroughgoing embrace of timeless beauty.

Click to enlarge

Justine's pink boots make a welcome return in the following image, adding a dash of colour to the ensemble. Her pose is relaxed, easygoing, and carefree, qualities that enhance her loveliness and add to the viewer's pleasure in beholding the image.

Click to enlarge

Fresh and breezy is the feeling that Mlle Legault conveys in the next photo, invigorating her look with a hat and adopting a casual, almost incidental pose, stepping off the porch of this romantic hideaway. Paradise on earth would look something like this: a secluded cabin hidden deep within a European forest, and an angel on earth with whom to cohabit.

Click to enlarge

Justine's most provocative pose of the campaign appears in the next picture, where she stretches out her luscious legs--soft and full, exhibiting sensually dimpled flesh--for the viewer's delectation. The white dress is enchanting, with its folkloric hem. (It's as if the model and the viewer found this secret hut, long forgotten, in the middle of the woods, and upon entering, Justine discovered a chest of vintage attire, which magically fit her perfectly, and which she decided to wear for the duration of the couple's stay.) Observe the deft manner in which she touches the magnificent eagle carved into the headboard of the chair, around which she entwines herself like a seductress, lounging in it most seductively. The books in the background are an effective additional touch, for plus-size goddesses have ever been associated with splendid old tomes of literature, in which they can find paeans of praise to the full-figured beauty that they possess.

Click to enlarge

In a closer view, the model cannot maintain her sinful seductiveness, and laughs a sweet, graceful laugh. This angle also highlights the intricate embroidery in the hem of the outfit, as well as the splendidly carved eagle in the chair. Both the details in the dress and the handcarved ornament suggests the rich craftsmanship--one feminine, the other masculine--of a nobler age than our own.

Click to enlarge

Unlike the earlier images in the campaign, in which Mademoiselle Legault appears so angelically sweet and innocent, so gentle and delicate, the latter pictures show her revealing more of an openly alluring nature. It's as if, during the first days of this forest-hideaway honeymoon, the model was still bashful, still discovering her womanhood; but subsequently, she embraced her steamy, seductive side, and began to enjoy the thrilling power that her beauty gave her. Once again, the camera focuses on her shapely thighs.

Click to enlarge

Maxi dresses are not to everyone's taste, but Justine does a marvellous job of showing off this example, her movement giving the fabric life. Its tiered design makes it a much more feminine and appealing item than many maxi numbers, recalling the Bohemian style which is so innately appropriate for plus-size goddesses, with its vintage femininity. The rich historicism of the cabin behind her places the outfit in an ideal context.

Click to enlarge

In addition to the breathtaking video that we described at the opening of this thread, Zizzi has released two more film clips relating to its newest line.

First is a half-minute TV commercial that is running in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, showing Justine preening for the camera. This clip has our French-Canadian stunner in full seductress mode, being ever-so-steamy, especially in a black lace dress. The contrast to the idyllic softness of her demeanour in the location video, above, couldn't be more pronounced, highlighting Justine's remarkable versatility. The text that accompanies the video ("I love my hips." "I love my waist.") is wonderfully affirmative.

Second is a behind-the-scenes video of the making of that TV commercial. Fast forward to 0:42 to see Justine's portion of the footage. The close-ups of her facial features, showing how much poise and aristocratic self-possession she exhibits, even as she dances for the camera, are mesmerizing.

Bravo to Zizzi for an outstanding promotion with the lovely Mlle Legault, an agreeably anti-modern campaign which sets the model in the kind of outdoor location that underscores her natural beauty, and dresses her in vintage-inspired attire which flatters her timeless femininity, yet shows off her curvaceous figure.

Click to enlarge

And kudos to Justine, who can transform herself from a haughty, imperious beauty to a vulnerable, innocent young girl, and embody both personae equally convincingly. Her loveliness is captivating and undeniable, which makes her current popularity such a favourable development, for no one--no matter how brainwashed they may be by anti-plus, mass-media propaganda--can look at her and deny that she is an angel on earth.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Zizzi magazine online

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