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Old 25th February 2010   #1
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Default Prada rejects waifs; hires Doutzen Kroes, etc.

Okay, it's not quite as radical a move as this article makes it sound,

but here's the news:

Hooray! Skinny Models Booted out of Top Fashion Show and Replaced by Victoria’s Secret Angels!

Just heard that the big wigs at the Prada design house in Milan fired many off the toothpick-thin models that were originally booked for their fall 2010 fashion show, which is being held at this moment in Milan on Feb. 25th.

Shockingly, for the skinny-obsessed fashion world, they were replaced by more voluptuous Victoria’s Secret models, who actually have at least a little meat on their bones.

My source is telling me that the big revolutionary moment occurred last night during fittings for the highly regarded trend-setting fashion collection.

She reports that a casting director suddenly threw up his hands, said “F— it!” and ordered that sexy Victoria’s Secret Angel models, Miranda Kerr (girlfriend of Orlando Bloom), Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes and Isabeli Fontana airlifted in for today’s 1 pm EST show.

Word has it that the revolutionary decision came after the uproar over the pin-thin models at New York Fashion Week, and the criticism over the skinnies on the runway at Prada in past seasons.

As someone who was the editor-in-chief of fashion magazines Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire, I can assure you that this emergency move could have earth-shatteringly positive consequences. In other words, we can expect that after uber-trend setter Prada has made this revolutionary move to curvier girls, other design houses will fall quickly in line. It’s great news for models — they can EAT again — and for real women with real shapes everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of the VS girls are basically as skinny as the waifs. Among them, only Doutzen Kroes has anything like a figure (and not coincidentally, she's the only straight-size model in the world who is actually attractive ).

So while it's not nearly as exciting a move as if the girls would be replaced by Kelsey Olson, Kailee O'Sullivan etc., it's still a somewhat encouraging sign.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this story is simply the enthusiasm of the article's writer. It indicates a desire on the part of some people in the fashion industry for the end of the anorexic look.
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Old 27th February 2010   #2
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Default Re: Prada rejects waifs; hires Doutzen Kroes, etc.

I wonder if this wasn't a quasi attempt at redemption by this label after the debacle last year when Prada stated that she was incapable of creating clothing for the performers in a Metropolitan Opera production because they weren't sufficiently emaciated

There's another write-up about the Prada show with the VS models here:

It comes with a picture of the only model in the show who mattered, the only one who was even the slightest bit curvy, the lovely Doutzen Kroes. The dress is a matter of taste, but the Elle article is as interesting as the piece that Graham linked:

if you don't have a bust, Prada's Autumn Winter 2010 collection is really not going to work for you, as the flat-chested models as yesterday's show found - unable as they were to show off the dress to its full potential.

Every woman in the audience looked and lusted after how [Lara] Stone and a newly curvy Doutzen Kroes wore these clothes and applied it to themselves. Surely that is the ultimate achievement in fashion design?

Actually the "ultimate achievement" may be seeing a writer at Elle finally seeing the light, pointing out the obvious deficiencies of "flat-chested models," acknowledging that a woman needs a full bust to show off a dress "to its full potential," and praising a model for being "newly curvy." At last, Elle is beginning to sound more like the Judgment of Paris than like a modernist, androgyny-worshipping fashion mag.

The praise of models' buxom qualities is especially important, because so-called "high" fashion has long been peopled by individuals who resent women with voluptuous assets, so this is an indication of a tiny, but significant, improvement in thinking.
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