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Old 22nd February 2012   #11
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

The Penningtons "trends" page has now been updated to highlight the various styling choices that Miss Sheppard's images present.,default,sc.html

The monochrome trend is represented be Sophie's black-and-white top, where the sunlight illuminates her hair in such a pretty way.

Sophie's cute, playing-with-the-hair image illustrates the current vogue for stripes.

But the most important feature, of course, is the one that showcases Sophie's gorgeous sleeveless photo. I like the caption: "A celebration of colour and curves."

Of course, the most attractive accessories in the above photo are Sophie's full, luscious arms. Any goddess with arms so soft and round who goes sleeveless is immediately guaranteed to be the best-dressed woman in any setting.
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Old 24th February 2012   #12
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

I'm delighted to see that one by one, Penningtons is featuring each of Sophie's images in an e-mail ad. I've been receiving them too, along with everyone else, and the latest shows Miss Sheppard on the escalator.

I can't get over how young, yet sophisticated, Sophie looks in this image. The eye makeup gives her such a glamorous look, even in a casual context. And the colour of the top is beautiful on her. But then, Sophie would look good in anything!

Also, Sophie has now made the Penningtons cover page! Her cover is first in the rotation. The following is a forum-size reduction, but see it full-size at the Penningtons site:

Here's the text-free portion in its original dimensions. What an attractive photo of a beautiful model.

It's so nice to have such a gorgeous model representing full-figured women throughout Canada. I hope that Penningtons had the opportunity to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of this lovely campaign.
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Old 26th February 2012   #13
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Here it is. Today's Penningtons flyer shows Sophie's gorgeous sleeveless image. It's presented in the context of the recent feature on the Penningtons "trends" page.

I notice that in the image, Sophie is shown crossing the street. I can only imagine the kind of traffic jams that she caused, walking the roadway looking so stunning! If there's any model who could literally stop traffic, it's the beautiful Miss Sheppard.
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Old 1st March 2012   #14
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Penningtons released a new "Style Scoop" e-mail ad today, and it features the two beautiful images of Sophie that were previewed at the Judgment of Paris a few weeks ago.

Here is the triptych of the models strolling down a sunny boulevard, with Sophie catching the lion's share of attention, thanks to the sweater slipping off her shoulder and revealing her bare skin. What a lovely picture! And what a pretty top she's wearing. Her tresses shine like spun gold.

Also, here's Sophie in her khaki dress, looking authentically full-figured -- and gorgeous. It looks so comfortable on her body.

It's always a pleasure to see new images of Sophie at Penningtons. I hope there will be even more in the near future, with further fashion options. She always compels me to take a second look.
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Old 7th March 2012   #15
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Such a pretty image on the new Penningtons cover page today:

It's the beloved photo of all three models walking in the sunshine, with Sophie looking especially gorgeous. I adore the design of her top, which is so breezy. Just looking at the picture gives me a sense of relaxation and pleasure.

Heaven on earth.

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Old 3rd April 2012   #16
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

At last, I'm pleased to be able to share a picture from this campaign, which appeared in a new e-mail flyer that I received earlier today. It's a larger version of the photo seen earlier, showing Sophie alongside the Penningtons brunette model.

Every image from this campaign has been stunning, some of the loveliest photos of Sophie I have ever seen.
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