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Default Charlotte Coyle on Irish TV

Charlotte Coyle fans will be intrigued by a set of remarks that she recently made when she was a guest on an Irish television talk show, the subject of which was, "Body Image - The Media's Influence."

Among other details, the transcript of the program (linked below) reveals that Miss Coyle has five siblings (!). It also offers several details about her "Beauty Reborn" reality show, which is set to debut on Channel 4 in Britain, this summer.

On this talk show, Charlotte shared the following thoughts about body image and the media:

"I think designers are starting to realize that there is a huge market for plus-size clothes, and I do believe things are getting better, but there still is negative feeling towards plus-size women, and plus size in this country is over a size 12."

She organised a beauty contest in the U.K. in 2005. "I did the event and had a great time. It was so interesting to meet lots of different normal ladies who just really wanted a voice to show that they are happy, sexy, and confident. I believe the public was ready for the event, but the fashion industry still has a long way to go, with showing curvy ladies in a nicer light--you know, showing curves as sexy.

"I am bored of seeing the same images of really thin ladies on every magazine. Itís time for a change! Now, I know they will never properly use larger ladies all the time, but if there was more of a balance--you know, once a month, use a gorgeous curvy woman . . .

"I have not always been comfortable with my body and how I look, as when I was younger I always felt really bad about being bigger . . . and always wanted to be really thin. Then, when I went to America, I got a big confidence boost, and started to love my body. And now I am 100% confident in my body . . . Loving yourself really comes from the inside. No one else will do it for you."

To these remarks, Charlotte's fans might reply that they would, in fact, like to see magazines use fuller-figured models "all the time"--and most particularly, that they would like to see magazines feature Charlotte herself . . . "all the time." After all, who else could show "curves as sexy" more persuasively than Miss Coyle?

Charlotte tells us that major publicity for her reality show will soon begin in earnest. We eagerly look forward to any and all appearances by this gorgeous model--and we especially look forward to seeing her television show itself. With Miss Coyle before the lens, allowing the whole world to see her timeless beauty, the program is sure to succeed in its stated mission "to change people perceptions on what is beautiful, and to show curves in a positive, more fashionable way."

Charlotte turning up the heat, at Torrid:

- Click here to read about Charlotte's recent TV interview

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle on Irish TV

Actually, the entire program sounded like it was surprisingly size-postive. Much more so than equivalent U.S. programs on this topic tend to be.

It's interesting to discover that

"96% of those who took our on line body image survey said that yes images of girls and women in the media have a direct result on how women/girls feel about and take care of themselves."

and to hear the editor of VIP magazine admit:

"of course [celebrities] are too skinny and they are conveying the wrong image to all women, especially to young people. It undoubtedly encourages eating disorders...Fashion designers are irresponsible in promoting skeletons as their idea of perfection."

However, if he really wanted to do something about this, he should have offered Charlotte a layout in the next issue of his magazine!

It was also interesting to read what the Irish equivalent of a straight-size model had to say:

"She thinks that models in Ireland are a healthy size 10. European models would be too tall for Ireland...The stick thin model wouldn't survive in Ireland."

That's how it SHOULD be - the straight-size models should be a size 10, not a size 2, and the plus-size models should be genuinely full-figured. That would result in a fashion industry that promotes positive ideals of beauty.

But the best statements, besides Charlotte's own, came from the show's fashion stylist:

"Graham insists that he is pro-curves, and that as long as you're happy with you're body you shouldn't worry about fashion. "You should embrace your curves and don't feel the need to conform to what you're being told you should look like."
Graham also says that the fashion industry is embracing curves at the moment; the stick thin look is on its way out..."McQueen did a whole collection this year in which he padded his clothes bum, tum and bust to give a fuller figure like that of Marilyn Monroe." "

That's nice to hear, except that designer should have used plus-size models, instead of padding out smaller girls.

There's also a lot of wisdom in the stylist's assertion that

"it is not the industry that put pressure on women but other women that put pressure on their own sex, it is a fact that women dress for other women. And that men often prefer curvier women. If women dressed for themselves and not for other women they'd be more secure about their bodies".

Actually, both are guilty. The fashion industry DOES exclusively use skeletal models, and refuses to use plus-size models - and that, as the show's own survey confirmed, IS detrimental.

However, women definitely put pressure on each other to be smaller, which is incomprehensible. Hopefully, if the ideal changes back to a fuller-figured look, this will change as well.

From the transcript, I think Charlotte represented plus-size beauty admirably in this program. I can't wait for her show to debut!
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