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Default Zeng Jing in Marie Claire China

Like everyone else, I was enthralled by the beauty of Chinese plus-size model Zeng Jing when Chad posted about her last year. This forum has featured a number of lovely Far Eastern plus-size models and actresses, in its ongoing push for greater representation of Oriental plus-size beauty, but Zeng Jing remains by far the most gorgeous.

Thus, I was thrilled to discover that Marie Claire China published an article about the model in November 2011:

It comes with a stunning image of Zeng Jing, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen of her, showing the gorgeous fullness and roundness of her facial features, her wild, voluptuous tresses, and her buxom curves.

The accompanying article - in Chinese, of course - is hard to decipher, but with the use of Google Translate and a bit of intuition, I came up with the following. Some of the phrasing and ideas ("a virtuous fiancée") have the delightful flavour of a different culture, one which may be, in some ways, more traditional than that of North America today. At any rate, it shows the model to have a wonderful, rich personality, no matter how much is lost in translation.


Height 160 cm, weight 220 pounds, 20 years old. She has been dubbed "China's first plus-size model." In addition to being a model, she is a costume designer, Taobao shopkeeper and a virtuous fiancée.

She has a sincere love of her curvaceous body.

She is distinguished by fine facial features, a clear voice, and hearty laughter. People feel that she exudes self-confidence. Her favourite hobby is singing.

She says that full-figured women should be sure to dress well, so that they are complimented on their style. She has always known that she was quite pretty and has always had a flair for fashion. With a sly laugh, she adds, "I may be a bit narcissistic."

She says that she thinks full-figured women look attractive in bright colours, and adds that "I like red-rose colours of late, which look good against my skin."

Given that she found fashion options for plus-size women limited, she began to tailor her own apparel, and, being a minor celebrity, opened her own clothing shop and has a constant supply of customers. "The shop is targeted for plus-size women," she says, then adds, "Don't use the word 'f**,' but plus-size." She offers an example of fashion advice: "If I wear a mature-looking top, I can create a great effect by matching it with a trendy short coat or necklace."

When she was younger, Zeng endured teasing from her peers for being curvy and was often discriminated against. As she matured, she gained self-confidence and began to attract men, including her current boyfriend. Her outlook on life is summed up in her catch-phrase about being narcissistic, which she says with a touch of self-deprecation, but making clear her full acceptance of herself.

She offers several beauty tips:

1. How can full-figured women dress to look better?

Dressing to add some eye-catching elements, like small necklaces. Also, keep the look body-conscious. I see some full-figured women dressing in big sweaters. It looks too old, and doesn't work. We must adjust the attitude: humor and self-confidence are very important.

2. What's sexy?

Each women has her own own sexy side, even if not everyone can appreciate the beauty of full-figured women. If you feel sexy and attractive, you need to understand that "to each other their own," and find the people who appreciate you.

3. Why makes you happy?

If you don't worry about tomorrow, it is easy to bring about happiness. For example, I once found a job and couldn't find a dress that fit, so I simply went shopping the next day, and found just what I was looking for.

Zeng Jing is absolutely stunning. I wish that some visionary retailer in the U.S. would enlist her services in one of its promotions, as plus-size models of East Asian descent are exceedingly rare in North America. Her beauty is equal to that of any of the top professional plus-size models, of any ethnicity. And now that she has been written up in Marie Claire China, every company has a way of contacting her - through the magazine.

I hope that she will continue to create many further images of plus-size beauty.

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