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Old 18th January 2012   #1
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Default Banned Whitney Thompson TV ad

Like all fans of plus-size beauty, I very much enjoyed the exciting 2010 Lane Bryant lingerie ad that ABC and Fox incomprehensibly banned from the airways (not to mention the witty satire video that was released shortly thereafter, skewering the networks' decision).

Now another instance of the suppression of plus-size beauty in the form of a network advertising ban has taken place.

As many of you may have heard, gorgeous plus-size model Whitney Thompson, the winner of Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model, recently launched a dating site for full-figured women and the men who admire them.

The company was set to run an ad during the Super Bowl, but the commercial has been banned by NBC.

Why? Just as in the case of the Lane Bryant ad, it was undoubtedly Whitney's voluptuous beauty that made the censors nervous. The ad, which is a take-off on soap-opera clichés, plays off on how the company name, The Big and the Beautiful, echoes that of the long-running soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. Sure, it's is a tad risqué, but only modestly so, with some familiar double entendres. It's actually much more tame than even Lane Bryant's ad.

Whitney herself looks gorgeous and seductive, with soft, shapely arms and a luscious curve under the chin. Click the arrow to view the video:

The company press release about the ad includes the following background info:

I wanted to pass along an ad that has been rejected by NBC. The ad stars America's Next Top Model winner and plus-sized model Whitney Thompson. She believes they rejected the commercial because it features bigger women and not the skinnier accepted norm.

The ad is for -- a dating site for plus-size men and women that was founded by Thompson. NBC Universal's rejection email said: "Unfortunately it needs to be completely reworked for our air. S&P [Standards and Practices] wouldn't approve it."

In response to the claims that the ad was created explicitly to be banned, one web site discussing the ad includes the following info

Through her PR agency, Whitney Thompson said: "TheBigAndTheBeautiful just launched, and the Super Bowl is the best way to make a big splash and be noticed by millions of people. Our ad is fun, sexy, and speaks to the demographic, so of course we were prepared to spend $3 million dollars."

She also pointed out that "Super Bowl ads are always risque, and ours is actually quite tame in comparison with some other companies' ads."

I agree with Whitney. The ad is "fun, sexy, and speaks to the demographic." And the premise is quite size-positive: that the fellow has fallen out of love with his former, skinny girlfriend due to the more opulent attractions of the voluptuous Whitney - who, it turns out, is a terrific actress.
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Old 19th January 2012   #2
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Default Re: Banned Whitney Thompson TV ad

The hypocrisy of the networks in banning this ad is limitless. These days, even prime-time programs during the so-called "family hour" regularly promote degenerate lifestyles, perversity, drug use, etc., while consistently attacking traditional family structures, morals, European-American ethnicity, etc. The idea that this wry ad is beyond the pale, when network television is filled with scripted content that is genuinely and deliberately offensive to anyone who believes in traditional values, is ludicrous.

It's ironic that when it comes to certain issues, television raises a hue and cry about "free speech" and constantly pats itself on the back for "pushing the envelope" and other self-congratulatory euphemisms for offending Middle America. But when it comes to promoting plus-size beauty, no, then the network self-censors itself with a Stalinist fervour.

This is symptomatic of a wider social problem that has often been remarked on: The modern political religion of so-called "tolerance" is brazenly selective in terms of which groups are protected, and which groups can be ridiculed. And full-figured women remain one of the specific classes of people who enjoy no political screen in this supposed modern utopia of toleration. Quite the opposite.

At any rate, I found the FB page of Whitney's company. It features a cute logo showing a chap with a full-figured vixen. It's commendable to see that the graphic, while in some ways typical of such sites, does also include a depiction of fullness at the lady's waist. She's quite cute.

The page also features this promotional video clip. Be sure to view it with the sound turned off, as the song is horrid. But the visuals on their own are appealing enough: a man confronted by a bevy of voluptuous vixens:
While it is obviously unrealistic in the extreme, there's an underlying size-positive premise to the clip: the basic idea that the world is filled with reasonable men who are deeply attracted to full-figured women, and that is it plus-size goddesses, not media-approved, hyper-toned, androgynous waifs, who are the true visions of beauty to most men's eyes.

The commercial depicts the true world-view of the majority of the male population when it comes to their understanding of attractive women; starkly in contrast to the false word that the media generates, where men supposedly slaver over emaciated cadavers with plastic body parts.
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Old 24th January 2012   #3
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Default Re: Banned Whitney Thompson TV ad

I'm not at all surprised that Whitney did such an outstanding job filming this TV spot. During every season of America's Next Top Model, one of the principal challenges to the contestants is shooting a television commercial, and the CoverGirl ad that Whitney created during the cycle in which she participated (and won) was by far best commercial that any ANTM model has ever filmed.

The recap clip of the episode includes said commercial. It begins at 5:31 in this video:

She did a fantastic job, excelling in this animated, lively style, which suited the Big and the Beautiful ad perfectly, given that it was both an evocation and a send-up of soap-opera dramatics.

The recap thread includes a host of screencaps from the ANTM commercial and the episode as a whole:

It's interesting that one of Whitney's ANTM challenges ended up specifically helping to prepare her for a real-life modelling project. There's more to the show than mere entertainment. The girls do develop practical modelling techniques that benefit them in their careers.
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