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Old 11th February 2012   #1
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Default Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

Second only to FFFWeek, Brazil's biannual Fashion Weekend Plus Size is the most exciting plus-size runway show in the world, thanks primarily to the fact that gorgeous full-figured model Mayara Russi, a U.S. size 22, is the star of the event.

Here's the first video news report about this season's incarnation of FWPS, which took place earlier today. Mayara first appears at 0:40 in the video, then is briefly interviewd at 0:51.

Wonderfully, since the seasons are reversed in South America, this is the spring/summer edition of FWPS, so Mayara's outfit is very body-conscious. It embraces her womanly hips and bares her full arms, as this screencap shows.

How cute to see the model still in curlers while being made up for her turn on the runway. I can't wait to see the still photos of Mayara on the catwalk.

She has such ample décolletage, such a luscious curve under the chin. She is a true goddess.

Everyone knows that this is what a plus-size model should look like. Brazil is to be envied for being blessed with such a gorgeous, well-fed model to represent the nation's curvy women.
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Old 11th February 2012   #2
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

Did everyone notice a little detail in that video clip? When Mayara speaks, the caption identifies her as Mayara Alves. Perhaps that means some congratulations are in order? I recall that in a previous interview somewhere, Mayara said she was "almost married" or words to that effect. Mr. Alves may now be awarded the title Luckiest Man in the Universe!
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Old 12th February 2012   #3
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

A bit of Web sleuthing turns up a few more initial images of Mayara at this exciting event.

First, here's an appreciative write-up of the show:

It includes two truly beautiful images of Mayara. The fullness at her waist makes her utterly gorgeous. This is one of the most attractive, pro-curvy outfits she has ever worn. She clearly loves her body, and with good reason.

An appealing picture of Mayara relaxing in the company of several of her modelling peers.

The article includes a quote from Mayara about the positive intentions of the show. Roughly translated, it reads:

The idea, according to the model Mayara Russi, 22, is to demonstrate that it is possible to be beautiful and make a success out of a heavier weight. "We're here to show that you can be so beautiful," said the model, 1.71 high.
Incidentally, 1.71 metres converts to 67.3 inches, or between 5'7" and 5'8" (!). No wonder Mayara is so curvy. She has a natural, non-Amazonian height.

This article includes the first clear, professional photograph of Mayara on the runway this season:

Found on Twitter, here are two unfortunately blurry photos of Mayara in a different look.

And finally, from a Brazilian Web log , here's Mayara's portion of the writer's image of herself with the gorgeous model.

The sight of Mayara's deep, ample décolletage and luscious arms is intoxicating. She is a true goddess.
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Old 12th February 2012   #4
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

One Brazilian Web site offers a comprehensive slideshow of many -- but frustratingly, not all -- of the looks at FWPS. And incidentally, because of the fashion industry's tendency to stage shows far in advance of the selling season, this was actually a fall/winter event, not spring/summer.

At any rate, the slideshow features three looks showing Mayara on the runway. The first two appeared in Graham's post.

But here's a third -- a gorgeous, lacy dress that lovingly fits Mayara's figure.

From a different source, I located a second angle on this stunning outfit:

And in this runway image, Mayara in shown in profile, at the left. She has such a luscious physique, which real fullness at her middle. Her figure looks truly goddesslike compared to the woman in front of her.

It appears that Mayara actually modelled a second outfit for the designer Arian, as seen in this unfortunately blurry image. The fuchsia legwear is the same, but the dress and shawl are different.

The following stunning dress is surely the show-stopping Mayara look of the event. I hope that someone will be able to find a clearer version. The model looks absolutely luscious in this sleeveless number, which showcases her buxom voluptuousness and the round fullness at her waist. The designer is Claudia Nazário -- so we now know the names of at least two of the labels for which Mayara walked.

What a thrill it would be to attend FWPS someday and see Mayara live -- the most curvaceous runway model in the world, and perhaps the most beautiful as well.
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Old 12th February 2012   #5
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

Another article about the event features three more professional runway images of Mayara.

Here she is in the sleeveless gown. This is unquestionably the most beautiful item that I've ever seen her model at FWPS, and one of the most gorgeous pieces ever sent down a plus-size catwalk.

The lace dress, which is every bit as eye-catching, is, in fact, part of the runway collection of...Kauê Modas! How wonderful that this client, which has shot so many unforgettable campaigns with Mayara, staged a show at FWPS and included Mayara in its lineup, and furthermore, gave her such a gorgeous item to model. Look at how seductively abbreviated it is.

Here's a professional image of Mayara's second look for the Arian label.

As far as I can tell, then, Mayara showcased these collections:
  • Carlota Rio: the grey top with the geometrical design.
  • Arian: two outfits with fuchsia leggings -- a coat and a dress
  • Kauê Modas: black lace dress
  • Claudia Nazário: the stunning purple gown

What an extraordinary display of plus-size beauty. I wish all full-figured models wore a size 22, or started at a size 16 and went through all the sizes, through a size 28, with Mayara's size-22 figure abundantly represented.
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Old 13th February 2012   #6
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

There's more! I've tracked down several more photos of Mayara at FWPS 2012 to share. I'll post forum-sized images and place links to full-size versions below.

Among the images at one Brazilian Web log, I discovered an image of Mayara walking for a fifth label at FWPS 2012: a brand named Sara Nika. The top, with the bejeweled sheer sleeves, is very attractive, but I especially love the way the tights embrace her full legs and womanly hips.

Mayara's Kauê Modas dress is shown from a dramatic angle in this image, found here:

Here's one behind-the-scenes image of the model prior to the show, with her hair already in the Gibson hairstyle that was common throughout the event.

And a professional photographer who attended the show posted several dramatic backstage close-ups of Mayara as she was being made up for the event.

Mayara is most famous, of course, for her stunning size-22 figure, but she has gorgeous, full facial features as well.
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Old 14th February 2012   #7
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

Mayara appears in one of her Arian outfits in this headshot, located on Flickr.

Also, while Mayara's Carlota Rio top may not be quite as exciting as some of the other items that she wore on the runway, here's a terrific profile image (located here) which should earn it some love.

Her physique is absolutely stunning.
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Old 14th February 2012   #8
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

Here are a host of further images of Mayara.

I was intrigued to see that the Brazilian edition of Vice magazine covered the event, given that Vice also filmed a documentary about FFFWeek in New York:


This Web log shows a gorgeous image of Mayara being made up for the show in dramatic, Italian-style makeup. With her maiden name being Russi, I've always wondered if she had a part Italian heritage.


A view of Mayara in her attractive Sara Nika ensemble. She is opulent at her middle, and the outfit attractively celebrates this aspect of her figure, just as her closely fitted pants show off her womanly hips and thighs.

Source: http://brasilpersonalidades.blogspo...-size-2012.html

And finally, Kauê Modas posted a number of fun backstage photos of the event. In the first, Mayara's gorgeously full waist is abundantly on display.


Smiling for the camera:


Being interviewed by the Brazilian press. I can't understand what she says in her interviews, but she always seems very articulate, and has a lovely voice. With her look and her energy, she is the perfect spokesmodel for the plus-size industry.


A view of the entire Kauê Modas FWPS team:

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Old 15th February 2012   #9
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

Mayara's portion is brief, but she appears in this video showing various runway looks from FWPS at 0:40 in her Carlota Rio top.

I hope that more runway videos of the various labels for which Mayara walked will be forthcoming. Not only is she gorgeous on the catwalk, but she has a terrific runway walk, very smooth and fluid and graceful.
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Old 17th February 2012   #10
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Default Re: Mayara Russi at FWPS 2012

One Brazilian blogger not only provides a gorgeous photo of Mayara, but a lovely comment about her as well.

Translated, her text reads:

The highlight of the Carlotta Rio show was the model Mayara Russi. This girl, who was among the largest-size models, was also the most beautiful of all. I had to pick a picture from Google so I can show you how beautiful she is. At the time of the runway show, I could not photograph her face, but she is as beautiful in person as in photos.

No wonder this Brazilian girl was so impressed by Mayara. With her luscious figure, she makes every outfit look terrific. She is the totality of size-celebration incarnated in a single person. The photograph that the blogger took was clearly meant to accentuate her curves.

I love the fact that the writer associates "largest" with "most beautiful of all. This is the turn in thinking that the sight of a true plus-size model can accomplish, so long as the model is sufficiently full-figured and sufficiently gorgeous (as Mayara is).

Another blog comes with a very size-positive photograph of Mayara in her Sara Nika outfit. The model's full, rounded midsection is clearly visible.

The Sara Nika Facebook page also includes two images of Mayara in the designer's outfit, one at the end of the runway,

and one up close.

Every part of her beautiful body, from her face to her arms to her waist to her hips and thighs, is visibly plus-size. And she is stunningly gorgeous.

If only the North American fashion industry embraced similarly attractive models who were equally curvaceous, the public would soon clamour for plus-size beauty.

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