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Default The open neckline (a styling tip)

Several years ago, the Judgment of Paris offered an outline of plus-size fashion styling, the substance of which is preserved in our "New Femininity" page, which is occasionally updated as new examples illustrating the three key principles of dressing the richer female figure become available.

Since the appeal of buxom décolletage is well established, tops or dresses with wide necklines are acknowledged to be ideal for showcasing a model's contours. However, another means by which a voluptuous vixen may effectively exhibit her generous curves, even with buttoned-up outfits, is via a simple dressing technique: unbuttoning her buttons as low as she dares, to recreate the alluring effect of a plunging neckline.

The following images illustrate two different approaches to this technique. We begin with Ford model Candice Huffine, who performed very well at the recent Lane Bryant runway show. (Candice is just a half-size away from qualifying as a genuinely full-figured goddess, and she does at least have an attractively soft physique and possesses a fuller waist measurement than, say, Ashley Graham.) In and of itself, the jacket is tedious, but by unfastening multiple buttons, the model turns it into something highly seductive. This is the body-as-fashion-accessory principle of styling, for it is the model's own visible contours that are the primary point of interest. Candice raises the temperature even further by the way in which she deliberately pulls open the jacket with her hand (and note the graceful, feminine position of that hand), as if to exhibit her curves as much as possible. Fittingly, for such a dramatic image, the model's lip colour is a striking red. She scrutinies the viewer intently, gauging the effect that her display is having upon him. The only regrettable element is the horrid belt. Objectively, the image is quite modest, for it reveals relatively little, yet the unfastened buttons, which open so deep a neckline, energize the composition. It is a perfect mixture of tastefulness and sensuality.

Click to enlarge

Amanda, an Australian size 18 (U.S. size 16) from Bella Models, demonstrates a different manner of employing the same technique, yet one that creates an equally sensual effect. Here too the model has unfastened her buttons all the way down to her waist, immediately generating heady allure. She reveals even less than Candice, but the open neckline is still highly seductive. Her soft, white blouse with free-moving fabric seems liable to flutter in even a gentle breeze, thus enhancing the allure. Also, the fact that she is fuller-figured than Candice (which one perceives from her silhouette) adds to her sensuality, as does the very fair hue of her skin, which makes her seem softer, more delicate and vulnerable. The dark tresses against the white blouse create a fine contrast. Amanda's belt is more appealing than Candice's, for the thinner belt sensually presses into her soft figure. Also note the captivating detail that Amanda's belt is on its last notch--a subconsciously size-positive touch.

Click to enlarge

The very best plus-size wardrobe styling involves taking full advantage of the physical advantages that well-fed goddesses have over their starving rivals, showcasing the opulence of their curves in seductive ways. Simply by unfastening the buttons of a blouse or a coat enticingly low, as low as she dares, a voluptuous vixen can outshine her underweight peers, creating an effect that is intensely alluring yet still tasteful, one that is achieved with an economy of display.

The appeal of plus-size beauty derives from the visible riches that fuller female figures possess. Curvaceous goddesses should make the most of their physical advantages, thereby putting their underfed competition to shame.

- Plus-size styling gallery

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