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Default Malaika: The Carpenter's Daughter

Bit by bit, we are unearthing more evidence of timeless beauty in New Zealand (which only seems fitting, for it is, after all, Middle Earth).

Last fall, we noted the latest runway show staged by the plus-size label The Carpenter's Daughter, starring a lovely young model. When the resident press subsequently penned an article about the event, the newspaper wisely selected an image of this beauty to illustrate its write-up.

Subsequently, one of our readers discovered the gorgeous Kelsi Remnant, a size-16 blonde who was the first runner up in a plus-size model competition called "Miss Extralicious," staged by a Wellington radio station.

Now we return to The Carpenter's Daughter for one of the most gorgeous images of plus-size beauty ever created and the definitive expression of the phrase, "Sexy girls have dessert."

One would think that pictures of plus-size models satisfying their generous craving for food would be sure-fire masterpieces, but that is not always the case. Like lingerie photography, the seductiveness of self-indulgence must be rendered tastefully (pun intended) to achieve a chic effect. And the following is quite simply the most alluring eating picture that we have ever seen--perfect in every detail.

The model's fair tresses, peaches-and-cream complexion and soft, feminine appearance afford her exemplary timeless-beauty credentials. She partakes of the dessert with such obvious relish that the sensuality of the image is beyond expression. And yet her sideways glance, and the secretive look in her eyes, express a nervousness on her part that someone might catch her surrendering to her appetite. This trembling vulnerability makes her utterly irresistible.

The pastry itself looks decadently rich in calories, making it a sinful pleasure indeed. The model's pose discloses her abundant voluptuousness. The connection between her eager consumption of the pastry and the luscious fullness of her figure is clearly indicated: "This is the recipe for goddesslike beauty," the image testifies. The blue nail colour plays off well against the yellow confection.

At the lower border of the photograph, one sees fresh strawberries and more sugary pleasures, including a chocolate delight, which excitingly suggests that the model might not stop with just one treat but continue rewarding herself with more delicacies. Indeed, her open right-hand gesture suggests a desire on her part that someone might hand her another delectable pastry.

This lyrical visual presentation of a beautiful girl's surrender to her avaricious desire for food is passionately seductive and quintessentially feminine. Yet the elegant china ware, the soft lighting, the delicate gauzy dress, and the harmonious setting all give the image a certain refinement as well.

Click to enlarge

The next image show Malaika seated like a princess, wearing the same gossamer gown that she exhibits in her indulgence photo. Her arms appear full and round, but softly untoned. Her expression seems partly expectant and partly wearied, as if she were impatiently awaiting the viewer's worship of her beauty (a worship that is sure to be forthcoming).

The Carpenter's Daughter clearly recognizes what a starlet it has in Malaika, because it now features her in a lovely and enigmatic ad on its cover page. One might dub this image "Amish chic," with its attractive woodland setting and the black garb of the models. Observe that Malaika appears to be wearing a dark version of the same white dress that she donned in her dessert picture. Her expression in this photograph is enchantingly doll-like, her eyes big with wonder, like the innocent, pretty eyes of a young girl. Her fair tresses cascade over her shoulders. The hand-holding gesture is adorable. The bouquet of white flowers, so perfectly centred in the image, adds an almost spiritual touch.

Malaika is a wondrously attractive young woman, a soft-figured plus-size goddess and a true timeless beauty. In her eating photograph she has created an unforgettable depiction of seductive self-indulgence and feminine allure. The Carpenter's Daughter has discovered a unique new talent, and we look forward to seeing her in future campaigns from this fascinating label.

Click to enlarge

Notice, by the way, that Malaika's tresses cover her ears in each photo. We have it on good authority that she belongs to the race of the Elves--"the fairest of beings," as The Lord of the Rings (filmed in New Zealand) describes them.

- The Carpenter's Daughter

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Default Malaika's ''Feminine Wiles''

I've been intrigued by Malaika ever since I saw the beautiful image above. She's a golden-haired beauty, but she also has a truly unique look.

Having joined the Carpenters' Daughter Facebook page, I was pleased to read that the label participated in the New Zealand Fashion Festival last week, staging a plus-size fashion show amid many minus-size designers.

The New Zealand Herald newspaper ran an article prior to the show that featured selected looks from the various presenting designers, and included Malaika in a TCD item:

I also discovered a site that hosts a complete gallery of every look in the festival, including one photo of each outfit in the Carpenter's Daughter show.

Here's Malaika on the runway:

And here's another TCD model, also a great beauty.

I also found a brief comment about the event on a New Zealand fashion Web site. The writer reveals that the TCD show had a wonderful title:

The Carpenter’s Daughter AW11 collection, ‘Feminine Wiles’, came next – and congratulations to designer Caroline Marr, who this year is celebrating her 21st year in business. Again she showed how she is the master of clever styling, use of fabrics and layering to flatter a woman’s curves.
How perfect that a plus-size runway show should be called "Feminine Wiles." That's as choice a title as that of the recent T~TymeLady Couture show in New York, which was called "Timeless Beauty." To be sure, Malaika and the other TCD models, with their voluptuous curves, do have "feminine wiles" in a way that none of the androgynous waifs participating in the New Zealand Fashion Festival could hope to match.

Just for good measure, here's a backstage photo showing Malaika, on the left, and the other blonde TCD runway goddess on the right. Malaika's expression is priceless. She looks buxom and gorgeous in her outfit.

I hope that a video of the event might turn up. How encouraging to see another example of plus-size models on the runway in a major fashion show.
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Default Georgina's ''Feminine Wiles''

The Carpenters Daughter has kind informed us of the identity of the beautiful blonde model who accompanied Malaika in its recent fashion show at the New Zealand Fashion Festival. Her name is Georgina Walker, and she is a professional plus-size model represented by Monarch Models in New Zealand.

With her fair complexion and golden hair, she is certainly a timeless beauty. Her measurements, 39-34-44, peg her at a U.S. size 14, thus just barely qualifying as a true plus-size model, although she would be even lovelier if she were a tad fuller figured. With the dark eye makeup in the following image, her eyes are a tad reminiscent of Shannon Marie's, when Shannon too adopted a dramatic, smoky eye.

Georgina and Malaika both clearly belong to the race of the Elves, the "fairest of beings" in Tolkien's universe, who have recently made a return to Middle Earth from the Grey Havens because Peter Jackson has at last begin filming The Hobbit in New Zealand, the long-awaited follow-up to his masterful adaptation of the Lord of the Rings.

We look forward to more campaigns featuring Malaika and Georgina at TCD.

- Georgina Walker: Monarch Models portfolio

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