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Old 30th June 2011   #1
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Default Tenille (5'5) at Embody Denim

Like everyone else, I was enthralled by the pictures posted earlier this year showing adorable Australian plus-size model Tenille Roberts modelling for Embody Denim.

Tenille now appears in several new photos that are even more beautiful than those she took before.

The images are to showcase a new item called a "Morello" cape, or warp.

Tenille exudes even more high-temperature sensuality than she did before. She absolutely luxuriates in her own beauty.

She has a way of presenting herself as the most desirable creature on earth. It's very effective, both at creating an alluring identity for curvy girls, and in making everything she wears very memorable.

I love that the backdrop for the photos is a tropical locale. It plays up the model's hot-blooded allure, and goes very well with the print in the wrap. Her blonde hair flows freely around her. Stunning.

Embody Denim also posted another image from the shoot on Facebook, which shows her steamiest expression of all. Very eye-catching makeup, with the eyeshadow and youthful lip colour.

But I have an even better bit of news about Tenille. Although she is only listed as an Australian size 14 (U.S. size 12) at BGM Models, her height is given as 165 cm. That's just a whisker under 65 inches, which makes her 5'5, not 5'6.

It's thrilling to see a plus-size model creating such stunning images and working regularly for a client (and such a fine one) at 5 five 5 inches tall. As others have pointed out, there is no reason why plus-size models should be so excessively tall. Tenille look fantastic at 5'5, easily as beautiful as any taller model, and all of the fashions she models look terrific on her.

I'd love to see more models her height in the fashion industry, and I'm delighted to see more of her work.

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Old 5th July 2011   #2
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Default Tenille Roberts: Ice Queen

Earlier today, Tenille's Australian agency, BGM Models, kindly sent us larger versions of the model's new images for Embody Clothing, along with three never-before-seen headshots of this exquisite beauty.

(You may click on any of the following images to view them at a larger size.)

The plus-size industry is now graced with a number of stunning blonde goddesses, but they each have a look that is distinctly their own. Tenille's exciting persona is that of a nymphet, a young lass whose fairy-tale looks have allowed her to grow up deliciously spoiled, being given everything she has ever wanted. She openly capitalizes on her angelic looks to wrap the world around her finger. There is more than mischief in her eyes, a touch of devilry that plays off against her fair features. Her blue eyes are not gentle, but steamy, like ice on fire. She clearly takes pleasure in enslaving the heart of every man who gazes upon her, thrilled by the power of her own beauty. Her babylike facial features evoke the captivating qualities of girlhood itself--a time when petulance is adorable and selfishness is sweet.

Click to enlarge

Her golden tresses flow loosely, lazily over her shoulders, as if echoing the model's own sensual indolence. One stray tress even gently touches her delicate cheek. Though she is only a U.S. size 12 (and one does wish that she were a tad fuller-figured), her facial features have a fed look about them that makes them doll like and enchanting. Yet the following image is particularly interesting because in it, the photographer (whom we assume is Natalie Wakeling) catches Tenille in a rare reflective moment. One will notice that the model's eyes are not directly gazing into the camera but ever-so-slightly away, as if she were lost in thought (though still creating a captivating image in the process). This image offers a hint of the keen calculation behind those baby blues. She is no innocent, but a roguish minx who craftily cultivates her irresistibly vulnerable, needy look, for she knows that no living mortal is immune to the draw of such a persona. Observe how the cool-temperate lighting emphasizes the exquisite fairness of her soft complexion.

Click to enlarge

The makeup artistry contributes much to the success of these images, from the bubblegum-pink lip colour that subconsciously intimates the model's girlishness to the dramatic eyeshadow that emphasizes the piercing blue of her eyes. In the following image, the model allows herself to reveal more of her exciting impulse towards getting whatever she wants, yet notice that she deftly manages to exude such self-assurance without a trace of unattractive aggressiveness (a skilful feat on the model's part, hitting just the right emotional note in this manner). Her power derives, paradoxically, from her vulnerability, for all would willingly surrender to her, just because of her feminine beauty. Her golden tresses cascade magnificently around her face, like golden waves. The image is even effective in terms of presenting the apparel, for it suggests the drama that a cape allows the wearer to evoke.

Click to enlarge

The rest of the new Embody images have been posted above, but fans will enjoy seeing them at a larger size (by clicking on them). The following is certainly the finest of the new photographs, owing to the daring styling choice of offering a glimpse of the model's bare midriff. Consider how much more sensual plus-size models are compared to their underweight rivals: a minus-size model, even disrobed down to a bikini, would be unable to generate even a modicum of the seductiveness that a plus-size model manages to evoke simply by baring a touch of her soft midsection.

Click to enlarge

"Ice Queen" is what Embody calls its new denim line. Was there ever a more inspired term for plus-size jeans? The label applies to Tenille herself as much as it does to her garments, and it even offers a double entendre: for not only does Tenille thrillingly create the persona of a vain, spoiled, irresistible ice queen in her images, but "ice queen" recalls "ice cream," subconsciously reminding viewers that in order to obtain the alluring curves of a plus-size model, a girl can and should indulge liberally in said decadent delicacy.

Click to enlarge

As Shelley noted, the following image is eye-catching in that the tropical theme carries through every element: the luscious greenery, the floral-print garment, and the model's steamy allure. It also creates a fascinating visual effect in that, with Tenille's fair skin, flowing hair, and billowing wrap, she appears almost sylph-like, as if she might float on the gentle breeze.

Click to enlarge

Let us hope that many clients see how effective Miss Roberts is at showcasing Embody clothing, and take this as sanction to embrace models in a variety of heights--particularly those below 5'8. Tenille is much closer to the median height of women at 5'5 than most plus-size models, yet she can generate all of the goddesslike poses and expressions of her more Amazonian peers; moreover, her height gives her an advantage in creating uniquely youthful and vixenish demeanours, which make her images (and thus, her attire) that much more memorable.

Click to enlarge

We wish Tenille continued success in breaking down industry barriers (and continue to hope for her to blossom into a more subversively curvy size), and we applaud Embody Clothing for its visionary casting choice, gorgeous photography, feminine styling, and effective hair/cosmetics artistry. This campaign offers a glimpse of a more beautiful future.

- Embody Clothing

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Default Re: Tenille (5'5) at Embody Denim

Tenilla fans will love this. The company's FB page just released a new image ("taken a few years back," according to the caption) of a group of BGM models, with Tenille prominently placed in the centre foreground.

Tenille's figure looks especially curvy and attractive in this photograph. Notice how the eye goes directly to her. She effortlessly steals the show. And like other adorable, doll-like beauties, she can adopt non-smiling, darker expressions and still look stunning, because her innate prettiness always softens the effect.

(I wonder if there are any more pictures from this shoot, and at a larger size?)

Tenille is a gem.
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Default Tenille (5'5) on the Morning Show

As the name of the program implies, The Morning Show is a start-of-the-day television program in Australia rather like Today or Good Morning America in the U.S.

How exciting, then, that gorgeous plus-size model Tenille Roberts made an appearance on this program just the other day.

The segment suggests various dresses for different body types. Tenille emerges at 1:57, looking adorable. Her beauty is completely enchanting. And I treasure her for carving out a career at 5'5, showing that plus-size models do not need to have Amazonian heights, and that curvy girls of all heights can be goddesses.

The fashion industry's discrimination against women with middle heights is as glaring as its discrimination against curves, so to find a model as pretty as Tenille, who is both full-figured and 5'5, is truly exciting.

On FB, I also stumbled across this lovely headshot of Tenille, obviously an outtake from her latest Embody campaign. The way in which she plunges her hand into her tresses is very alluring.


I agree with others who have commented that Tenille would be even more subversive if she were fuller figured, but she really is enchanting, and is helping to restoring a traditional, feminine aesthetic to the fashion world by shattering the industry's absurd, anti-plus, anti-feminine "rules."
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