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Old 12th August 2011   #1
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Default Mayara Russi on ''Esquadrão do Amor'' (video)

How exciting! Gorgeous plus-size model Mayara Russi is definitely becoming a bona fide celebrity in her native Brazil.

Just yesterday, she appeared on a program called Esquadrão do Amor, which means "Love Squad." From what I can gather from the show's web site , it is a kind of life-makeover program (a dating equivalent of What Not To Wear) in which members of the general public who are having trouble with their love lives get tips from a pair of experts in how to improve their romantic prospects.

The lovelorn girl in this week's episode is named Tairy.

The episodes are a half-hour in length, and in this video, according to the site's description,

Plus-size model Mayara Russi shows Tairy how to feel sexy and happy with her body.

The page also offers a little background to the video:

After gaining 16 pounds and being ashamed of her body, Tairy learns to feel happier with her physique after receiving some tips from plus-size model Mayara Russi.

As you can see in the video, Mayara looks gorgeous and very full-figured.

It's so exciting to think that in Brazil, the public is learning to define plus-size beauty not in disappointing faux-plus terms, as is the case in North America, where meagre size 10/12s are fobbed off as "plus-size models," but in the opulent, size-22 proportions of beautiful Mayara Russi.

The video is also especially empowering in that Mayara is visibly fuller-figured than the girl to whom she is giving advice on poise and beauty. Just think of what a positive message that sends: that the girl's aspirational icon is someone curvier than she is herself.

To the girl in question, Tairy, and indeed to all of the young women watching this program, the message that they receive is that they don't need to starve themselves to be "superstar beautiful," because the superstar in front of their eyes is more sumptuously proportioned than they are.

In Brazil, aspirational beauty comes in size 22 -- and that's as it should be. That's how it would have been in every part of Western culture in century prior to the twentieth.

Here's the video:

Mayara, the top Brazilian plus-size model, is becoming a true celebrity. She, and her home country of Brazil, is thus setting an admirable example that the North American industry would do well to follow.
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Old 30th August 2011   #2
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Default Mayara Russi in the ''Dia de Modelo'' (video)

Another brand-new video shows Mayara Russi participating in the "Dia de Modelo" ("Day of the Model"), a workshop where ordinary full-figured women get tutored in the art of modelling. Mayara only appears briefly in this video, but my goodness, she looks more gorgeous than ever. You can see her being made up at 0:17, coaching a model at 1:27, and a late glimpse of her at 1:54. But her main segment is at 1:02ff, where she speaks to the reporter. She looks especially lovely, with a luscious curve under her chin.

The news report even identifies her as the "top model plus size" of Brazil (and beyond that, she is certainly one of the "top models plus size" of the entire world).

Here's the video:

Mayara looks more beautiful every time.

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Default Mayara Russi at SPFW

Originally Posted by Pamela
How exciting! Gorgeous plus-size model Mayara Russi is definitely becoming a bona fide celebrity in her native Brazil.

Very true. Here's another example of her rising star status.

In June of this year, at São Paolo Fashion Week (which is the top minus-size fashion event in South America), a Brazilian TV network put together a news report asking a number of fashion insiders about the event, and among those whom it interviewed was Mayara herself. I don't have the first idea of what the subject of the interview is, or what Mayara says, but she certainly looks gorgeous making her commentary, showing a luscious curve under the chin.

Mayara begins speaking at 1:04 in the video, and her segment is actually the longest.

Her presence means that there was at least one model (and one only) at SPFW who was truly beautiful.
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Default Mayara Russi: Miller Boulevard runway video

This video is from 2010, but I only discovered it just the other day.

It shows Mayara walking the runway in a fashion show for Miller Boulevard, which I take it is an online Brazilian shopping mall, bringing together ad campaigns from a variety of labels.

In fact, Mayara appeared in a host of photos at Miller Boulevard last year. They're still there, promoting her exciting shoot for Idalina Moreira jeans.

It's amazing to think that in 2010, those photos caused such a sensation. In her more recent campaigns from 2011, Mayara has become even more beautiful, and even fuller-figured.

Anyway, here's the Miller Boulvard video. Mayara first appears at 2:57, in a stunning white top that shows off her soft, full waist. It's a very sensual look.

Her second outfit comes at 4:05. What else amazes me in the video is Mayara's wild, witchy hairstyle. It's one of the most gorgeous hairstyles she has ever worn, a voluptuous 'do that's very sexy, very Victoria's Secret.

Also, she appears in the final parade of all of the models, at 7:56, 8:03, and 8:17.

Gorgeous - and she has become even more beautiful in her more recent work.
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