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Default Kaela Humphries & Andrea - Richie Rich show

Although the models at NYFW have been almost universally skeletal and repellently androgynous, at least one true plus-size model walked the runway this during this event.

A week ago, I stumbled across a bit of celebrity gossip that announced that gorgeous model Kaela Humphries, sister-in-law of Kim Kardashian, would be walking in the Popluxe show.

Says the article:

Kaela Humphries is scheduled to walk NYC's Fashion Week runway for designer Richie Rich.

"I'm in New York. Just got here [Thursday]," said the Minnesotan who "moonlights" with Wilhelmina Models of Los Angeles.

In another testament to the supportive family that Kaela has, her parents apparently flew into New York to watch her participate in the show. Her brother eventually turned out to support her as well:

Kaela said, "I know my parents are going to be there. I'm sure that if they [Kim and Kris] can be there, they will be. ... My parents? Parents, that's what they do."

In other words, William and Debra Humphries wouldn't think of missing this big event in Kaela's life.

Amusingly, the article notes that people sometimes mistake her for the fuller-figured sister in the Kardashian clan, Khloe Kardashian. But I heartily concur with the follow-up statement from the writer:

"People think I look like her [Khloe] when my hair is straight," said Kaela. "We both have light eyes and are 5-10."

Incidentally, Khloe has not had a day in which she looks as good as Kaela.

Very true. No offense to the rest, but Kaela is by far the most gorgeous girl in any way related to the Kardashians.

The article's prediction was correct. Kaela did walk in the Richie Rich show, which took place Tuesday evening. Here she is being made up for the show, obvious amused by the proceedings.

An attractive picture of her in her final outfit, with a curious prop.

Kaela, on the left, with her brother and parents.

E News even ran a brief clip about the show in which Kaela's presence was mentioned. She appears second in this video. the sleeveless dress shows off her buxom curves, shapely arms, and altogether gorgeous figure. (Click the arrow, bottom left, to play the video.)

One other Judgment of Paris favourite was present at the event - Andrea Horblitt was one of the guests, looking deliciously buxom in this top.

Here she is with singer Jonathan Knight:

And pictured here with Kaela's brother. Like many models, Andrea is an amazon, so the photo indicates how remarkably tall Mr. Humphries is.

It's a pleasure to see that at least one NYFW show featured a true plus-size model.
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Default Re: Kaela, Andrea - Richie Rich show

The cosmetics artist for the show, "Makeup by Michelle," posted this lovely image of Kaela being made up before the event. The makeup is rather outrageous, but Kaela's facial features look round and beautiful in this shot.


The Daily Mail also posted this attractive picture of Kaela, on the left, alongside the Kardashians at a different runway show, in which the family's youngest sisters participated:

I hope the celebrity connection helps Kaela's career progress, but on the flip side, I hope she rejects any pressure to starve herself and remains gorgeous full-figured.
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries & Andrea - Richie Rich show

Here's one more cute picture of Kaela alongside Kim Kardashian and her sister at one of the shows during NYFW.

She's so pretty. With luck, her connection to this famous family will elevate her status and help her career progress. But truthfully, she deserves to make it as a plus-size model simply because she has a stunningly curvaceous figure and beautiful face, and is very photogenic.
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