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Old 27th October 2011   #1
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Default Fashion Week Internationale: FFFWeek

Vice magazine is currently running an interesting online video series called Fashion Week Internationale, which covers various fashion weeks from around the world that fall outside the circumscribed parameters of the shows staged in London, Paris, etc. (The series has previously covered Islamabad Fashion Week from Pakistan, for example.)

Its newest episode is about the most recent installment of Full-Figured Fashion Week.

The episode is broken into two segments of approximately 10 minutes each. It only errs in calling this the "first annual FFFWeek," when of course it is the third (or fourth, if one counts FFFWeek LA).

The first part covers many of the smaller events associated with FFFWeek, such as the runway competition, along with a few glimpses of the finale. It includes a number of shots of everyone's favourite models.

1:00 - Lindsey in her Sonsi outfit
1:38 - Katherine Roll in the audience at the runway competition
2:04 - Katherine Roll in the audience at the runway competition
4:51 - Comments from Gwen DeVoe

Part 1:

The second part is the most substantial, dealing with the grand runway finale as well as the Curves at Sea party cruise (which the narrator presents as the conclusion of FFFWeek, whereas it actually was the opening). Fast forward past the extraneous opening to 1:53 to begin watching the coverage of the runway show.

Highlights include:

2:39 - Kelsey at left side of the screen in Ashaki Charles Designs
3:14 - Maxey Greene in her Curvysta outfit offers a few words
5:19 - Lindsey walks the runway for Sweetooth Couture
6:15 - Lindsey being dressed in Ashaki Charles Designs
followed by:
Rosie Mercado commenting, then appearing on camera

Part 2:

The documentary's host comes out with some amazingly positive comments about the whole experience, free of any mixed messages. She says, in words so empowering that they could have appeared on this forum:

There can be nothing so dull as watching cadaverous, androgynous-looking models walk past you in clothes and only just make it back up the runway alive.

The atmosphere at Full-Figured Fashion Week is brimming with a sense of triumph and unity. It is nothing short of life-affirming.

She later adds, in a statement that indicates how transformative FFFWeek truly is:

I have been honestly overwhelmed, because I've never seen full-figured women presented in that way, celebrated in that way, moving in that way.

It's remarkable to find someone affiliated with the mainstream fashion establishment expressing such pro-curvy reactions, especially as the host is not full-figured herself. She truly absorbed the spirit of the event, the empowerment of the show.

Part 1 concludes with some catty comments by the worshippers of minus-size fashion, which are just as curve-o-phobic as one might expect. But by the end of part 2, anyone watching the videos with an open mind will join the host in rejecting such anti-plus prejudice and become a fellow celebrant of FFFWeek.

Here are the original URLs at the Vice site. (You may need to click the words "Skip this ad" at the top left of the video window to skip a Vice promo for a snowboarding documentary.)

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Old 27th October 2011   #2
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Default Re: Fashion Week Internationale: FFFWeek

I took a number of screencaps from the videos for personal interest. Of all of the footage, I have to say that the most significant shots were the glimpses of Katherine Roll in the audience at the runway competition, since I had already seen photos of Kesley, Katherine, and Lindsey in their runway looks in previous threads about FFFWeek.

Katherine looks phenomenal in her summery dress. I agree with others who have said that she has the most gorgeous figure of any plus-size model working today.

In fact, the dress she wore is prettier than much of what appears in the FFFWeek runway photos. It looks terrific on her figure, and is exactly the kind of feminine, youthful attire that plus-size goddesses should be seen in. I prefer her look with longer hair, but she has a luscious, curvy figure -- the perfect proportions for a plus-size model -- and the dress really flatters her.

I wish there were more shots of Kelsey! Still, she looks like an angel when the camera catches her, off to the side, at the left.

I'm so touched by how she waits, patiently, for the runway show to begin. She always gives a sense of being sweet and wonderful to be around.

Lindsey, prior to the Sonsi show:

Maxey Greene, whose comments about being nervous before stepping out on the runway were charming.

Don't miss a brief glimpse of Kelsey in her electric-blue dress for Margaux Kouture.

Lindsey was lucky enough to get the most camera time, with fantastic shots of her in her Sweetooth Couture outfit, looking every inch a sumptuous size 18,

and obviously feeling terrific at that size -- knowing that she looks gorgeous.

I love this shot of Lindsey having a group of makeup artists polishing her look, like handmaidens adorning a queen.

Rosie's comments were wonderful as well, plus she looked beautiful delivering them.

As she affirmed:

We're showing women who are classy, women who love their bodies, women who are confident, and we're showing women who are fashionable.

And they will strut their stuff. They show what they have to show. And they have attitude. And they respect themselves. And absolutely we need to showcase that, in the U.S., and around the world.

The Vice documentary host was clearly convinced by the experience. No wonder the thin-supremacist mass media suppresses plus-size beauty. When the public is exposed to gorgeous, full-figured femininity, as the host's comments indicate, they realize the inadequacy of the anorexic standard and discover how much more appealing Classical curvaceousness really is.
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Default Re: Fashion Week Internationale: FFFWeek

In case anyone has difficulty watching the videos on the Vice site, or as embedded above (with commercial intrusions and all), I thought I'd mention that both parts have now been merged into a single video and uploaded to YouTube. Here it is. Just click on the centre arrow or the arrow at the bottom-left:

This makes it much easier to view.
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