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Old 30th April 2009   #1
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Default More Valerie at Lion Brand Yarn

Once again, Valerie has popped up on the Lion Brand Yarn website, this time modeling a crocheted scarf. The photo appears to be from the same shoot as the other photos.

Her smile is so lovely.

Pattern page
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Old 4th May 2009   #2
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Default Re: More Valerie at Lion Brand Yarn

Thank you so much for discovering this picture, Maureen. Valerie looks stunning in this photo. Even though none of the Lion Brand images showed Valerie's figure, this was one of her most exciting shoots ever, because she looked so gorgeous in it. She was a size 18 at the time, and you can see how it enhanced her beauty it in the healthy glow of her facial features. That fair complexion, that hint of a flush at the cheeks, that golden hair- a true fairy-tale princess. She was the prettiest model in the industry at the time that this picture was taken.

In case anyone missed it, here's the original thread about Valerie's pictures for Lion Brand:

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Old 21st October 2009   #3
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Default Re: More Valerie at Lion Brand Yarn

Some larger, sharper versions of Valerie's 2008 Lion Brand Yarn campaign have surfaced. There is also a new photo, a beautiful image of Valerie's angelic face framed by her golden hair and a thick crocheted scarf:

The hi-res images are much too large to post here; you can see them at the following links:

Image: "Tweed Ripple Scarf" (very large)

Image: "Knitted Scarf"

Image: "Urban Wrap"

Image: "Prayer Shawl"
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Default Re: More Valerie at Lion Brand Yarn

Wow. It is amazing how much better Valerie looks here than in her new test images. I think she is neck and neck with Shannon Marie in these photographs. It is such a shame that she lost weight. She is clearly so much more attractive with rounded facial features.
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Old 25th November 2009   #5
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Default Re: More Valerie at Lion Brand Yarn

No other model's beauty is so absolutely contingent upon her fullness as is Miss Lefkowitz's. Despite the form-disguising clothing, these are among the most seductive, alluring images of Valerie's entire career. Never has she looked as soft, as feminine as she does in these pictures--one of only two commercial records of the model's glorious size-18 phase.

The most enchanting picture of the series is the newly released headshot that Maureen posted:

Originally Posted by Maureen
There is also a new photo, a beautiful image of Valerie's angelic face framed by her golden hair and a thick crocheted scarf:

In it, Valerie looks more angelic than ever before--the living incarnation of cherubic beauty. Her face is gorgeously round. Her eyes are as blue as the sky. Her skin is ethereally fair, with just a hint of a flush at the cheeks.

Even more sensual, however, is the following wrap photograph, which comes closer than any other image in the series to indicating the luscious dimensions of Valerie's figure at this time. Her silhouette suggests a generous pear shape--the most attractive body-type of all. Her proportions seem alluringly plentiful, with a captivating sensation of feminine weight. Even through the wrap one perceives the round fullness of her upper arms. The exposed forearms are seductively fleshy. The glimpse of bare skin around the model's neck and shoulder area is breathtakingly sensual, for it suggests the pillow-like softness of her physique. And then the face--that heavenly face, so much richer and fuller than today, so vividly testifying to her well-fed state. She flushes with the faint, rosy glow that goddesses acquire when they gain weight. Her cheeks are plump and lovely--the epitome of timeless beauty, at once babyish and mature, childlike yet womanly. Her expression is gentle and dreamy, comfortably satiated. Her whole being communicates her pleasure in herself, a lavishly indulged self-satisfaction. She radiates the happiness of a goddess who has allowed her body to find its natural, comfortable size, and has enjoyed the process of acquiring this fullness.

Notice that Valerie appears more sensual in this picture, though fully clothed, than in her more recent bikini shot. The visible indications of fullness in the above photo are infinitely more seductive than an unrobed state at a smaller size.

Scarcely less exquisite is the following image, also focussing on the wondrous beauty of her celestial face.

Click to enlarge

She looks immaculate when seen up close, verily lit from within. Her fairness is dazzling. The simple fact is that a naturally fair complexion reflects light in a magical way, and it is no coincidence that many of the most beloved plus-size goddesses (Shannon Marie, Kelsey Olson, Valerie, etc.) possess this virtually luminous skin. But what makes Valerie's face particularly beautiful is that it is not pallid, but has a delicate flush at the cheeks. This makes her appear simultaneously ethereal and hearty, genteel yet robust, like a pampered princess who given free reign to her appetites, and now glows with well-fed beauty.

Click to enlarge

Perhaps because of the sheer bulk of the wrap that Valerie sports in the following image, which obliterates any trace of her actual shape, it is the least stunning photograph of the group. Nevertheless, it is still lovely, and possesses considerable interest.

Click to enlarge

Here, Valerie's tresses are not tied back, but flow heavily over her shoulders in soft waves. They frame her visage, their pale golden hue complimenting the azure blue of her eyes and the delicate pink of her complexion. The relaxed hairstyle gives the image itself a leisurely quality.

Click to enlarge

Finally, this scarf picture is glorious as well, although readers will favour the similar (yet differently posed) image that appears at the top of this post. That photo, which presents Valerie's face head-on, thus emphasizing its roundness, is the more beautiful picture of the two.

Click to enlarge

Her eyes sparkle. The vitality in every atom of her being is palpable.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Fans understandably rue the fact that Valerie is not as full-figured today as she once was. In these images from the second curvy phase of her career, her beauty staggers belief. Aficionados of timeless beauty hope that she will someday regain her richest look.

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