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Default Plus-size model tops underweight rivals

As reported in the Daily Mail, an intimate-apparel brand recently staged a model search; and in a wonderful example of the triumph of plus-size beauty, the lone full-figured contestant beat out her underweight rivals and took the crown.

Some particulars from the newspaper:

When Ann Summers launched a 'find a face' campaign in November, the models they had apparently plucked from oblivion already looked a lot like professionals.

But in a victory for curvy women, the winner of the competition to find the face of the underwear chain's Valentine's Day campaign was the only plus-size finalist in the running.

Lucy Moore, a University of Westminster student from Portsmouth secured an impressive 22 per cent of the public's 30,000 votes for Ann Summers' next star.

Miss Moore's stand out personality, body confidence and sexy, size 16 curves won over Ann Summers' CEO, Jacqueline Gold who chose to put her through to the finals.

Miss Moore told MailOnline that although she has always wanted to be a model, she still could not believe that she had won.

She said: 'At school I was the biggest girl in my group of friends...Hopefully it will be an inspiration to other curvy girls and give them confidence.

'I want to represent women with a curvier figure and show them that you can be sexy no matter what your size or shape.'

It's nice to learn that she is at least a U.K. size 16, so she just qualifies as being legitimately full-figured.

The Ann Summer site has a page celebrating Lucy which features a number of images of the model.

Though not a professional model, she's quite photogenic, and does display some fullness in her facial features.

This image is especially attractive and subversive. Commendably, the company did not airbrush away her waist, but allowed her round, full middle to be visible in silhouette.

The most significant image is this one, showing Lucy, in the centre, flanked by the rivals she overcame. It's so wonderful to see the plus-size model in the centre, the position of importance and supremacy, with skinny girls off to her side.

Here, even more than in the profile photo, it's impressive that the company allowed the model's full waist to be displayed. She has a lovely physique, so soft and fair and sensually untoned and naturally shaped, such a pleasing contrast to the oppressively hardened, wizened, leathery frames of the minus-size rivals. It's a contrast between timeless beauty, in the centre, and the modern androgynous aesthetic, on either side, and in every way, Lucy appears more attractive and feminine.

An image of the model in a recumbent pose.

The Ann Summer site also features the contestant page that featured Lucy prior to her win. Her competition photo was already quite attractive, also indicating attractive roundness at her middle.

Best of all, that page comes with Lucy's audition tape. She looks quite pretty and has a sweet disposition. Watch for this eye-catching moment when she plays with her tresses.

The video itself:

Whenever the timeless, full-figured aesthetic is compared with the modern, alien standard, the superiority of plus-size beauty is unmistakable. Bravo to this brand for allowing the public favourite to win. I only hope that now, Ann Summers will book true plus-size models on a regular basis for its campaigns, and that this will be more than just a one-off event.

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