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Default Nikki from ''Mobbed'': Torrid model

Those of you who tuned into Fox's fun new reality television program Mobbed this evening were in for a real treat.

The plot was simple enough: a man wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the most spectacular manner possible, so the show's host, Howie Mandell, organized a flash mob to dance and sing while he gave her the surprise proposal to end all surprise proposals.

Here are two video clips from Fox:

Not only did the show itself constitute sweet, harmless fun but the girlfriend who was the subject of all of this adulation was supremely attractive.

She exhibited a luscious, full-figured physique with especially soft, shapely arms.

It was especially welcome to see such a curvaceous goddess being the subject of so much public worship. For a moment, the world seemed to revere plus-size beauty in the ecstatic way that it should.

The program identified her as Nikki, and if the name didn't ring any bells with plus-size model fans,

then this photograph that the program aired should have.

Nikki was, in fact, one of the winners of Torrid's annual "House of Dreams" contest in 2009. Notice even the similarity of her contest picture to the screen cap, above.

Here she is with the other winners on the red carpet.

Click to enlarge

But it gets even more interesting, because two years earlier, in February 2008, she already did a little modelling for Torrid. Here she is in a prom dress. Even then, her arms were as round and shapely as they are today.

Click to enlarge

Not only was it wonderful to see a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured girl on prime-time television, but it was especially encouraging to discover that she has a history as a plus-size model. We have long maintained that the best way for the timeless ideal of full-figured femininity to be restored to cultural prominence would be if the public were exposed to the opulent beauty of true plus-size models. Mobbed has at last done this.

And we must offer an additional word of praise for Torrid, for it was Torrid that selected Nikki to be a model in the first place, and later chose her as its contest winner. Clearly Torrid recognized her legitimately full-figured beauty as something that curvy girls everywhere needed to see. And now, thanks to Torrid's size-positive efforts, much of America has at last caught a glimpse of the true shape of the feminine ideal.

- Mobbed: Official web site

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Default Re: Nikki from ''Mobbed'': Torrid model

I have had the chance to work with Nikki. I thought I would share a couple photos from the red carpet and a fashion show produced by Cher Rue for St. Jude and Toys for Tots a couple years ago in West Hollywood. She is a total pro.

Nikki in Koffa Couture:

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Nikki from ''Mobbed'': Torrid model

Nikki is with an agency, as it turns out - an agency in California called Scout Model and Talent.

Here's her online portfolio.

It's wonderful to see that she's a full size 18. That really should be the baseline, standard size of most plus-size models.

Apparently, she still models for Torrid. Product images, mostly - but those portfolio pictures come from a recent Torrid look book called "Dress Boutique":

She has such gorgeous, fleshy arms. This reverse-view pose reminds me of Katherine Roll's recent curve-accentuating test photo, which I loved.

Better yet, it's evident that her soft, shapely arms are contoured by natural fullness, not unattractive muscle "tone."

I do wish that Nikki had fuller, rounder facial features, but she has a fantastic physique.

I can't see why any company would select models skinnier than this, when a size-18 figure shows off dresses so well.

She has attractive legs too. Great images all around.

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