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Default Molly, from Dorothy Combs

A periodic visit to the Web site of Miami's top plus-size agency, Dorothy Combs, is always well warranted. The site now boasts an impressive new cover page that shows, in rotation, some of the most memorable images that DCM's girls have created.

One recent addition to the Dorothy Combs board, Molly Stiglitz, has the figure of a goddess. With sumptuous measurements 40d-35.5-46.5, she is listed at a 14/16, and given her 5'9 height, her curvaceousness is admirably visible.

Unsurprisingly, the most beautiful of Molly's pictures is one that shows her in wedding attire. This is an altogether enchanting image from every perspective. The lush greenery of the background harmonizes with the model's own natural charms, and the flowers accentuate her femininity. Her limbs are soft and round, and her clavicle is wholly submerged in soft fullness (a key trait of timeless beauty). The hair is elegantly styled, showing off her facial features yet still acknowledging length. Her smile communicates her joy in her own well-fed physical being.

For a different effect, the following headshot is quite striking. Molly looks especially youthful here in comparison to her other images. With the subtle earrings, sober colour of the tunic, and dramatic expression, the model exudes a cool, chic allure, contemporary yet still feminine. The eye makeup is flawless.

Another image with Molly in the same outfit continues the theme of sober beauty, with the top exhibiting her buxom curves. The intensity of the gaze is very effective, with the model avoiding the trap of looking too grim, instead appearing intent and engaged.

A dress with a deep V-cut neckline is always flattering on a voluptuous model, as it is in the following picture. Molly holds eye contact with the viewer, yet subtly but consciously offers him a glimpse of her decolletage. The composition of the image, with the head in the foreground and the figure seemingly at some distance, reproduces the dynamic of a real-world encounter: first, the viewer would be struck by the model's pretty eyes, but then his attention would wander toward her buxom curves.

The appeal of the striped print of the dress may be a matter of taste, but the cut is very attractive for a plus-size body, showing off voluptuous curves, bare arms, and, thanks to its abbreviated length, shapely legs. And of course, a verdant natural background always enriches a picture, giving it life, especially when the dress lacks colour.

The following picture vividly illustrates the benefits of having a genuinely full-figured model rather than a faux-plus girl exhibit an outfit. Observe the sensual swell of fullness at the model's waist. This adds a appealing, human touch to an ensemble that otherwise would be relatively straightforward (although the metallic sheen of the top is quite decorative). This luscious curve around the middle is softly alluring and demonstrates how a curvaceous model can endow any attire with seductive interest.

Molly Stiglitz is a fine addition to Dorothy Combs, especially on account of her genuinely full-figured proportions. With Kelsey Olson, Lindsey Garbelman, Yanderis Lodos, and many other notables, DCM possesses arguably the finest board in the world in terms of representing timeless beauty.

Molly now joins this illustrious company, and we wish her the greatest success.

- Dorothy Combs, Miami

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