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Default Sexy girls have dessert

(Originally posted on The Judgment of Paris Forum, June 30, 2004, in response to a reader's discovery of this popular slogan, at a cosmetics company's Web site.)

Bravo, bravo, bravo. You can't help but smile at the cheeky irreverence of that assertion, "Sexy Girls Have Dessert." It could be a Mode caption, or a Torrid t-shirt logo, and is similar in spirit to the cut line that appeared on Real Women Have Curves posters, which read, "Go ahead--eat the flan!"

But this slogan is meaningful on another level as well. Like terms such as "plus-size beauty," or "plus-size model," the phrase "Sexy girls have dessert" in a paradox which compels readers to reconcile two notions that they have been taught to consider mutually exclusive.

Diet profiteers continually reinforce the notion that sexiness is based on self-denial, leading to extreme thinness. In other words--according to media propaganda--girls who are sexy don't have dessert, and girls who do have dessert aren't sexy.

But this slogan advances the genuinely radical idea that "being sexy" and "eating dessert" are perfectly compatible. In fact, it goes one step further, and suggests that eating dessert is precisely what makes "sexy girls" sexy. This is every bit as heretical as stating that plus-size models are attractive precisely because they are full figured.

The promotional copy on the Dessert Beauty Web site plays up this paradox even further:

Dessert girls are warm and golden, luscious and radiant, tempting and decadent.

They like to look good, feel good and smell good too.

Dessert girls are just plain yummy.

Be a hottie. Have Dessert.

Could there be a more genuinely revolutionary statement than this deceptively simple formulation: "Be a hottie. Have dessert"?

Melanie is right to point out that the campaign is not nearly as subversive as it would be if it featured a plus-size model rather than an emaciated media celebrity. However, the defiant spirit of the campaign is truly inspiring. And at a time when the media has become utterly shameless in its anti-plus prejudice, and seems determined to make girls feel guilty about every single bite they eat, those four words--"Sexy girls have dessert"--are definitely a step in the right direction.

Valerie modelling for Fashion Bug, Summer 2004 (emphatically confirming the truth of the Dessert Beauty slogn):

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