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Old 8th June 2009   #1
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Default Gallery tour with Kailee

Here, at last, is the second part of my Valentine's Day interview with Click agency superstar Kailee O'Sullivan.

For years, fans have wanted to know more about this dazzling young beauty, and the first section of this chat delves into who Kailee really is--her likes, dislikes, and her personality as a whole. Miss O'Sullivan is very frank and candid about her character traits and inclinations, and admirers will be captivated by the revelations that emerge from this discussion. Music, food, travel, beauty, romance--it's all covered here.

In the second section, Kailee answers several challenging questions about size-celebration, about the fashion industry, and more. Fans who were already awed by her intelligence in the first part of the interview will be doubly impressed by her thoughtful and perceptive observations.

And in the final section, Kailee tours the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and shares her reflections on some of the greatest masterpieces of Western culture. Rest assured, this is the most compelling part of the entire interview, as Kailee reacts to a host of artworks that mirror her own full-figured beauty. Art and fashion collide as a muse of the present encounters muses of the past, and the synergy of the experience points the way forward to the aesthetics of the future.

Modelling for Anna Scholz, spring/summer 2009:

Click to view product page

- Click here to read part two of the interview

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Old 9th June 2009   #2
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

Wonderful interview! It's a joy to learn so much about Kailee, to know that she is such an intelligent, multitalented, perceptive, and genuinely sweet individual, as well as a stunning beautiful model. I also love how you injected your personality into the interview by describing both your inward and outward responses to Kailee's words and facial expressions -- deliciously entertaining!!
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Old 10th June 2009   #3
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

There is something utterly perfect about this narrative. The concept of a plus-size model responding to works of art that depict timeless beauty -- it's an ideal scenario, and I'm thrilled that it actually happened.

I can picture the scene in my mind -- it's as if one of the models from the paintings stepped out of the canvas, and joined the interviewer right there in the museum.

And Kailee's specific observations about the artworks are truly fascinating. I'm not surprised that she interpreted the paintings in such original and insightful ways. The interview as a whole demonstrated her intelligence. She claims not to be a "super-smart bookworm," but I think she's brilliant.

I especially love the fact that she zeroed in on the plus-size aspects of the goddesses in the artworks (their "feminine hips"), and celebrated those as beautiful traits. If someone cannot appreciate full-figured beauty in others, they cannot appreciate it in themselves.

Oh, and I already said that she was cultured based on the first part of the interview, but I'm even more convinced of that now. Goodness, she even sings opera. I would love to hear her sing an aria, or a classical soprano song.
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Old 10th June 2009   #4
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

I was very happy to read her positive comments when she discovered a male figure in the Winterhalter painting:

She gazed at it intently, then observed, “It’s clear that there’s a man in the background, kind of peeking in.” [...]

“That says something,” she asserted about the presence of the male figure. “He is intrigued, obviously.” [...]

“And if the guy could be in the background, that would be awesome,” she appended. “I love that, because obviously the artist didn’t just put him in there for nothing. He’s showing them how sexy they all are, how intriguing.”

We live in a society that has taught women to devalue male appreciation, but Kailee is an independent spirit, and isn't the prisoner of any ideology. She sees that it's natural to appreciate beauty, and she shares that appreciation herself. Yet another reason to admire her.

I was also impressed that when she was asked what she looks for in a guy, she didn't say "money" or "power" or GQ-ness, but "honesty." That's a very mature and wise answer.

She really is an "old soul." I got the sense that she is privy to timeless knowledge of all kinds - timeless beauty, timeless art, a timeless love of nature (instead of urban modernity), timeless relationships between people.

The interview read like a real conversation, and while reading it I had the feeling that I was there in the moment. Kailee is a remarkable young lady.
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Old 10th June 2009   #5
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

Just finished the interview, and I have to say... Amazing. She truly is beautiful, both inside and out. The level of maturity she has is just as amazing. As someone who just graduated high school, I can say with near-certainty that to find such maturity in someone who seems to have just graduated herself not long ago (only a year or possibly two), is simply extraordinary.
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Old 11th June 2009   #6
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

What I think is especially wonderful about Kailee is that to anyone who reads this profile, she redefines the concept of a "model." She completely turns around the negative image of a model, (a negative image produced by the straight-size fashion industry,) and redefines "model" as something inexpressibly wonderful.

Think about it: Most people's impression of a model is of some "heroin chic" mess, an emaciated girl addicted to narcotics, perpetually starving, leading a brain-dead existence of gym torture by day and seedy urban nightlife by night. Basically, a tragic ruin of a human being.

Kailee shows what a whole different kind of model, a plus-size model, can be. This idea of a "model" is:
-someone who loves classical music (opera), great literature, and high art, and can discourse in an eloquent and original manner on these things
-someone who adores food, and indulges in it freely
-someone who is successful and capable in the modern world, but rejects modernity and modern values and embraces timeless ideals
-someone who prefers touring a museum to reality television
-someone whose idea of travel is discovering the Old World and appreciating its culture, not lying comatose on a beach getting skin cancer
-someone who values modelling as a way to undo the damage (to women's body image) that is done by the other kind of model, the anorexic model
-someone who, far from resenting or rejecting beauty (as political ideologues do), is both personally extremely beautiful (a cheerleader even) and appreciates beauty

That's the kind of model girls should aspire to be. That's the kind of model mothers could feel good about encouraging their daughters to be. It's the new, unmodern concept of a model - and it's a stupendous improvement.
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Old 12th June 2009   #7
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

I like how both parts of the interview end with a section that discusses pictures; so at the end of the first part, "Modelling," there is a conversation about Kailee's greatest modelling pics, and at the end of the second part, "Art," there is a conversation about the museum's greatest paintings. That's a nice parallel. It reinforces the idea of plus-size-model images as being similar in nature to works of art, both celebrating the same ideal of beauty.

I also like how, just as the art discussion includes several paintings of "light beauty" and several of "dark beauty," the modelling discussion also includes that kind of polarity, with several images in which Kailee looks sweet and doll-like, and several in which she looks darkly sensual and alluring.

She is so versatile and multifaceted in her interests, and she is similarly versatile as a model; she has an absolutely amazing range, to go from dark to light to all emotional notes in between.
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Old 14th June 2009   #8
B. R.
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Default Re: A gallery tour with Kailee

Art holds a special place in my heart, and I really appreciated Kailee's observations on it. So intelligent; so original. Like someone who truly knows beauty when she sees it. And I can't express to you how refreshing it is that she viewed those classical works with eyes untainted by modern cynicism or any loathsome "deconstructionist" attitudes.

This harmonizes with a little personal belief of mine: Those who possess beauty will naturally appreciate it in others. It makes perfect sense to me that someone as lovely as Kailee could intuitively recognize, and even revel in, the beauty of classical art. Really, how could it be otherwise, considering that she could easily be a model for such paintings herself?
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Old 31st December 2009   #9
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Default Gallery tour with Kailee

In this, the second half of the Kailee interview, the following comment from Miss O'Sullivan really struck me:

Being around a lot of the confident women who were very full-figured, that helped me as a young girl. And definitely it undid a lot of the damage that I even soaked in from the media at a young age. So I do think it can undo damage.

That's a very personal answer, a subtle indictment of the media and its negative effect on vulnerable young girls, and a confirmation of the beneficial effects of plus-size imagery.

Kailee deserves to feel very proud of the fact that today, her images, her beauty, is similarly undoing media-inflicted damage for a whole generation of young women. She is an inspiration in every way. What a marvellous interview.
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