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Old 7th November 2010   #1
Senior Member
Join Date: November 2008
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Default Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

Imagine my delight as I was browsing the Kohl's site today and discovered a picture of Kelsey Olson modelling an Apt. 9 Embellished Top.

And wow, what a picture it is! Kelsey looks absolutely stunning in this photograph. This may be even more gorgeous than her recent test photos. Nobody, but nobody, could make a product image look as beautiful as this.

I love the way her hair flows in the wind, like the golden tresses of an angel. Her arms are soft and shapely. And you can sense the curvaceous fullness of her waist.

She is without a doubt the most beautiful of all of today's plus-size models. She actually looks curvaceous - and more attractive than any other model, of any size. I prefer this amazing photograph to any tear sheet in any magazine.

I hope we'll be seeing more of Kelsey at Kohl's.

Here's a larger version:

And a link to a wallpaper-size version:
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Old 7th November 2010   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

GASP. That picture is soooooo pretty. I am almost speechless.

We've recently seen some lovely images from many popular models on this forum, but Kelsey's photo surpasses them all. She is in a separate league of beauty, above and beyond the rest; a realm of beauty inhabited only by herself and Shannon Marie and Lillian Russell.

One look at Kelsey in that grey top, and I want it for myself.

The way her hair's magical.

She really is the most gorgeous plus-size model of all.
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Old 8th November 2010   #3
M. Lopez
Senior Member
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

Kelsey takes my breath away. She's redefines the word "beauty." I fondly remember her many Torrid catalogue pictures and how she always managed to turn those into masterpieces of loveliness, but this image is even more gorgeous than any of her work from that time. It shows how she has become more stunning than ever. The hair, the figure...simply enchanting.

She truly is the Aphrodite of the present day.
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Old 9th November 2010   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: July 2005
Posts: 175
Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

Only Kelsey can take an ad for an embellished top and turn it into something so lovely. I feel happy just looking at the picture. It brings a smile to my face.

I've always loved how believable her movements are. She doesn't "pose" in artificial way, but simply presents herself to the camera naturally, almost as if she were photographed while walking down the street (yet she manages to look breathtakingly beautiful in the process).

She makes that top and handbag look gorgeous. My favorite model!
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Old 18th November 2010   #5
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Join Date: July 2005
Posts: 441
Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

It never fails. Kelsey always, always manages to exceed even my highest expectations. She has everything: the perfect round face, the most angelic blonde tresses, and the softest, shapeliest figure.

She reminds me of the British actress Sophia Myles, except even curvier and more beautiful (especially with her long, lovely hair). I absolutely adore that picture. If someone were selling it as a poster, I would buy it in a heartbeat. And I definitely want that top.
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Old 24th November 2010   #6
Senior Member
Join Date: November 2008
Posts: 417
Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

I just discovered another image of Kelsey on the Kohl's site. She's shown modelling an "Apt. 9 Geometric Crinkle Blouse":

I would never have believed that anyone could have made this item look as gorgeous as Kelsey does. Her buxom figure gives the blouse a sexy, feminine shape. That's why she's the perfect plus-size model - everything looks so good on her womanly proportions.

That soft, flowing blonde hair is heavenly. With her babylike, round facial features, she always resembles something out of a dream. She's fun and youthful, with zest and energy. She's an angel, but an angel with a bit of mischief. It's a pleasure simply looking at her pictures. I always feel like if I select for myself what she's wearing, I'll acquire a little bit of her charm.

Even shot against a simple backdrop, she always makes me believe in her pictures, because her poses are so natural. She's the best at striking "non-pose poses" - stances that seem completely fluid and taken from life.

Truly an incredible beauty. Here's the wallpaper-size enlargement:
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Old 28th November 2010   #7
Senior Member
Join Date: October 2010
Posts: 133
Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

The new Kohl's weekly flyer contains a dazzling picture of Kelsey that is sure to take everyone's breath away. With those gorgeous blonde tresses, she is a real-life Rapunzel, a Disney princess brought to life, except that her soft, glowing facial features are far more gorgeous than those of even the prettiest fairy-tale beauty.

I am simply in awe of her loveliness. Her curves gives the outfit a womanly shape, and oh, that round, full face is simply divine.

Here's the entire page where Kelsey's image appears in the new flyer. Needless to say, her beauty is an class of its own, and puts every other model on the page completely to shame.
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Old 5th December 2010   #8
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

Naturally, as an avid Kelsey fan, I've been scouring the Kohl's site constantly to find new images of Miss Olson, and I'm pleased to say that this week's flyer features another image of this fair goddess. The model beside her has a look of her own, but let's face it - Kelsey is THE most gorgeous model in the industry today, and she leaves everyone else in the dust, outshining any other model in the world. As soon as you see this image, your eyes are drawn straight to Kelsey - that gorgeous face, that curvy figure. Also, look at how much joy and energy she puts into the image. Yet still, as someone mentioned earlier, there is no sense of "posing" at all, just a natural, convincing image.

Here's the image in context. Even on a full page, Kelsey stands out as the most stunning, as if she were lit from within. Her beauty is beyond compare.

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Old 21st December 2010   #9
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Join Date: August 2005
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Kohl's

While there have been many memorable images of plus-size goddesses on the forum of late, Kelsey's pictures outshine all the rest. There is a magic about her that no other current full-figured model can touch. Especially the very first image in this thread, showing Kelsey in the grey top - it's such a simple item, but Kelsey turns the image into a depiction of ideal beauty. Those princess-like fair tresses flowing in the breeze; that round, soft face; those voluptuous curves - the heart aches.

She merges the best qualities of a dreamlike angel with the flesh-and-blood sensuality of a real-life beauty queen. She's both an ethereal fantasy and a very physical being. So gorgeous.
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