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Old 23rd November 2010   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Portofem - Silvia Dominguez

While Brazil has been getting most of the publicity recently when it comes to South American countries venturing into full-figured fashion, I recently stumbled across a plus-size label from Argentina that also deserves a nod.

The name of the company is Portofem,

and it's currently running a very attractive campaign with models of three different sizes. One image even features a cheeky implied-nude theme.

Naturally, it was the model on the right who especially caught my attention, as she is the most full-figured of the three - about a size 16/18, I'd guess. (The fact that she's disguised by a soft, plump pillow seems very appropriate.) Her name is Silvia Dominguez.

Here she is again on the right. You can see the fullness of her figure, especially at her waist. She also has a lovely, full face. She looks terrific wearing Judgment-of-Paris purple.

In this set of two triptychs, she appears at the far left and fourth from the left, looking great in trendy, youthful fashions.

Funnily enough, she actually resembles her fellow model, who appears in the centre of this image. Her name is Carina Jarabrovinski. Carina is a great model in her own right, and has a pretty face, but alas, she's faux-plus, whereas Silvia is genuinely plus-size (and gorgeous).

Looking shapely at the right of the image.

Third from the left, she looks very curvy in her ivory sweater.

I adore this poster from the campaign, which ran as an ad in several Argentinian magazines. Silvia is in the centre, the queen bee, the fullest-figured and most gorgeous of the three, proudly flaunting her superior beauty.

Here she is walking the runway in a Portofem fashion show. You can see the opulence of her figure and the sensual fullness of her facial features.

An eye-catching candid from the Portofem Facebook page:

Besides its official Web presence, Portofem also has an online shopping site, which features numerous catalogue images of Silvia. There are inevitably not as glamorous as the campaign pictures, but still show her looking very attractive, especially showing off her shapely arms.

Interesting hairstyle on the left.

How nice to find another South American beauty. Silvia is a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model. I hope that Portofem will keep using her in future campaigns.

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Old 23rd November 2010   #2
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Default Re: Portofem - Silvia Dominguez

Portofem also runs a YouTube channel with a number of videos, including this behind-the-scenes clip of the making of Silvia's campaign. She looks even curvier in the video than in many of the still images. She speaks a few words to the camera at one point in the video, but alas, in Spanish.

Also, here's a video of the catwalk event from the M. Lopez posted the still. Carina opens the show, while Silvia (in the red top) appears at 0:59 - the fullest and most attractive girl on the show. The two of them are also clearly the lone professional models, as the other girls are less photogenic and not as practiced in runway walking.

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Old 16th December 2010   #3
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Default Re: Portofem - Silvia Dominguez

For those who enjoyed the Portofem campaign, the company just released a new video today with more behind-the-scenes shots of Silvia and the other girls during their shoot. I just wish that Silvia received more screen time, because she is definitely the curviest and prettiest of the three.

I'll be watching to see what future creative promotions this company develops.
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