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Old 16th December 2006   #1
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Default Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

I LOVE this new image of Christina Schmidt at Torrid! And I adore the top too:

Its called a "Hot Kiss Red Dot Rhinestone Button Top" (Torrid comes up with the best names), and it fits her curves perfectly. Its both pretty and sexy.

I like every detail in it - the vibrant red color & pattern (which contrasts with Christinas dark hair so well), and especially, the v-neck, which is very flattering on a voluptuous figure like Christina has.

Great expression by Christina, too - sweet, but not quite innocent! Awesome.
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Old 16th December 2006   #2
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Default Re: Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

A "hot kiss" from Christina? Torrid's marketing department is very savvy indeed . . .

This is an absolutely thrilling item on Miss Schmidt, beautifully fitted and agreeably body-conscious. And what a delight it is to see her in such a passionate colour again, after her photo test with Fadil Berisha, which, although very chic, was almost exclusively shot in blacks and whites.

It is also a pleasure to see such a warm smile from this model, who is so adept at generating intense and steamy expressions, of the kind that few plus-size models can approach.

The V-neck is a seductive touch, and exemplifies how one can take a fashion basic--a collared shirt--and make it very feminine. (Whoever designed this top had curvy beauty very much in mind.) The lovely hairstyle and fun accessories help as well (with Ericka and Briana working their usual magic). But it is Christina herself who really makes this such an exciting item, just by her sheer charisma, talent, and astonishing beauty.

Kudos to the Torrid team for another visual gem.

- Click here for larger view

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Old 16th December 2006   #3
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Default Re: Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

This pretty blouse features the polka dot, a detail often found in feminine attire.

Little dots have been applied to fabrics for decoration since antiquity. But they found their most vivid resurgence in the 19th century through a probable homage to the folk dance that took both Europe and North America by storm at the time--the polka.

The polka dance originated in the Bohemia region in the current-day Czech Republic. As the region was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the music and dance form spread to the German and Hungarian-speaking populations and then to North America during the waves of immigration. The Viennese Romantic composers Johann Strauss and son wrote scores for the dance, many of which are still performed to today.

One of the polka's most popular features was the manner in which the dance, like the waltz, allowed flirtatious yet still gracious contact between men and women.

And many dancers, then and now, enjoyed wearing traditional dress while performing, dress which is still most flattering to women's natural figures.

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Old 17th December 2006   #4
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Default Re: Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

I just adore how Christina looks in that image. It looks like it was tailored just for her. The fit is fantastic, and if a shirt is going to have short sleeves, then those puff sleeves are a nice way to make them more interesting than just a regular sleeve design. I definitely want to get one of these tops.

Such a cute, cherubic smile. Amazing to compare it to Christina's steamy poses in the Fadil pictures. She's so versatile.

You can only see a bit of it in the picture, but I also think the denim skirt looks like a hot item too, at least on Christina- and I'm saying this as someone who usually avoids denim. But it works with the top. The ensemble in somewhere between contemporary and traditional. I like it a lot.
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Old 18th December 2006   #5
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Default Re: Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

Gorgeous image. I generally don't care for front-buttoned shirts, nor for the style of wearing such shirts out, but in this image, the effect is beautiful. It's all about making the shirt as closely-fitting as possible, so it doesn't look cumbersome, like a man's shirt. The body-embracing fit is what makes this top look so stylish. It's a very youthful approach -- perfect for such a pretty young model.
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Old 18th December 2006   #6
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Default Re: Christina: ''Hot Kiss'' (at Torrid)

Christina looks very cute in that top! It's a really pretty style that I don't think I've ever seen before. I used to stay away from colors, but Christina looks so good in that red, that I'm going to try it myself. I like the black and red bangles too. They really add something.

And thank you Kirsten for the comments about polka dots and how they came to be. I'll never look at a polka dot print the same way!
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