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Default Barbara now with Ford

In one of the most extraordinary moves in the history of the industry, plus-size supermodel Barbara Brickner has left the Wilhelmina agency, and is now represented by Ford 12+ NY.

Barbara's association with Wilhelmina goes back to the beginning of Mode, making her move to the Ford agency the most significant Wilhelmina loss since Shannon Marie moved from Wilhelmina to Ford several seasons ago.

Barbara's move also breaks up Wilhelmina's hitherto-unbeatable triad of Christina Schmidt, Charlotte Coyle, and Barbara, and creates a formidable new Ford trio of Barbara, Valerie Lefkowitz (currently at the most gorgeous phase of her entire career, at a size 18), and Kailee O'Sullivan.

We wish Barbara much success at her new agency, and fans very much look forward to a new Ford video featuring Mrs. Brickner.

Barbara's online Ford portfolio is empty at the time of this writing, but will appear at the link provided below.

New test image:

- Online Ford portfolio

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Old 22nd April 2008   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara now with Ford

Barbara's portfolio has now been posted at Ford, at the link provided. It's a curious collection, though. I can think of many images of Barbara over the years that are more attractive than most of Ford's selections. Still, what I'm really looking forward to is the video. Ford does a great job with those.

Wilhelmina really needs to step up its game. It has two of the most popular models ever, in Christina Schmidt and Charlotte Coyle, but it isn't making the most of them. Ford seems to be doing better at giving the models whom the public really likes some visibility. Both agencies have too many faux-plus girls, but at least Ford's genuinely full-figured talents are seen more often.

Incidentally, Barbara is in the current Kohl's flyer. "Comfortably beautiful" is how I think of this picture. She always looks so womanly, and gorgeous.
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Old 27th April 2008   #3
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Default Re: Barbara now with Ford

With the addition of Barbara Brickner, Ford's talent pool is now the strongest that it has been since it included Shannon Marie. How extraordinary to consider that just a few seasons ago, the two most popular models in the industry were Barbara and the fuller-figured Valerie, and now, Ford has recreated that astonishing pairing within its books. And with Valerie currently at her most gorgeous size and appearance (although fans are still eagerly awaiting a new portfolio that represents her current beauty), the Barbara/Valerie couplet is stronger than ever.

One new Barbara test image at Ford is especially eye-catching. The model wears a gorgeous dress, delightfully abbreviated, which frames her buxom curves very effectively. One can easily perceive the womanly contours beneath the fabric. The museum lighting is quite dramatic, as if the model were a sculpture in a Classical gallery. The pose is a Barbara specialty--eyes closed as if in rapture, looking away from the camera. She is in every way a goddess incarnate.

Also new at Ford is a series of Barbara Polaroids--and these are more effective than most models' formal photographs, and are among the best Polaroids we have seen. The earth-tone setting is a great asset, as is the warm lighting. The styling in the first two is very well chosen--another camisole-top dress that shows off the model's sumptuous curves. The full-length Polaroid, left, demonstrates how Barbara's womanly hips give the dress an appealing shape, while the close-up, right, illustrates that all-important feature of womanly beauty--the model's clavicle submerged in soft flesh. The wavy, romantic hairstyle helps to soften Mrs. Brickner's look.

Another Polaroid, showing the model garbed in a rich lilac top, is more directly alluring. The pose and the plunging v-neck display Barbara's generous decolletage, and subtle details (like bare feet) further add to the picture's sensuality. The model's legs may have been fuller in past seasons, but they are still among the best legs of any model in the industry. It's remarkable how Barbara can transform simple Polaroids into works of art.

And finally, here is the most casual Polaroid of all. The hands-in-the-hair poses is always a favourite, and note in particular a highly sensual detail--the creases of softness at the model's arms. This is a feature that we recently noted in Kelsey's pictures, and it contributes to the overall impression of luxuriant, well-fed beauty.

It is exciting to consider the new opportunities that await Mrs. Brickner at Ford. One only hopes that she does not diminish her figure one iota, but retains her goddesslike curves, and continues to present timeless beauty to the modern world.
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