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Old 10th January 2012   #1
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Default Barbara, Valerie: C.J. Banks

It's always a pleasure to see work by Barbara Brickner and Valerie Lefkowitz. Both models headline the new 2012 campaign from C.J. Banks.

Barbara appears on the current cover page,

and in a host of land-page graphics. I especially love her luxuriating pose in the first image:

Valerie appeared in last week's C.J. Banks cover, in a lovely image showing her with a gorgeous hairstyle.

She appears in a smaller picture on the latest cover:

Also, in a number of landing-page graphics of her own.

The C.J. Banks clothing is conservative, but kudos to the company for always booking beautiful goddesses to showcase it.
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Old 19th January 2012   #2
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Default Re: Barbara, Valerie: C.J. Banks

Several more images of Barbara and Valerie have appeared on the CJBanks site, so I thought I'd add them to this thread.

Valerie looks breathtakingly beautiful in this recent e-mail ad, so relaxed and light-hearted. And you can sense a touch of attractive fullness at Barbara's middle.

Barbara similarly appears gorgeous in two recent CJBanks e-mail circulars.

Mrs. Brickner looks stunning on the current CJBanks cover page:

This cover graphic appears to have been a reworking of the e-mail ad posted above.

Both of the models also appear in the site's "Outfits" section. Valerie has such as soft look in the left-hand image.

Valerie at her adorable best in this pairing:

Gorgeous poses, alluring on the left and playful on the right, from Barbara.

CJBanks always keeps me coming back to the site to see its latest advertising. It consistently books models who are among the loveliest in the industry.
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Old 15th February 2012   #3
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Default Re: Barbara, Valerie: C.J. Banks

C.J. Banks updates its site monthly rather than seasonally, so a regular check often unearths wonderful new items, and beautiful new images of Valerie and Barbara.

Valerie has appeared in two lovely recent covers, including this pretty picture, which shows her with a mischievous, pouty grin,

and this truly adorable photo. This is one of my favourite recent images of Valerie. She looks girlish and cuddly, soft and sweet. It's a very pretty hairstyle for her, casual, but with just a hint of measured messiness.

The current C.J. Banks cover features two stunning pictures of Mrs. Brickner.

Valerie appears throughout the rest of the site, e.g. in these little graphics,

as well as in a host of landing-page banners. My favourite is definitely the skirt-twirling photo.

These lilac hues are so pretty on her, very feminine and gentle.

Gorgeous dress to accentuate her curvy hips.

One banner shows both models together. I fondly remember their Reitmans campaigns of several seasons ago. Valerie and Barbara have always modelled together very well, and which model is the most beautiful has always depended on which of the two is curvier.

Barbara appears in three landing-page banners of her own.

Valerie also shows off four appealing new ensembles in the "outfits" section of the site. I do love the flared skirt, which has a touch of folklore about it.

The right-hand image, below, is C.J. Banks' most pro-curvy presentation of Valerie's figure, with the top suggesting fullness at her waist and the jeans defining curvy thighs.

Lastly, Barbara appears in several images illustrating the C.J. Banks "Style File":
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Old 7th March 2012   #4
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Default Re: Barbara, Valerie: C.J. Banks

I just thought I'd add a miscellany of images of Valerie and Barbara from the balance of February. Each of the photos is enchanting.

I love the sense of joy that Valerie exudes.

These lavender colours are so beautiful on her.

The next two pairs of images were originally a quartet on the CJBanks cover page, but I broke them up to fit the forum width.

Very clever title -- "Swing into Spring," with Valerie twirling her skirt.

Looking so adorable:

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