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Default Curvier celebrities preferred (article)

I know what you're thinking when you read the subject line of this post. "Curvier celebrities? Who?" Thank goodness plus-size models are getting a bit more attention, because apart from Chloe Agnew (who has great popularity in her genre), there are no goddess-size celebrities in the media.

Nevertheless, the survey noted in the following article (and widely reported in the media) proves that between emaciated celebrities and the ever-so-slightly curvier kind, the latter win by a long shot:

What's most significant, though, is the writer's tone, which expresses a thoroughgoing preference for curves:

Actress Kate Winslet has been voted to have the most desirable body in Hollywood. The poll is a bit surprising for two reasons: firstly, she does not sport the kind of stick thin figure that seems to be world parameters nowadays, and two, nor has she been voted by men. It has always been known that men would definitely choose a healthier looking woman with more curves to show off. Yet, it is known for a fact too that women around the world attempt to achieve that particular body type that can only be seen in supermodels, and far from reality.

This is true - and countless studies have confirmed it. Men prefer curves, even though women don't believe this to be true, while women are their own worst enemies when it comes to body size. It's welcome to see this fact finally becoming generally recognized by the press.

But notice what the writer says subsequently:

The fact that the voters were all women and that they had rooted for celebrities with a fuller, more womanly figure, marks a definitive change in perception.

Yes, you're hearing it right. The reporter is noting this as a favourable development. The male preference for more generous figures is presented as the more laudable, progressive position, and women are being praised for coming around to it.

But it gets better still:

Women around the world finally seem to have realized what men had always professed, that a healthy, curvaceous body is way more preferable to a skinny, skeletal one. The fact that women chose these three comparatively heavier women to anorexic ones, show that there has come about a significant change in the international standards of beauty or desirability.

The writer clearly acknowledges that a fuller figure is healthier, but also that it is more beautiful. Consider the terminology: "healthy, curvaceous" versus "skinny, skeletal." These are not neutral terms, let alone thin-centric. Quite the opposite. The writer is adopting a Judgment of Paris point of view and taking it as a given that the underweight figure is deficient, and the fuller figure is advantageous.

It's not just the facts that are significant, it's how they're being reported. I'm hoping that what we're seeing here is a shift in media perceptions, beyond just public perceptions. The press still has tremendous power over mass opinion. The more media organs come over to the side of size-celebration, the sooner timeless beauty will be restored as a popular ideal.
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Default Claire Richards

Here's an extremely rare example of a genuinely "curvy celebrity" - a former pop singer named Claire Richards, who once performed with a band called "Steps."

No, I'd never heard of the group either.

But the point is that whereas she used to be as emaciated as all pop stars on either side of the Atlantic have been for the past few decades, she is now reported to be 15 stone (210 pounds), a U.K. size 18, and she looks fantastic.

Her face is somewhat ordinary; not stunning, but reasonably becoming.

But her current figure, as displayed in this swimwear photos for the press, is a near-perfect plus-size shape. The image in red is especially attractive as it shows full limbs and a curvy waist.

It's futile to become too enthusiastic about fuller-figured celebrities because a few months after gaining praise for their curves, they almost always starve themselves half to death, to garner media attention.

Nevertheless, even in plus-size fashion there are so few attractive images of size-16ish models in swimwear that I thought these images were well worth sharing.
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