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Old 18th February 2010   #1
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Default Emme on Rachel Ray

Emme was on the Rachel Ray show earlier today in a good two-part fashion segment for women over a size 20. Bravo!

There was a lot to like about this show. It contained no mixed messages at all. It began with a constructive discussion about fashion frustrations, followed by a great wardrobe-makeover segment that really did improve the wardrobe of the women in question - quite dramatically.

The first part of the segment is especially valuable because it features Emme and her guests condemning the plus-size industry for featuring faux-plus models. One woman says,

The plus-size models that they show in the magazines, they're not plus-size. I'm plus-size.

And when Emme asks one of the women,

How would you feel if a lot of clients told the advertisers that women who are larger don't relate to anyone who is above a 14?

the response is unambiguous:

That is a load of bull!

Hear, hear. I hope all clients, all companies, all agencies hear this, this true-life feedback, and realize that they need to start featuring models size 16 and up.

Here's the video for part 1:

The second part is the actual wardrobe-makeover segment, and all three women are given some really attractive fashions to wear. The first woman is decked out in a terrific, sleeveless top; the second (whose peasant blouse, as Rachel Ray points out, was already an attractive piece) is given a youthful outfit; and the third is dressed in a form-fitting yellow blouse. They all immediately look younger and more attractive in their new styles.

Really, the fashions are remarkably well chosen, and the commentary by Emme and Rachel is completely positive. Not a word about "flaws" or other nonsense; just pure love-your-body-and-show-it-off attitude. Terrific.

Here's the video for part 2:

I do wish that a similar segment could be done for teens and twentysomethings who are above a size 20. But this is a step in the right direction.

And I really hope that the industry pays attention to this show, and starts featuring true plus-size models (bigger than a 14), which is what these women, and many more like them, want to see.

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Old 18th February 2010   #2
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Default Re: Emme on Rachel Ray

Not to mention that Emme herself looks absolutely gorgeous! Her dress is super elegant and of course it shows off her lovely arms and shoulders quite well. She looks like she hasn't aged a day since her appearances in Mode roughly ten years ago.

I also liked how Emme points out how the women look better when they don't cover up their waistlines. She particularly compliments the third woman on her beautiful waist.
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Old 19th February 2010   #3
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Default Re: Emme on Rachel Ray

I have to applaud Emme, Rachel Ray, and everyone involved in this piece. Emme hasn't always been positive in all of her statements recently, and she's sometimes had a tendency to accept uncritically the absurd weight myths that the media parrots, but in this segment she was excellent. Not even a whiff of a mixed message, just total body love.

I agree that the same type of story, with the same size-positive message, but oriented toward teens and 20somethings, would be most welcome. I did like Jessica, the 30-year-old woman whom the called the "hot chick" in the group. She would be attractive with a longer hairstyle.

The best parts by far in this segment are the criticisms of the media's faux-plus depiction of full-figured women. I wish someone would screen these videos for Glamour, so that the magazine would understand what they're doing wrong by only showing faux-plus models in its pages, rather than depicting models who are truly full-figured.

I love how these women ridiculed the supposed "surveys" that people quote when defending the faux-plus deception. They weren't consulted in any such surveys, they say. I wasn't consulted either. No one I've ever heard of has been consulted. I think these surveys are absolutely fictional. Woman want to see true plus-size models.

Genuinely full-figured women are as discriminated against in full-figure fashion as faux-plus models are discriminated against in straight-size fashion. Plus-size women feel as insulted by size-10 models as straight-size women feel by size-0 models.

Just as the size of straight-size models should be at least a size 6, 8 and up, so the size of plus-size models should be at least a size 16, 18, and up.

Since what passes for a plus-size industry today is diminishing itself to the point where it is basically indistinguishable from the straight-size industry, then maybe this video is the first step toward a much-needed new plus-size industry, one that will serve genuinely full-figured women, and will feature true plus-size models.
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