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Default Christina: ''How To Look Good Naked Canada'' 10

No matter how long a career Christina Schmidt will enjoy as a model, she might never again sport as seductive an outfit as the one that she wore on this week's episode of How To Look Good Naked Canada.

Yes, that is Christina on the far right, in a heart-attack-inducing cheerleader outfit that shows off her luscious thighs. Besides being the star model in the final runway show of every episode this season, for the past few weeks Miss Schmidt has also appeared as one of the famous "lineup ladies"--a trademark of the worldwide How To Look Good Naked franchise.

To preserve the model's modesty, we have refrained from posting stills of Christina in the barely-there attire that she has sported for most of these segments. However, since she wore a tad more clothing for this week's lineup, we feel liberated to share these exciting screencaps.

Besides, no outfit in the world is a more archetypal emblem of ideal femininity than the cheerleader uniform. To see a model as softly curvaceous as Christina in such an ensemble is a dream-come-true moment for all aficionados of plus-size beauty. Indeed, it is a wonder that no plus-size model has ever tested in such garb; but here, at last, Miss Schmidt reveals what a more size-positive world would look like--a world of full-figured cheerleaders (and models, and actresses, and every other type of young ingenues).

We also particularly admire Christina's style of cheering, which is intensely sensual. While the other girls are more . . . active, Christina moves languorously, indolently, merely gently motioning with her pom-poms, avoiding any exertion. There is a heaviness to her movements that is overwhelmingly seductive.

To see Christina's turn as a cheerleader, be sure to view the episode's excerpts video, linked below. Oh, and if you're wondering about an odd bit of business during the video that looks as if the models have their faces digitized, what actually happens is that the girls don masks of the two women who are given this week's "How To Look Good Naked" treatment. Here are Christina and the other girls with their masks raised.

While the lineup segment is the high point of this week's episode, Christina's outfits on the final runway show are absolutely beautiful--even more so than usual.

As always, she is the first girl on the catwalk. She emerges in a body-embracing dress in a really lovely lavender print.

Observe how the dress emphasizes her buxom curves and hips, and shows off her legs.

Similarly, Christina's lingerie look this week is highly alluring--a grey slip that clings to her figure and offers an irresistible promise of the curves beneath.

The real brilliance of the outfit, though, is the styling. Those black stockings add an irresistible touch of wickedness to the look, suggesting a chic, slightly naughty, European sensuality.

As always, the episode concludes with Christina enthusiastically applauding the real women who were the subjects of the show. Note the lovely curve at her waist.

What a thrill to see the gorgeous young Christina Schmidt, who still resembles the teen beauty queen that she played on the high-school TV drama Degrassi, in cheerleader guise. Many fans of that show always longed for her character, Terri, to become one of the school's cheerleaders. Alas, the media is not yet that far advanced; but images like these, showing Christina looking stunning in her cheerleading attire, bring that dream to life.

Let us hope that the high-school dramas of the future will feature plus-size goddesses as cheerleaders--voluptuous vixens who will put the waifs to shame, and restore the Classical ideal of curvaceous beauty.

- Click here to view excerpts video

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