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Default Hint Style (Philippines)

One hears little about the plus-size fashion scene in East Asia, but I came across an article today about a new line in the Philippines:

The write-up notes the dearth of full-figure fashion across the Pacific:

Sadly, there is an absence of clothes to dress up the plus sized. These women end up wearing round-neck shirts and tailored suits that are just unforgiving and boring.

Unlike those who live in the Western hemisphere, Asian ladies do not have a lot of options when it comes to fashion. Thankfully, retailers are now coming out with more clothing lines and stores dedicated to plus-size women. One new brand is Hint...

Another article offers a bit more information about the new label:

Hint, a new clothing brand which caters to plus-size women ages 16 and up, offers trendy tops and jeans especially designed to flatter the body.

Fabrics like knit, jersey and cotton are meticulously selected to make sure that the tops fit well. Special attention is also given to cuts and designs. Rather than using voluminous fabrics that merely hide the body, Hint opts for simple cuts that complement one’s silhouette.

But what really prompted me to write this post is the model who is featured in both articles about the Hint label.

Wow. Isn't she stunning? The lack of gorgeous East Asian plus-size models is a problem that this forum has raised for as long as I've been a member. But this Hint model is absolutely beautiful. She has a round face, high cheekbones that are softened with facial fullness (the perfect look), and, as far as you can see them in the cropped picture, shapely arms.

The other article has a larger photo. She's the model in the foreground, of course.

There you can see her soft, shapely arms. She has a vain, mysterious look about her that makes her extremely alluring. This is a full-figured East Asian model who knows just how gorgeous she is. The red lip colour makes a dramatic impression against her skin tone and raven hair. The recumbent pose is very sexy.

I tried to find out anything else about the Hint label, or more images, with no success. I hope that Hint will create a Web site and feature this model prominently. I know that the Judgment of Paris has been aching to include an East Asian model on the survey page for ages. This girl could be the one.
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Default Re: Hint Style (Philippines)

Hint Style graciously responded to our enquiry for further information with the following note:

My partner and I started to conceptualize HINT in July 2009, and we came out with our first collection last November. Luckily for a new brand, our sales have proven that somehow we've managed to penetrate the discriminating plus-size market. Our goal is to continue developing good-quality merchandise and further establish a loyal client base.

We created the brand to cater to the young plus-size market, because we noticed that there are so few designs available, and mostly the traditional conservative styles that tend to cover up all the fullness and "flaws." But we believe that plus-size women deserves stylish and up-to date fashion as well.

Hint Style promises that it is "in the process of creating a Web site," but for now, features a number of press clippings and images on a Web log. And much to our delight, that page includes more photos of Hint's plus-size goddess.

This attractive picture in white displays the luxurious fullness around the model's waist. A natural talent, she poses with real aplomb, exhibiting an ultra-confident expression. The well-upholstered sofa echoes the softness of the model's figure.

This standing image indicates the shapeliness of the model's arms. The Hint clothing is casual, but fitted enough to offer a touch of sensuality.

The most arresting images of the model are those showing her in an indolent, recumbent state. This top also defines the alluring softness of her midsection. Her coy manner of playing with her tresses is an unfailingly seductive gesture.

Something about the model's relaxed demeanour makes her especially irresistible.

The appealing Hint fashions definitely incline toward the youth market, while remaining conservative enough for the company's Far Eastern customer base. Here, the model appears delightfully feline, stretched out as she is on the sofa. The photographer knew just how to play up the model's considerabl allure. Notice the dramatic eye makeup.

Hopefully, once Hint creates a Web presence, the international public will be able to see more of its fashions--and with them, more images of this captivating model.

Here, she adopts her most frankly provocative pose, in denim that is as closely fitted as denim should be in order to accentuate reverse-view curves. Note her bewitching expression.

The model can also do approachable, friendly poses, as this image indicates (much as it also discloses her full, shapely arms).

One more image from the company's Web log deserves to be re-posted here--a scan of a newsprint article featuring another picture of the Hint model relaxing most seductively, gazing at the viewer in a way that is engaging but not overly aggressive. The photo effectively showcases the beauty of her round facial features.

As Hannah noted, the industry has always suffered from a distinct lack of East Asian plus-size models, which makes Hint's curvaceous goddess an exciting new talent. Also, the fact that the Hint designs are youth-oriented is especially promising, as a greater range of fashion choices could give full-figured girls in the Far East a more feminine and seductive image.

We look forward to seeing more of Hint's fashions in the near future, and more of the company's stunning model.

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Default Re: Hint Style (Philippines)

We now have three more images to share of the gorgeous Hint Style model.

First, here is a seductive picture of the goddess reposing on that plush sofa. The harmonious association of a soft, full-figured vixen with such a languorous state is intensely alluring, offering a suggestion of the model as being innately indolent, preferring indulgence to exertion. She looks bewitchingly vain and self-satisfied.

The following is a larger version of an image that appeared earlier in this thread. The model is being openly flirtatious. She is well aware that the soft swell of her full waist is visible beneath her top, yet she is completely comfortable with this feature. In fact, she knows that it makes her even more desirable. Her arms are full and round (bravo to Hint for offering sleeveless fashions), and her figure intimates an attractive sensation of weight.

The third image is the most provocative of all. The pose shows off the curve of her hip and the fullness of her arms. The way in which she runs her hand through her hair seemingly invites the viewer to do likewise. Her lips are a crimson red. The print of the top may be basic, but the cut of the neckline offers a view of the model's generous decolletage. (Again, Hint achieves a delicate balancing act between remaining appealing to its conservative Far Eastern customer base, yet acknowledging the buxom charms of the fuller female figure.)

In this Hint model, the plus-size industry has at last discovered an attractive and genuinely full-figured East Asian talent. In another era she might have been a princess of the Tang Dynasty; but in a modern context she has lost none of her love of luxury, and her poses testify to her aristocratic inclinations.

Bravo to Hint for discovering such a gorgeous talent, and for introducing plus-size fashion--and plus-size beauty--to the Far East.

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