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Default Mayara Russi for Givy

While everybody here in the Northern hemisphere is getting ready for spring, the Brazilians are bracing themselves for fall and winter - or at least what passes for winter in that perpetually sunny clime.

Fortunately, many South American fall fashions are nearly as figure-revealing as their spring lines.

The Brazilian label Givy just released its fall/winter promotion featuring Mayara Russi, and just as she did in her amazing recent Kaue Modas campaign, Mayara looks more curvaceous and luscious than ever.

Here are two of the three cover pages that appear on the site's homepage, in rotation:

Mayara's rich figure even gives the looser items a curvy shape.

All of the images are size-positive, particularly this image of Mayara in a camisole that shows off her full, beautiful arms.

The South Americans love these short denim styles, which look great on a model with womanly hips, like Miss Russi.

No one, but no one, is as size-positive as the Brazilians. The image on the left defines the soft swell of Mayara's full waist. In the right image, I love the business with the hair.

Miss Russi's opulent physique even makes collared shirts look feminine and shapely. Very eye-catching colour on the left, while in the right image, the blouse clearly indicates the luscious fullness of her midsection.

Here are two designs cut from the same grey textured fabric. The picture on the right showcases her generously rounded arms. I love the expression too, full of longing.

On a faux-plus model, these sweaters would look shapeless, but Mayara's robust physique gives them a curvaceous outline. I love the sensual detail in the image on the left, that Mayara's proportions are so abundant that the fabric is tugging at the buttons.

The left-hand image, below, shows how a model can effectively display a covering. In both images, the fitted slacks define the model's ample hips.

These prints are a bit busy for me, but I like the tightly fitted pants with their metallic sheen, which display every curve of Mayara's legs.

Two sportswear items that show off Miss Russi's reverse-view curves.

In elegant dresses, the model's size-20 figure creates a generous, substantial outline, a real sense of weight and fullness. She looks sensual and elegant at the same time.

The next set of images are too large to be paired, so I'll post them one by one. This simple tee shows off the rounded swell at Mayara's midsection.

The shirt also displays the sensual detail of the fabric tugging at the buttons. This is a natural characteristic that many curvy girls' clothing displays, and it's encouraging to see Givy allowing Mayara to confidently display it.

This sweater, fitting over Mayara's sumptuous hips, also displays that characteristic tugging at the buttons. Given Mayara's beauty, I hope that many women who see her images, and see how gorgeous she is while looking so authentically full-figured, will gain more confidence in their own womanly appearance.

In this size-positive photo, she even displays sensual curves along her side.

A sheer blouse that offers a tantalizing glimpse of the clothing beneath:

And finally, I always think hair scarves are pretty accessories, especially when a model has abundant tresses like Mayara's, which the headband can pull back in this manner, yet still showcase the voluptuous volume of the hair.

The Givy site has many more images of Mayara in addition to these. It's a gorgeous campaign, and although the Kaue Modas promotion was even more beautiful, thanks to the interesting railroad setting, these images proudly showcase Miss Russi's lush proportions.

Mayara represents the size that plus-size models should be, as well as the vixenish glamour that they should possess. I'd love to see more models like her here in North America - or better still, I'd love for Mayara herself to launch a successful American career, thus setting a truly pro-curvy example for our own industry to follow.
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