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Default Men: A Matter of Honour

[Originally posted on the Judgment of Paris Forum on October 4th, 2004, as a follow-up to the thread titled "The Missing Look".]

Getting more men involved in size celebration has always been one of the goals of this Web project, for reasons that are not hard to fathom.

Men suffer from curve-o-phobic media brainwashing as much as women do. In today's society, individuals of both genders are bombarded throughout their lives with images that idealize female emaciation. Not only does this indoctrinate women into thinking that this is how they should look (even though their hunger pangs tell them otherwise), but it also indoctrinates men into thinking that this is how the women whom they find attractive should look (even though their hearts tell them otherwise).

Sadly, many men deny their natural preference for timeless femininity in favour of the prescribed modern standard, for fear of being ridiculed by their peers, their family, or by anyone else in their lives who is still at the mercy of media illusions.

For more couples to "find each other" and achieve happiness, men must break free of the "mind-forg'd manacles" that fetter them, and embrace their natural preference.

But the will-to-consensus in the human psyche is strong, and only an even-more-powerful force can overcome it. And one such force is certainly . . . love.

Men, if they have any honour whatsoever, will defend whatever or whomever they love to their last breath, even in the face of ridicule and opposition. No, especially in the face of ridicule and opposition, and in equal measure to the vehemence with which others disparage the objects of their adoration.

A heightened love of Classical beauty will compel men to overcome their impulse to conform, and will motivate them to stand fast in their convictions. This newfound resolve will set an example to their peers, who will follow them in rejecting societal delusions, no matter how pervasive such delusions may be.

Today, just as many men as women should be actively condemning the media for its institutional size prejudice and for its glorification of thinness, and leading the charge for a restoration of the natural feminine ideal. We hope that the images collected at this site inspire more men to take a principled stand of this nature.

Honour demands that they do no less.

Melissa modelling for Torrid, Fall 2004:

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