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Old 26th October 2005   #1
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Default ''Freshman 30'' helps Apple Bottoms contest winner

Now, usually it wouldn't be worth bringing up something as trivial as this, but I think there's an important point to be gleaned here.

A college junior won a local contest to compete in the finals of the Apple Bottoms clothing line, which is owned by a rap artist named Nelly:

Here's the quote from the article that I found interesting:

"If Ciara Calloway hadn't gained 30 pounds as a college freshman, she doubts she'd be headed to St. Louis in December to vie for the title of Miss Apple Bottoms.

"I was kind of scrawny when I came to Alabama A&M," the junior elementary education major from Ohio said. "I don't think I would've had much chance." "

Isn't that encouraging? If more clothing lines sought representative models who were curvaceous rather than stick-thin, many of the women who starve themselves today, trying to be models, might begin eating normally instead, or even seek to gain weight.

It's also something that I hope a lot of women in college keep in mind- that instead of regretting any weight gain, they should feel better about themselves, because they may have become even more attractive (whether they enter any modeling contests or not).
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Old 28th October 2005   #2
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Default Re: ''Freshman 30'' helps Apple Bottoms contest winner

The article ends on a sour note, but otherwise, it delivers a very positive message. It's about time that young female students started regarding such a minor weight increase in a positive way.

Obviously, the best reason for female students to feel completely comfortable about developing a more cuvaceous figure during their school years is because they should be applying all of their energies to their studies. The idea of attending classes feeling weak from starvation, or distracted by gnawing hunger pangs, is preposterous--let alone losing precious study time on mindless gym-torture sessions. A student's complete attention should be focussed on getting the most out of her lectures, not on calorie-counting. And the body simply cannot hold up during the inevitable late-night study sessions without fuel.

Don't lose marks by trying to lose pounds. Don't give up knowledge by giving up dessert.

And if those extra curves help young students feel more attractive--as they certainly should--then all the better.

Barbara Brickner (graduate of Washington State University), modelling for Nordstrom, Fall 2005:

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