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Old 22nd May 2009   #1
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Default Charlotte Coyle: New images

Nothing is as rare or precious as brand-new images of Charlotte Coyle. Earlier today, Wilhelmina released two new test photos of the Irish goddess that are absolutely thrilling. The aspect ratio of the images was originally a bit off, but it has been corrected for this post.

The first image is a fun, natural, snapshot-like photo, showing Miss Coyle laughing, beaming with joy. The styling is casual, but Charlotte's magnificent figure makes the picture intensely alluring. The knit sweater closely embraces her buxom curves, defining them. The image is a study in ideal plus-size fit, for the snugness of the wardrobe makes this casual, unassuming ensemble extremely eye-catching. Charlotte communicates the sheer pleasure that a goddess can take in her appearance. She appears to be absolutely delighted with herself, unafraid of flaunting her beauty, showing off her curves, and raising the envy of her underweight rivals.

The second image, while also casual, is much more intensely seductive. The deep V of the top draws the viewer's attention to Charlotte's décolletage, and the body-embracing wrap dress emphasizes her voluptuous contours. The wrap style is always a perfect choice for well-fed goddesses, as it flatters their figures so vividly. The tiny hint of a swell at the waist adds a particularly sensual element. Here, Charlotte's expression is appropriately more dramatic, the hungry look in her eyes raising the temperature to the boiling point. Her golden dresses fall over her neck and shoulders in a breathtaking manner. The scarlet hue of the wall appears to symbolize the model's hot-blooded passions.

Charlotte remains the most exciting talent currently working in the industry. No faux-plus model could ever generate the frisson that she does with her luscious size-18 figure. She presents the image with which today's voluptuous vixens today can identify--not frumpy or matronly, but young and vibrant, sensual and seductive, appetitive and uninhibited.

Charlotte's recent Monif C. campaign, and this fabulous test, give us hope that the industry is finally recognizing how today's plus-size women see themselves, and which models can best represent them.

- Charlotte Coyle: A Panegyric

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Old 23rd May 2009   #2
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle: New images

Both pictures are stunning, but the second one is one of the boldest and most exciting images I've ever seen. I particularly love how Charlotte poses. Instead of trying to mimic the straight-size waifs by caving in her chest (the way some plus-size models do, which makes them look like they're ashamed of their figures), Charlotte poses proudly, unapologetically showing off her curves.

The ideal plus-size model has a mixture of a beautiful face, a very FULL figure, and a sexy posing technique. Charlotte has all of these qualities. Her work is so empowering for all women.
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Old 2nd September 2009   #3
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle: New images

Coinciding with the online re-issue of Charlotte's TV program, and in an example of serendipitous timing, Wilhelmina New York has just released a brand-new headshot of Miss Coyle that is absolutely stunning. She has always been the most intensely seductive of all plus-size models, and this image punctuates this fact. It dramatically displays the flawless beauty of her facial features, while Charlotte adds to the sensuality of the image by adopting a slightly heavily-lidded look in the eyes that is unabashedly alluring. (Cosmetics aficionados will note that her eyebrows are perfectly shaped.) She is unequalled among plus-size models in her ability to generate feminine frisson.

But the most extraordinary aspect of this image is the gorgeous hairstyle, with Miss Coyle's magnificent blonde hair flowing over her shoulders in romantic waves. One perceives how the breeze catches her fair tresses and gently wafts them into as perfect an arrangement as was ever seen in a Renaissance painting. Never has Charlotte looked more angelic than this, thanks to the splendour of her golden hair, the luminescence of which is visible even in black and white.

At a luscious size 18, Miss Coyle is the most revolutionary model signed with any New York agency, and fans earnestly hope to see her in more grounbreaking campaigns or magazine layouts in the near future.

- Click to view larger

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Old 3rd September 2009   #4
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle: New images

Each of the images in this thread is heart-attack-inducing, and the newest picture is a masterpiece. It's a more lyrically beautiful picture than usual from Charlotte, who, in many of her most memorable images, is unabashedly sexy. She definitely has a range, and can be angelic and seductive at the same time.

Besides being spectacularly gorgeous, Charlotte always has such presence in her images. "Exciting" is a word that's frequently applied to her work, and it fits. You just can't take your eyes off of her images; they seize your full attention. She is the most revolutionary model currently working, as she has a look like no other girl in the industry today, possessing every characteristic of what society considers "hot" in a model, yet coupling that with a Classically curvaceous figure.

The world needs to see her more often.
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