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Old 1st July 2009   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kailee at Full-Figured Fashion Week

Thank you for discovering those pictures, Effy. You're right - Kailee looks amazing in every picture. No wonder though, since her Simply Be videos proved just how exciting she is on the runway. I only wish that there were a video to go along with the photos.

My favourite outfit is the purple dress, because it's soooo daring, and displays Kailee's gorgeous figure. And I love how she changed her expression to correspond to the different outfits - very sophisticated and elegant in the black dress, but more playful in the casual final outfit. I only wish that she would grow out her hair again, as I think she looks stunning with longer tresses.

And the photography is very good, by the way. The photog captured Kailee's very fair complexion, which looks so good in the dramatic catwalk lighting.

I heard about FFFWeek in advance, but was skeptical, because I dreaded that the production values wouldn't be up to snuff. But it looks like it was a quality event - and obviously the organizers had great taste in models! Definitely an event to watch out for next year.
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Old 2nd July 2009   #3
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Default Re: Kailee at Full-Figured Fashion Week

Wow, Kailee looks stunning in these runway photos. Her expressions are so captivating. She makes every outfit she wears look terrific. And in that purple dress, she looks out-and-out hot - which is of couse the effect that the dress is meant to achieve. Yet because Kailee is so phenomenally pretty, the effect is seductive, but in a classy way.

By the way, great styling too. Did you notice the enchanting green earrings? They go so well against the purple dress. Beautiful colour coordination - in Judgment of Paris colours, in fact (heh, heh).

Seeing Kailee do so well on the runway reminds me of a passage from her profile:

“It’s mostly runway shows that are really, really strict about the height thing…”

“Why do they put such a stress on height?” I interrupted her.

“I guess it just goes along with the model stereotype, in a way,” Kailee opined. “People like that ‘wow’ factor. Especially for runway. I’ve done a little bit of runway here and there, but not any of the big plus-size-model shows because I am under their height preference.”

“It’s just another example of the misguided application of the straight-size aesthetic to plus-size modelling,” I fumed. How could they not realize that the “wow” factor of Kailee’s superlative beauty would exceed any impression made by the mere height of a model?

That has now definitely been proven true - Kailees dazzling beauty makes her a catwalk star! In fact, I think she looks even better on the runway because of her natural height than if she were Amazonian. She looks shapelier just the way she is. No question that she was the star of this runway show (along with the blonde model whom Hannah mentioned). Any runway event would be lucky to have her. She could make any outfit look fantastic.
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Old 3rd July 2009   #4
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Default Re: Kailee at Full-Figured Fashion Week

In the purple dress, my favourite is this picture:

There's so much mischief in Kailee's eyes! She's so alive on the runway. You absolutely cannot look away from her. Those beautiful azure eyes are hypnotic. And I love how she poses to really show off her figure.

In the black dress, I adore this photo:

Look at what she's doing with her eyes there. That gaze is ultra-seductive. She becomes a completely different person in this outfit, someone chic and sophisticated, but dangerous too.

And in the last outfit, in this picture, I adore how pretty she looks.

Plus, once again, she's posing to really show off her curves, and that's key to the presentation of this outfit. A different model wouldn't have been able to make it look this good.

No question, this was Kailee's night. I'd give anything to see a video of the runway show.
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Old 5th July 2009   #5
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Default Re: Kailee at Full-Figured Fashion Week

I'm thrilled to have more pictures of Kailee from this event to share. Oh, she looks so stunning.

The photographer took more shots of Kailee in her purple dress than of any other model in any outfit. And who can blame him? Kailee looks almost impossibly beautiful in this dress. One of the photos captures Kailee from an angle, as well as head-on.


Wow. But wait -- I've saved the best for last; a gorgeous close-up of Kailee's exquisite face. Her features look so soft here, and I adore her expression.


Ah, she's just too beautiful for words.

Here are some equally stunning shots of Kailee in the black dress.


I adore her dramatic gaze here. Silver-screen glamour at its finest.


Here are three photos of Kailee in the animal-print dress.


And finally, the khaki outfit.


It was Kailee's presence, above all, that transformed this show into a really exciting and noteworthy event. She's even more beautiful on the catwalk than I could have imagined. I hope to see her in more runway shows in the future.

And I hope that they allowed her to keep that purple dress...
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Old 19th August 2009   #6
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Default Re: Kailee at Full-Figured Fashion Week

I have something to add to this thread. Here's a YouTube video about FFFWeek made by Ashley Stewart, which was one of the designers at the event.

Unfortunately, it only shows short snatches of the runway show, but if you fast forward to 9:35 in the video, you'll see Kailee! She's in the black dress from the event. I wish we could see her in each of the looks that she modelled, but still, even this one glimpse shows how amazing she is on the catwalk - so ultra-confident and proud, so exciting.

Also, although Katherine Roll walked for other designers at the show, not for Ashley Stewart, at 7:21 there's a very brief but amazing shot of her beautiful, beautiful face. She's an angel! I just wish the camera had showed her full-length as well.
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Old 20th August 2009   #7
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Default Re: Kailee at Full-Figured Fashion Week

Thank you for these pictures. All the models were very lovely, and it is so encouraging to see full-figured models dressed in beautiful clothing, epitomizing style and glamour! From the looks of it, Full Figured Fashion Week was a success. My favorite outfit that Kailee wore was the wrap-style print dress. She looked so sophisticated and beautiful. It's something I would love to wear! And the dress showcased her shapely legs. Kailee is very beautiful and can definitely hold her own on the catwalk.
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