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Default Barbara Brickner: New test photos

If fans have any regret about the career of supermodel Barbara Brickner, it is that she hasn't tested as often as they would like. Understandably, aficionados of plus-size beauty would love to see new images of Barbara constantly, but the model's test shoots, while invariably gorgeous, have been pricelessly rare events.

That's why today's release, by Ford New York, of a series of new Barbara photos is such a momentous occasion.

Moreover, the pictures are absolutely breathtaking--some of the most eye-catching in Barbara's legendary career. The wardrobe styling is feminine and alluring, and the photography is clean and elegant, and admirably showcases Barbara's beauty.

First of all, this photograph appears as the cover of Mrs. Brickner's current portfolio. It is a signature Barbara image, the kind that she creates better than any other model. The beauty just pours forth from the picture--a beauty that shines more brightly than ever. Her gaze is confident, direct, but still very feminine, not aggressive or challenging. Her magnificent brunette tresses (so very long--increasing Barbara's attractiveness tenfold) flow around her face in a sensual manner. And, oh, could anything be more seductive than the way in which she grabs a handful of her hair in her hand, causing viewers' hearts to race as they dream of how soft her tresses would be to the touch. The styling is thrilling--a filmy top in a rich, purple hue, with delicate thin straps, and a ruffled trim that provides an enchantingly girly frame for the highest point of interest in the image--the broad expanse of Barbara's bare self. One could hardly imagine a more captivating headshot than this.

The following three-quarter-length image is, if anything, even more alluring. The deep cut of the dress reveals a dizzying expanse of the model's plump decolletage. Barbara's magnificent figure forms the nether portion of the dress into a seductive shape, as the fabric embraces her generous waist and womanly hips. Observe how her dark tresses flow sensually over her neck-and-shoulder area, caressing the skin. Barbara strikes an appropriately dramatic pose in this image, directing her attention toward the window, with the dramatic eye makeup amplifying the intensity of her gaze. The sleeveless dress exhibits the gorgeous fullness of her limbs. Every single detail of Barbara's art is sheer perfection--right down to the delicate, graceful way in which her fingers rest on the window sill.

There is something regal and majestic about Barbara in this image--an image in which she doesn't hold herself back in the least, but displays the full measure of her beauty, even turning herself carefully into the light to allow her figure to be showcased in the most effective manner possible, lighting herself like a Classical sculpture, presenting her figure in the manner of an artistic masterpiece--which it surely is.

A tight close-up displays the beauty of Barbara's miraculous facial features.

But while the thrill of viewing a new Barbara Brickner test is to see her strike rare, dramatic poses, Barbara's signature look is and always will be her big, open-mouthed smile, shown here to perfection. No one can fail to experience a burst of joy when looking at a picture of Barbara smiling, particularly in this case, where she looks singularly happy. Note again the bewitching way in which she runs her fingers through her hair, as if subconsciously inviting the viewer to do likewise. As in the previous images, the model wears a sleeveless top that displays her soft, round arms--and when a goddess has arms as beautiful as Barbara's, sleeveless attire is simply mandatory. One also sees here the feline eyes that are so much a part of Barbara's allure.

Another close-up shows the model's sunlit smile, and joyful demeaour.

And finally, we come to one of the most sensual images of Barbara's career. It is an image worthy of Titian himself. Perhaps no photograph has ever displayed the softness of a model's figure more gloriously than this. Observe how the model's waist swells to the side onto which her body is tilted. Her figure appears softer even than the bedding on which she rests. She tosses one arm lazily over her head, while the other is gently curled back, displaying the intoxicating fullness of her upper arm. She seems a goddess who exists for pure pleasure, for uninhibited self-indulgence; a creature of extreme lassitude, avoiding even a trace of physical exertion; pampered and spoiled, waited on hand and foot, her every wish attended to, her every need fulfilled, secure in the knowledge that her beauty entitles her to a life of supreme luxury.

The look in her eyes is heart-stopping--and surely no other model could have generated an expression as utterly appropriate as this. She seems dreamy-eyed; satisfied, but still wanting more; languidly inviting the viewer to worship her, to pay tribute to her luscious beauty. (Note that she rests above the covers, not hidden beneath them, unabashedly inviting the viewer's appreciation.) And yet there is something irresistibly youthful in her eyes, girlish even, a quality that provides counterpoint to the womanliness of her figure--a figure that seems seductively heavy, palpably weighty. This youthfulness renders her feminine greed somehow innocent rather than wanton. As a seductress, she is more playful than wicked, and that girlish quality renders her all the more desirable.

Even by Barbara's standards, which are the highest in the industry, these images are nothing short of incredible, and among the very finest of her career--indeed, among the finest that any model has ever created.

Fans have yearned to see more of Barbara in recent months, and one hopes that this new test heralds even greater visibility for Ford's legendary plus-size supermodel.

- An Encomium

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Default Re: Barbara Brickner: New test photos

The images are incredible, especially the last one, which is so daring - yet gentle too. A photo like that is much more sensual than a cruder presentation would be. It manages to be sweet as well as seductive. It's the perfect balance. Even the lingerie is appealing - pretty, not overdone. Barbara looks so relaxed in that picture, and when you look at it, you can't help but feel the same way.

Barbara has always had the definitive plus-size figure. Her attractiveness is beyond belief, and she creates the perfect pose every time.

I also agree about the styling and the photography, both of which were ideal. Plus-size models always look best in outfits that are as delicate and feminine as possible. And the pictures are very clear, and with lots of natural lighting. That's especially noticeable in the masterpiece, the final pic, which looks like it has morning streaming in through the curtains.
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Old 6th July 2009   #3
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Default Re: Barbara Brickner: New test photos

Barbara's star is undimmed. She remains one of the most gorgeous models in the industry, and has the definitive Classical figure.

It's true about testing - I've always hoped that she would do more of it, since test photos allow a model the opportunity to explore looks that they don't get to display in commercial campaigns. When Barbara has tested, the results have been incredible (e.g., her Douglas B. shoot, or this campaign). I do wish that she would test more often.

This lingerie image is perhaps the most sensual picture of her career. She is still pushing the envelope, realizing new creative accomplishments. It's so provocative, but gentle too.

There is no other model like her.
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Old 19th July 2009   #4
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Default Re: Barbara Brickner: New test photos

Barbara Brickner's new lingerie picture has, not surprisingly, caused a tremendous commotion among the chattering classes, with many Web logs enthusing about her superlative beauty, her dreamily indolent expression, and the exquisitely soft fullness of her figure.

Heffner Management, which is Barbara Brickner's mother agency, has now released a larger version of the above image, and it is our privilege to share it with Barbara's countless admirers.

Barbara has made a career out of creating some of the most gorgeous images of any plus-size model, and with this latest masterpiece she has surpassed herself, and once again epitomized timeless beauty for the present day.

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Default Re: Barbara Brickner: New test photos

We return from a three-week tour of Europe (our first in many years) to find a host of wonderful new representations of Classical beauty to share.

First of all, here is an absolutely gorgeous new test photo of Barbara Brickner, released both by the Ford and Heffner agencies. It is, as this entire test series has been--as Mrs. Brickner's best photos always are--a perfect example of gentle sensuality (which is the approach that best suits plus-size models). Notice how the white overshirt reveals the model's shapely, bare legs, and offers an alluring glimpse of decolletage. Barbara's long, rich tresses flow loosely, seductively around her shoulders. Although this is a black-and-white image, one can almost perceive the balmy warmth of the setting, with the clear sky in the background, with the tropical accessory, and with the model's loose attire. Barbara seems utterly relaxed, and the viewer shares that mood when gazing upon the image. One senses the model's love of indolence and voluptuous ease.

Click to enlarge

The fact that Barbara so convincingly establishes a mood by her pose and expression is a tribute to her incomparable technique. And the angle of the photograph, which makes the viewer look up at the model, with Barbara silhouetted against the sky, subconsciously intimates her goddesslike status.

From the same session, Heffer also offers this lovely headshot, which provides a sensual view of the model's buxom curves. Barbara has a smile like no other model in the industry--a smile that communicates pleasure and happiness in a way that is truly magical.

Click to enlarge

Each of the test images in this thread is a masterpiece of feminine sensuality. One urgently wishes that Mrs. Brickner would test more often, as the results are ideal depictions of Classical beauty in real life.

(Click images to view larger.)

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