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Default Kailee: LouLou magazine

Fall brings with it the latest seasonal plus-size supplement to LouLou magazine, a Canadian fashion publication. While one deeply regrets the absence of Justine Legault from the magazine's pages (her layout in the last edition caused an absolute sensation), this issue boasts three stunning pages featuring Kailee O'Sullivan.

Indeed, the publishers seem to know full well who the star of their quarterly magazine is, for the first of Kailee's MXM ads appears right on the inside cover--and LouLou chose just the right image to lead off with, selecting the dramatic hand-in-the-hair ad that fans have singled out as the finest image of MXM's fall campaign.

Click to enlarge

The page is truly stunning, with Miss O'Sullian playing with her magnificent tresses in an overtly seductive manner. The outfit is not form-fitting, but it nevertheless suggests the model's luscious curves. The wood panelling of the wall behind Kailee, and the Gothic MXM lettering, add a touch of historicist opulence that gives Kailee's look, contemporary as it may be, a timeless appeal.

Click to enlarge

The model's gaze is mesmerizing, a bold (but not aggressive), penetrating look that rivets the viewer and makes his heart race. Her eyes smoulder with banked-down fire. Framed by her flowing hair, her face looks extraordinarily soft and beautiful. There is a richness to Kailee's look in this image that is highly seductive. She is unleashing the full power of her beauty here, intent on enslaving the heart of all who gaze upon her, and viewers are helpless before her goddesslike allure.

Click to enlarge

The next image presents a completely different side of the model's personality. Here, she is in a casual, relaxed, playful mood. It gladdens one's heart simply to look at this page.

Click to enlarge

The touches of colour, from the scarf to the sleeve, liven up the ensemble, while the hat is both practical and fun. Notice how Kailee's tresses flow over her shoulders in romantic waves, injecting femininity into the look.

Click to enlarge

But the most captivating aspect of the picture is the model's adorable face. The curve under her chin is soft and sensual; the smile warm and inviting. Kailee looks irresistibly attractive here, in a way that is completely different yet no less compelling than the darkly sensual picture, above.

Click to enlarge

The final image is a shade less arresting, simply because one doesn't see as much of Kailee's face as one would like. However, the model is adept at this downward-looking faux-modest gaze, which involves the viewer in a singular way. Although the image is, by nature, static, one cannot help but scrutinize it, as if expecting to see the model lift her head.

Click to enlarge

Also, notice how adorably pretty Kailee's gentle smile is. And the rich mane of hair blowing in the wind, flowing back over her shoulders, introduces a romantic element into this picture. Kailee's tresses seem instinctively to form themselves into gorgeous waves that make the viewer long for tactile engagement.

Click to enlarge

LouLou's plus-size supplements are always noteworthy, particularly because they deliver the best of MXM's Kailee O'Sullivan ads in print form to a nationwide audience. In this issue, those ads appear right at the front of the publication, on pages 2, 5, and 7, indicating the editorial team's awareness of the quality of the ads, and their wish to lead off their magazine with the best possible pages to capture viewers' interest.

Bravo to this magazine for bringing plus-size beauty to the general public, to MXM's creative team for creating such stunning images, and above all, to Kailee herself, for her superlative beauty and dramatic modelling talent.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Default Re: Kailee: LouLou magazine

I love every single image that Kailee creates, but these are some of her best. The top photo, with Kailee playing with her hair, is so gorgeous. I love it when Kailee really lets loose and unleashes all of her beauty. Although she's wearing casual clothing, I think she looks just as goddesslike there as in the photos from her famous would-be bridal editorial. Her eyes are hypnotic. That should be a poster, or a magazine cover for sure. I definitely got a confidence boost the first time I saw that picture. Kailee always has that effect.

Then in the second picture, she looks so friendly and approachable. I love the fact that she can create all these different looks, because there are some days when you feel more confident, then other days when you feel more laid back, and Kailee puts all those different moods onto film.
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