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Old 6th September 2009   #1
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Default Barbara at Reitmans (Fall '09)

Well, here's a nice surprise: Barbara Brickner is in the Reitmans Fall 2009 campaign. I've really missed her there! The images are basic career/casual wear, but Barbara always puts so much grace and beauty into her work that she makes every image gorgeous.

I loooove the fact that Barbara is wearing her hair longer now. In the images, you can tell that she knows how to make the most of it. Her hairstyle epitomizes "voluptuous volume," and with an artful turn of the head or body movement she makes the romantic waves of her tresses flow.

Here are some of my favourite pics from the campaign. I especially like how, in the top-left image, the sweater is very closely fitted, even pulling open slightly at the bust and hips. Close fit, on a voluptuous figure like Barbara's, can make even basic apparel sexy.

Her expressions have so much gentle sensuality. (Look at the second picture down, on the left, for example.) But she can also be friendly-sexy too (bottom left). Every photo produces a different sensation.

All of the images are on the Reitmans site:
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Old 9th September 2009   #2
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Default Re: Barbara at Reitmans (Fall '09)

Barbara -- always stunning, always inspiring.

I received a Reitmans flyer with the newspaper this morning, and Barbara's images were all over it.

Fortunately, Reitmans puts its flyers online now, so everyone can view them. Here's the latest:

As for the campaign pics of Barbara, I also like these. The one on the right has such "attitude." And I love Barbara with longer hair.

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Old 27th September 2009   #3
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Default Re: Barbara at Reitmans (Fall '09)

Barbara Brickner's affiliation with Reitmans counts as one of the all-time great model/client partnerships in the plus-size industry. Barbara's work for this company has yielded some of the most gorgeous and size-positive images ever produced.

This campaign is, indeed, a shade less exciting that past Reitmans promotions, if only because the photos are studio-bound rather than set in an attractive location. However, Mrs. Brickner looks stunning in the pictures, due in no small part to the fact that she is wearing her hair longer now, in a way that befits her opulent allure.

Here are two of the images from the flyer linked above. The attire may be career-oriented, by by her beauty, her graceful pose, and her sensual expression, Barbara turns this into a stunning image. She endows the ensemble with a femininity that it would otherwise lack, and injects as much glamour as possible into an outfit such as this. It is one thing for a model to look captivating in unmentionables, but to be able to look this seductive in career clothing is the mark of a truly extraordinary talent.

Here, in a full-page image from the flyer, the model adopts an ultra-confident stance, and fixes the viewer with a thrilling look. Notice how much her beauty is enhanced by the sight of her magnificent tresses tumbling down her back. In any attire, Barbara awes the viewer with her beauty, implicitly commanding the veneration and worship that is due a living goddess.

With these images, as with so much of her work, Barbara demonstrates that timeless beauty has not vanished from the world. It lives among us, even if the media refuses to acknowledge it. Mrs. Brickner brings eternal ideals to life, even in the most contemporary of contexts, and viewers never fail to be enthralled by her art.

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