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Default Hayley Hasselhoff, untamed

Fans of America's Next Top Model may know that this season, the show is breaking new ground by exclusively featuring petite models (5'7 and under). This represents a valiant effort, on the part of Tyra Banks, to break one of the fashion industry's most appalling prejudices--its absurd height standard.

Next to the fashion industry's discrimination against women of size, its resistance to using models of normal, non-Amazonian heights is its most galling aspect--especially since petite models often display clothing better than do their taller rivals.

How regrettable, though, that ANTM did not include any plus-size models among its petite contestants. By their very nature, plus-size petite girls offer the best of both worlds--luscious curves and compact proportions.

Consider how many of the industry's most beloved models fall into this category. Christina Schmidt is 5'7. Kailee O'Sullivan did some of her most celebrated work at 5'7, before later reaching 5'8. Shannon Marie, the most beautiful and beloved of all models, has variously been identified as 5'7 or 5'8. And Ford L.A.'s resident princess, Hayley Hasselhoff, is a perfect 5'6.

And now, thanks to West Coast photographer Michael Anthony (, we have four gorgeous new test images of the lovely Miss Hasselhoff to share with her enthusiastic fans.

First, consider this breathtaking image of Hayley sitting in a jet-black vintage Mustang. She wears one of the most gorgeous dresses that we have ever seen, a delicate, ethereal garment that is almost dream-like in its gossamer beauty. Not only is the dress enchanting, but it shows off the model's shapely limbs--the most attractive fashion accessories imaginable. The heart flutters as one gazes upon her thick, voluminous tresses--the heavy, golden locks of a fairytale princess. The model's dazzling alabaster complexion, her fair hair, and her ivory gown all create an image of exquisite whiteness that contrasts strikingly with the sable black of the automobile. And the selection of a Mustang as the damsel's car of choice is not accidental. A Mustang is, of course, a noble steed, and seeing Miss Hasselhoff behind the wheel is like viewing the modern equivalent of a princess on horseback.

The model's expression is dark and sensual. Fans always regarded Hayley as a stunning beauty, but until this test, few realized just how brilliant a model she is, in terms of her craft.

Miss Hasselhoff's precocious talent is even more vividly apparent in this image. Note her seductive, languishing expression--the appetitive mouth, the alluring, heavily lidded eyes. Only a girl who knows that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world could pose in this manner. Her fair complexion is utterly flawless--as white as marble, with just the slightest whisper of a flush at the cheeks. The pink nail colour adds a welcome, girlish element to an image that otherwise displays astonishing maturity.

Even more softly seductive is this, Hayley's first-ever unmentionables photograph. The tone that the photographer struck in this image is perfect--intensely sensual, yet modest, offering just a discreet glimpse of decolletage. For her part, the model ably creates a fully realized persona. The soft, white bedcovers and the padded headboard in the background offer the ideal environment for a storybook princess such as this--someone who slumbers until noon, has breakfast in bed, and lives a pampered existence of ease and pleasure and self-indulgence. The dark eye makeup plays off against the innocence of her fair features, suggesting a girl who is well aware of her angelic beauty and capitalizes on it to get whatever she wants. She sinks heavily into her bedcovers, the gaze in her lidded eyes that of someone for whom seduction is effortless, who knows that she need but fix a suitor with a glance to enslave his heart. All that one sees of her outfit are two lacy straps that are intensely alluring in their feminine delicacy.

And finally, although this is the most casual image in the series, it is also the most beautiful, and most significant, for it is the first picture that has faithfully captured Miss Hasselhoff's shapely curves. Until now, Hayley has tested in loose attire, but this very pretty dress conforms to her unconstricted figure. One sees the womanly curve of her hip, and the sensual rondeur of her nether-hourglass curves. Her pose is graceful, her expression relaxed, yet engaged. Her tresses cascade over her shoulders in thick waves. The sunlight coming in from the window bathes her in a celestial glow, while the greenery behind the glass complements the peach hue of her dress. Hayley's fans will be overwhelmingly grateful to her for creating a genuinely size-positive picture such as this, a stunning display of natural curves and timeless beauty.

These images are some of the best that both Hayley and photographer Michael Anthony have ever produced. They show the model's dazzling beauty, increasing maturity, deft posing technique, and--for the first time ever--her stunning, plus-size figure. The wardrobe styling is gorgeous, the hairstyles enchanting, and the settings and themes note-perfect.

Hayley is undoubtedly one of the most promising young models in the industry, not because of her celebrity status, but because of her talent and beauty. We earnestly hope to see her in more campaigns in the future.

Anyone who wishes to see more of Michael Anthony's work--or to contact him for a test--is warmly encouraged to visit his official site, linked below:

- Click here to visit

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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff, untamed

Gorgeous, gorgeous model. The photos are fantastic. I love the white/black contrast of fair Hayley against the sable Mustang in the first image.

YouTube recently added a paparazzi video of Hayley from just a few days ago. Apparently, she was shopping in an L.A. mall, and the reporters happened to be there. Hayley strikes a few stunning poses for the camera, and is very polite and sweet, despite obviously being "ambushed."

I like her open-back top, and how her long tresses flow down her back. Also, the end of the video has some close-ups of her facial features, which look soft and lovely. She's very pretty.
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Old 26th September 2009   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff, untamed

Unquestionably, Hayley is blossoming into a gorgeous young model. I found several recent press photos of Hayley that fans might enjoy seeing. It seems that she appears in quite a few red-carpet and celebrity events - even fashion shows!

One thing that makes Hayley's figure so natural and beautiful is that she has a curvy abdomen. You can see it in these press photos:

Here she is with her mother at a recent event:

Here's a candid, showing that she already has her driver's license:

Here are a couple of photos of Hayley from a recent celebrity fashion show. Notice how soft and lovely her facial features have become:

And finally, with her celebrated family. Notice that Hayley is the centre of attention. With her golden hair and soft features, she is a living princess, and one of the prettiest girls ever photographed.

If the plus-size fashion industry has any sense at all, it will capitalize on her beauty and talent, and feature her in more campaigns.
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff, untamed

Hayley seems like such a sweet girl- genuinely nice and warm. And so pretty. She has an Old Hollywood glamour about her, but with the softer features of timeless beauty.

Here's a photo of Hayley at Torrid's "House of Dreams" event this past weekend, with her famous father.

And here's another video of the same Hayley sighting as in the previous YouTube video that was posted in this thread, except this one is a bit longer, and is from a different angle. The paparazzo enthuses that Hayley "posed up a storm" for the cameras. She was very generous to take the time to pose for the fans like this- and she does it so well.

Fast forward to 1:19 in the video to see Hayley's part. She's onscreen from 1:19 to 2:53 in the clip.

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