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Old 25th September 2009   #1
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Default Christina Schmidt on the runway (videos)

With all of the recent talk of plus-size models on the catwalk, we are delighted to be able to share the first video record of a particularly popular and gorgeous full-figured talent walking the runway in a local Toronto fashion show, from earlier this week.

The quality of these videos is, alas, dismal and amateurish. The professional crew that taped the event has not yet released its broadcast video, nor do we know when it will, so Christina fans will simply have to make do with these cellphone-quality clips.

But despite the technical shortcomings of these recordings, the videos dramatically demonstrate Miss Schmidt's stunning catwalk presence. Like Kailee O'Sullivan, she walks with supreme poise and confidence. The outfits are merely career-wear standards ("Day to Night" was the theme of the show), but Christina's youthful energy transforms every piece into an exciting wardrobe choice. She absolutely glows on the catwalk, clearly in her element, and walks as proficiently as any Parisian girl who has appeared in dozens of couture presentations. Her luscious curves gives the outfits a womanly shape, and add a much-needed element of seductiveness to apparel that, on a minus-size model, would have looked dull.

The clips vary from 50 seconds to 2 minutes in length. The show was actually staged twice, and while the first set of clips was filmed from the side, the second set (presented here) was shot at the foot of the runway--Fashion Television style. Thus, viewers will get to see Christina's performance from every angle.

Fashion Show (B) - 6th look (1:01)

Fashion Show (B) - 2nd look (0:57)

Fashion Show (B) - 3rd look (1:00)

Fashion Show (B) - 1st look (2:21)

Fashion Show (B) - 4th look (1:21)

Fashion Show (B) - 5th look (1:24)

Fashion Show (B) - 7th look (1:06)

In addition to national campaigns, plus-size models also regularly do day-to-day work such as this--appearing in smaller, local fashion shows--but fans seldom get to see the results. These videos (whatever their technical shortcomings) offer a rare glimpse of a gorgeous young plus-size model in action on the catwalk. Christina ably proves how much more effective curvy girls are at showcasing clothing than their underweight rivals, and demonstrates how proficient she personally is on the runway--displaying the most natural catwalk presence of any plus-size goddess.
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Old 25th September 2009   #2
Join Date: July 2005
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt on the runway (videos)

Here is the first set of videos showing Christina Schmidt on the catwalk in the earlier staging of the September 22nd runway show. These clips are filmed from the side, rather than at the end of the runway, and thus offer a different perspective.

The most enjoyable video in the set is the last one, which shows Christina's final look. The show actually runs over time, so Christina has to hurry along at the end. Note her captivating grin as she accelerates her pace. You can tell that she is having a blast on the runway, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Notice also that in this staging of the show's 7th look, Christina walks the runway without a jacket, thus showing off her sleeveless green top--which happens to be the most attractive piece of the day. (In the second showing of this 7th look, as seen in the final video linked above, the stylist puts a jacket over this green top, thereby diminishing the effect.)

Fashion Show (A) - 1st look (2:42)

Fashion Show (A) - 2nd look (0:52)

Fashion Show (A) - 3rd look (0:39)

Fashion Show (A) - 4th look (1:13)

Fashion Show (A) - 6th look (1:02)

Fashion Show (A) - 7th look (1:07)

Fans earnestly hope to see Christina in more runway shows in the future. Walking the catwalk is second nature to this young starlet, and with her dazzling beauty and graceful yet energetic stride, she demonstrates just how brilliant plus-size goddesses could be on the runways of the world.
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Old 26th September 2009   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt on the runway (videos)

Christina is amazing on the runway! I've viewed every clip twice, and am astounded by her catwalk presence. Unlike the typically morose fashion models, she emanates real joy as she walks. That right away makes the clothes more appealing. And her figure does give them a feminine shape that they would otherwise lack.

Also, let's be honest - her facial features are gorgeous. Seeing Christina on video - even on poor-quality video - reminds me of her camera presence on Degrassi, where she stole every scene she was in. And I especially love the fact that she's growing her hair out again. Her hairstyle for this show is glamorous and youthful, and adds energy to the overall looks.

Christina is now at the head of my short list of ideal runway models, which includes Kelsey, Kailee, Charlotte Coyle, Katherine Roll, and a few other Judgment of Paris favourites. If the fashion industry were ever to dispense with its walking skeletons and instead feature models like Christina, the public would go wild with enthusiasm for every show.
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Old 28th September 2009   #4
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Default Re: Christina Schmidt on the runway (videos)

One moment that I especially love comes in the final video (7th look, show A): After Christina has walked the catwalk and is going behind the curtain, she runs her hand through her hair in an unabashedly alluring way, and glances in the direction of the camera. It's a "wow" moment. She has such a magnetic presence. The way she moves reminds me of clips of Tyra Banks when she was walking the runway during her early modelling career. Christina is an exceptionally good model, but she also has that special something, that little bit extra that makes her a bona fide star.

One thing's for sure - I'd rather watch Christina walk the runway, even in a local show, than see any straight-size skeleton (or faux-plus model, for that matter) walk any international catwalk. It really is a delight to see her, and especially in living motion. She's looking especially gorgeous these days, and I hope we get to see her in more shows or ad campaigns soon.
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