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Default ''The new taboo'' (article)

I thought this was a rather interesting perspective on the insanity of modern society. The language is not size-positive, but I recognize the writer's need to use negative terms to make her point.

She points out that whereas in another time, a woman would have been (rightly) scandalized for acts of genuine immorality and depravity, today women (celebrities especially) are ostracized simply for being curvy.

a candid picture seems showing weight gain can do more damage to a person’s image than a sex tape. What has happened to our morals when we have become more concerned with the outward appearance than the inward character of those society idolizes? When did f** become the new social taboo, prompting a seething nightmare for a publicity relations director?

The author also makes an excellent point about how young girls are led into body-shame due to the terrible example of their mothers:

A young girl growing up in America must be incredibly and understandably confused as her mother tells her not to base her self-worth on her appearance, all the while this same mother shells out hundreds of dollars on gym memberships trying to get rid of “baby weight.” No wonder children today have such issues with eating disorders and bullying in school. We taught it to them with our lying, hypocritical behavior.

Very well said. It's true - the example that a mother sets is far more potent than any words she speaks. She may tell her daughter to have good body image, but if by her actions the mother indicates dissatisfaction with her figure, then that's what the daughter will pick up on. That will be the mother's awful legacy.

I like this point in the article too:

We have let Hollywood tell us middle-class Americans what is cool, hip, and attractive and that is so not okay.


But I really, really appreciate her final challenge to readers:

Women, I challenge you. Step up to the plate and be yourself, your true self and be proud of it. Don’t hide behind fad diets and exercise, torturing your body and mind into something its not. It is okay to be a curvy full figured woman, a traditional woman, a throwback to old times where women waited until marriage to have sex, who ate when they were hungry. If that’s who you are, then do it. Being confident in who you are, is way sexier than punishing yourself into madness.

I like how she ties being curvy with being "traditional, a throwback to old times" - words that she uses proudly, in a positive sense. Those should be positive ideas, despite how the media attempts to make them negative. In "old times," women were comfortable eating whatever they wanted, and were proud of being curvy (and they were more moral and ladylike as well).

I hope many readers adopt this healthier outlook from the past.
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