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Old 8th March 2009   #1
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Default Kelsey: 46-39-47

If there was any doubt that Kelsey Olson is the most gorgeous and exciting model in the industry today--based especially on her recent Alfred Angelo campaign, as well as her Valentine's lingerie shoot for Torrid--such doubt will vanish once fans discover her latest measurements.

As given by Heffner, her Seattle agency, Miss Olson is a breathtakingly beautiful 46-39-47.

The heart races.

That gives her the most gorgeous waist measurement of any currently working goddess, yet she is also buxom, with womanly hips. In short, she is the living embodiment of the Classical ideal.

Her new Heffner Polaroids are also wonders of beauty. One might dearly have wished to see an image without the sweater--one that would have exhibited Kelsey's shapely arms--but the peach hue complements her skin tone, and gently sets off the ivory top. The colours of her wardrobe match Kelsey's peaches-and-cream complexion.

They are also remarkable testaments to Kelsey's natural loveliness, particularly because they are Polaroids, and therefore unretouched. Most models could hardly achieve such flawless skin short of being Photoshopped halfway into animation, but Kelsey's milkmaid complexion is so fair and angelic that it veritably glows with its own light, naturally perfect.

And oh, that top is so very attractive--a romantic peasant-style top that displays her plump decolletage and intimates her soft waist. The way in which the string is barely tied, as if falling open to disclose further beauties, adds a sensual element to the images. Notice how her clavicle is wholly submerged in soft fullness--a highly alluring detail.

Miss Olson's expressions are wondrous as well. If the measure of minus-size skeletons is how "fierce" they can be, the highest achievement of plus-size models is how gentle they can appear. And in these images, Kelsey's demeanour is just as soft and feminine as is her physical being--particularly the image in the top right, where she delicately caresses her blonde hair as it cascades over her shoulders.

And while we are admiring Kelsey, we cannot let the opportunity pass without showing off one more test image from her portfolio. It is extraordinarily alluring--but let us consider why. As lingerie images go, it is actually rather modest. Because of the pose, most of the model's figure is not visible (although what one does see--a full, shapely arm and a glimpse of decolletge--is gorgeous).

No, what makes this image so captivating is Kelsey's expression. She looks utterly delighted with herself, and highly pleased with the effect that she knows her beauty is having upon the viewer. Kittenish, one might call her--exhibiting the kind of playful sexiness that comes naturally to a young girl, and there is nothing more irresistible than that. The commingling of her innocently girlish allure and her robust, hearty figure creates a blend of effects in this image that is mesmerizing. As always, Kelsey's long, fair tresses greatly enhance the image, spilling over her shoulders in a mass of gold. Perhaps the subtlest yet most seductive features in the image are the dimples at Kelsey's knuckles, which bespeak a delicate fullness that is free of any muscle tone, and is formed solely through unhindered self-indulgence. The way in which she sinks heavily into the bed also endows the image with a sensual impression of the model's weight, and the softness of the bedcover betokens the softness of her figure.

Kelsey has achieved remarkable results with her most recent campaigns, consistently surpassing her own best work. Now that her measurements are more goddesslike than ever, we earnestly hope that she attracts more campaigns, both in the Pacific Northwest, and across the country.

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Old 9th March 2009   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey: 46-39-47

I am so excited to hear of Kelseys stunning measurements. Not since Shannon Marie has there been a case where a model has combined being genuinely full-figured with so much beauty, and in such a memorable way. Thank goodness she hasnt starved herself, but has blossomed into the goddess of goddesses. Every picture she takes, ever campaign she appears in, helps restore timeless beauty to public awareness.

Kelsey is incredible.
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Old 2nd May 2009   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey: 46-39-47

With every new picture--even with every new Polaroid--Kelsey Olson confirms her place as the most gorgeous and exciting model currently working in the industry.

These new snapsots from Heffner, Miss Olson's Seattle agency, are if anything even more beautiful than the ones above. The styling is more conservative (undoubtedly these are meant to present her for fall-oriented campaigns) but, paradoxically, her figure looks even more luscious in these images. Never has Kelsey appeared as buxom as she does in the top-right image. The belt rides high, not compressing the model's soft, full waist, which is perceptible even in this outfit.

And have her facial features ever looked lovelier than in the top-left photo? Kelsey's well-fed condition has made her appear younger than ever. Her face has a sensual, babylike fullness. Her complexion is dazzlingly fair. The masses of blonde hair that flow around her face augment her gentle look. And her expression--oh, with those parted lips, she appears more childlike than ever. And yet the combed-back hairstyle is a mature look, and that, alongside her very buxom qualities, confirms her adulthood. The blending of the two aspects--babylike fullness with elegant classiness--creates a fascinating composite that is irresistibly alluring.

The full-length image is small, but her jeans are closely fitted enough to suggest the gorgeous shape of her legs.

Best of all, notice Kelsey's breathtaking stats, as printed on the bottom of the card. She has not diminished herself, but has retained her amazing figure (perhaps the most gorgeous figure of any model in the industry today), with that seductive 39" waist measurement. You can see the benefits of Kelsey's curvaceousness in her figure and especially in her adorably full face. It confirms the truism that plus size = plus beauty, especially for models who are goddesses to begin with.

We eagerly look forward to Miss Olson's next campaign, or her next test shoot. These Polaroids vividly indicate just how gorgeous and exciting those pictures will be.

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Old 3rd May 2009   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey: 46-39-47

Kelsey is dazzling in both sets of Polaroids. And I'm so excited by the fact that she possesses true plus-size measurements. This is what a gorgeous, curvy young girl should look like! Kelsey truly represents the young women of today- who know that they are beautiful, who do not apologize for having the figures that Nature intended them to have, and who live their lives to the fullest, and never starve or torture themselves.

I simply cannot wait for her next campaign. If it's anything like her Alfred Angelo bridal shoot or Torrid Valentine's lingerie campaign, it will be unforgettable.
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Old 4th May 2009   #5
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Default Re: Kelsey: 46-39-47

When I see Kelsey's work I get the feeling that she could be an amazing leading-lady type of actress. Hollywood's current crop of waifs leaves me blank. Their emaciation pulls the rug from any allure they might have possessed. Kelsey looks so gorgeous and at the same time so real and true that I find it shameful that the public at large strives so hard to limit its appreciation of beauty.

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Old 5th November 2009   #6
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Default Re: Kelsey: 46-39-47

What a thrill it is to discover new images--even just Polaroids--of the most exciting model currently working in the industry. Kelsey's beauty is so stunning that her Polaroids surpass even the most elaborate editorial work of other models.

These images are courtesy of the other agency that represents Miss Olson: Dorothy Combs Models in Miami.

Look--just look--at what an absolute angel Kelsey appears in this breathtaking shot. Unlike some models, who need elaborate photoshoot artistry and post-production work to create the "illusion" of beauty, Kelsey is beauty in itself. It staggers the imagination to consider that she looks this gorgeous every minute of every day. Observe how her golden tresses flow in romantic waves around her sweet, gentle face. That face is enchanting--utterly doll-like--and Kelsey adopts the perfect expression to heighten her girlish innocence. Her neck and shoulder area is soft, flawless--her clavicle submerged in soft fullness. The aquamarine top emphasizes her buxom curves, and its colour brings out her azure eyes. Her pose is supremely graceful--the motion of her hand, pulling the strap of her camisole away from her bustier, coyly suggests the possibility that she will next slip the strap off her shoulder altogether. This gives an otherwise angelic portrait a touch of sensual frisson.

Whereas the above Polaroid showcases the angelic, doll-like look that is Kelsey Olson's trademark, in this image she appears relaxed and friendly, supremely comfortable with herself, putting the viewer at ease--or at least, as much at ease as anyone can feel when faced with such heavenly beauty. Notice the hairstyle--slightly different, but still a romantic masterpiece, tumbling over her neck and shoulders, leading the eye down toward the decolletage.

The final image presents another signature Kelsey expression, an intriguing mix of child-like wonder and steamy sensuality. With her stance, the model presents herself directly to the viewer, showcasing her voluptuous figure. Her eyes shine with the gentlest of looks, yet her pose subtly suggests the model's awareness of her own desirability. The innocence of her gaze, playing off against the undeniable seductiveness of her figure, creates an irresistible blend of effects, which heightens her allure.

Although these are mere Polaroids, the resolutely ordinary setting--a prosaic door to a room or apartment--actually endows the pictures with a narrative possibility, as the model's dazzling beauty seems all the more extraordinary in such an unremarkable environment. One thinks of the "fantasy girlfriend" films of the 1980s, such as Splash (mortal loves mermaid) or Date with an Angel (self-explanatory). In these images, it is as if the goddess Aphrodite simply walked in trough someone's front door one day; or as if an angel from heaven donned casual attire and paid a visit to a mortal. Faced with such beauty, the visited individual rubs his eyes in wonder, and believes himself to be dreaming. Yet no, there she still is--as dazzling as ever. And of course, the mortal falls for her instantly. What an interesting film that would make.

One more thought is occasioned by these pictures, and that is the extraordinary notion that however she might dress, or arrange her hair, Kelsey actually does look like this, actually does resemble a goddess come to life, every minute of every day. The world scarcely deserves such a blessing.

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