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Default The Judgment of Paris Tumblr

The Judgment of Paris has had a Tumblr account for quite a while, but until recently, we were never quite sure what to do with it. Readers have long told us of discovering intriguing graphics on the social-networking site, but whenever we explored it, we found Tumblr to be a mixture of the very best and the very worst of the Web.

The worst? Much of Tumblr is overrun with content that, by any reasonable classification, is crassly pornographic. At least in the past, X-rated Web sites were explicitly classified as such and could presumably be screened from underage viewers by search-engine content controls. However, in the case of Tumblr, it would be almost impossible to keep children navigating the site from being exposed to a deluge of appallingly graphic imagery.

The best? There is beauty to be found on Tumblr, like rare, exquisite flowers growing amid an unweeded garden. One of the members of this forum, Tamika, has a Tumblr that is surely one of the loveliest pages on the Web, a world of beauty unto itself. Who wouldn't prefer to live in the dream world that Tamika has created rather than in the cultural-Marxist dystopia that has consolidated itself amid the remnants of Western civilization, imprisoning all of us within a grim, bleak, soulless reality where aesthetics have been subordinated to political imperatives and slave morality?

At any rate, we ourselves are now maintaining a Judgment of Paris presence on Tumblr (linked below). Stylistically, it is congruous with the look of this forum and our Twitter page. For the time being, we have been using it to post some of the more memorable images that have appeared on our site over the past several years. In each Tumblr post, we have included links back to the source discussions on our forum, to avoid one of the most frustrating aspects of Tumblr, which is the frequency with which images are posted without any identifying descriptions, making it almost impossible to learn more about them. In the future, we expect to announce new discussion threads on Tumblr as we do on Twitter, and even to debut original content not available elsewhere on the Judgment of Paris.

Our latest Tumblr post offers a reproduction of the famous 1997 "Ruby" ad created by The Body Shop, which remains one of the most ravishing depictions of plus-size beauty ever created, with the doll exuding the kind of sensual lassitude that distinguishes paintings of Venus by Titian and other Renaissance masters.

Anyone wishing to review some of the most gorgeous images of full-figured femininity that have appeared on this site is warmly encouraged to visit our Tumblr, and, if you use the social-networking site, to follow our page.

Click to enlarge

- Click here to visit the Judgment of Paris on Tumblr

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Default Re: The Judgment of Paris Tumblr

Both Tumblers are beautiful -- that of the Judgment of Paris and Tamika's "Rose Carousel." I can't help but wish that the two could somehow be united -- i.e., in images that show models with truly full figures, such as those of the models shown in the Judgment of Paris Tumblr, but photographed in the kinds of vintage feminine outfits and opulent, historic settings that appear in Tamika's Tumblr.

Incidentally, one of the things that I appreciate about Tumblr is that those who use it to promote size celebration generally have an adamant preference for images of visibly full-figured models, at least a size 16 and usually more. It doesn't surprise me that of the Judgment of Paris model posts on Tumblr, the two that have earned the most commentary are Katherine Roll's shoot with Osvaldo Ponton, with its exciting image of her sumptuous reverse-view curves,

and Mayara's stunning campaign for Glamur Fashion from last year, in outfits that closely define every luscious inch of her size-22 body.

I wish everyone who markets fashion to full-figured women would take a good look and Tumblr and see the kinds of visibly fleshy physiques that young women today are responding to. Forget faux-plus models -- curvy girls today want to see fashion on authentically plus-size figures.
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