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Default Kailee, Justine: Evans winter catalogue

The winter season is proving to be a goldmine for fans of timeless beauty. Katherine Roll's images from her promotional modelling work for Nordstrom have just been released, as have teasers from Kelsey Olson's shoot for SWAK, while Sophie Sheppard's new test photos dazzle the senses.

Now comes a major breakthrough at Evans, the largest and best-known plus-specialist retailer in the U.K. Like many British brands, Evans has too often resorted to using disappointingly faux-plus models, but its winter catalogue signals a major transformation at the chain. For the first time that we can recall, Evans features not just one, but two Judgment of Paris favourites in its advertising, two of the most gorgeous and popular plus-size models in the world, both legitimately full-figured: Kailee O'Sullivan (size 14) and Justine Legault (size 14/16).

The results are every bit as gorgeous as one might expect.

Justine takes pride of place with an appearance on the catalogue's cover page, looking every bit a goddess, with her golden tresses cascading over her shoulders in voluptuous waves. Any Evans customers--or indeed, any full-figured women in the U.K.--will be arrested by the sight of a catalogue with a model this beautiful on the cover, one who exhibits superior beauty to any starving superwaif on any glossy magazine at the newsstands. They will have never before seen such a dazzling embodiment of plus-size beauty. The photography is rich and polished.

Click to enlarge

But although Justine graces the catalogue cover, Kailee boasts by far the most gorgeous image within its pages--one of the most stunning lingerie tears that we have ever seen. In a quiet, homey setting, as if in a bed-and-breakfast in the English countryside, the model discloses the radiant sight of her soft, fair figure. There is something incredibly intimate about this image. One forgets that it is in a public catalogue, as Kailee's earnest expression creates a private moment between the model and the viewer. The lingerie--which, it must be said, is very attractive, with an appealing floral design--celebrates her luscious curves while still preserving a touch of modesty. The soft morning light bathes her in a gentle, white glow, giving her the celestial radiance of an angel. She appears secure in her beauty, yet appealingly vulnerable as well.

Click to enlarge

For all that her figure is the focus of the picture, the model's irresistibly needy expression invites a closer view. Her entrancing eyes, as blue and wide as the eyes of a Victorian doll, stir the emotions and generate a desire on the part of the viewer to protect her and take care of her, sheltering her from any adversity. She appears vividly intent on discerning the viewer's reaction to her exposed beauty--as if, for all of her confidence, she needs to perceive the viewer's worship of her, to be validated by his ardour. With the gently parted mouth, there is a touch of helplessness in this expression that is utterly enchanting. The eyes follow every wave of her cascading strawberry-blonde hair as it gently touches her cheek and rests on her bare person.

Click to enlarge

Justine too enjoys a page of her own in the new Evans catalogue, and it is a measure of the extraordinary attractiveness of full-figured goddesses that even when their generous curves are hidden, they still exhibit timeless beauty and are immediately distinguishable from androgynous, minus-size models. Justine's angelic, fair tresses appear lit from within, as the warm sunshine--so different from the pale morning light which illuminated Kailee in the previous image--gives them a golden luster. The model's look of affected modesty is a captivating pose, as if she were humbled by the power of her own beauty. The organic tones of the background give the image a warm, unmodern appeal.

Click to enlarge

Most of the images in the catalogue are double shots, but in every case, Kailee and Justine stand out vividly as the divinities to whom the eye is resistlessly drawn. On this page, the model's fiery tresses, adorably round facial features, and buxom curves seize the viewer's full attention, as does the fact that her dress exposes the sight of her shapely legs. Note the girlish earnestness that Kailee exudes in order to present a fresh, youthful appeal, thus invigorating her mature outfit.

Click to enlarge

In Justine's finest double, she absolutely steals the show. Whereas Kailee is celebrated for her buxom voluptuousness, Mlle Legault's finest figure features are her nether curves. This image demonstrates how the sumptuous fullness of her 46" hips immeasurably enhances the appeal of her outfit, giving it a alluring, womanly shape.

Click to enlarge

Like a vixen on the prowl, she appears to be eyeing her latest prey, and to be sure, no man could resist the sight of such a delicious goddess in an outfit that showcases her generous proportions so seductively.

Click to enlarge

The most seasonal image of this "Christmas catalogue" (and bravo to Evans for deeming it a "Christmas" rather than "holiday" promotion) is the following, which shows Kailee entering a home decorated with a traditional wreath. She looks magnificent in her long coat, warm and cozy, while the low neckline of her top promises untold treasures once she doffs her outerwear.

Click to enlarge

A second view of Kailee by the door demonstrates how essential it is for plus-size retailers to enlist the services of goddesses as beautiful as this, for it is the rounded prettiness of the model's facial features, her sparkling expression, and her vixenish hair that enlivens the presentation and shows that this outfit can be an exciting, youthful choice. As the caption indicates, the gentle embrace of a belt maintains the visibility of wearer's feminine proportions.

Click to enlarge

The final page of the catalogue finds Justine relaxing on a sofa, yet the energy in her pose and expression arrests the viewer's attention. The top attractively showcases her buxom curves, as does the decorative necklace, which presses down and helps to define her voluptuousness. The arrangement of the hair is especially beautiful, drawn back over one shoulder but cascading freely over the other. Even with the model in this reposing position, the viewer senses the opulence of her womanly figure, as she sinks into the cushions.

Click to enlarge

In addition to the numerous full-page tears, however, this catalogue features many smaller images of the models, which we can present at a reasonable size. Most intriguing are a pair of graphics which include quotations offering sound fashion advice. Kailee's counsel is incontestible, and amply validated by this gorgeous image, which highlights the buxom splendour of her figure and the curve of her hips.

Click to enlarge

Justine's admonition is equally sound, and while this particular outfit does not showcase her curves as effectively as do many other pieces in the Evans catalogue, the accompanying description of her physique (appropriately framed by a heart-shaped graphic, indicating the ardour that her figure inspires in her admirers) is delightful.

Click to enlarge

A pair of walking images invite an intriguing comparison of the models. Kailee's photograph is especially sensual, with the coat wide open to exhibit her figure. The cardigan seems barely able to encompass her buxom curves, but opens at the waist to reveal a sensual roundness at her middle. Justine's image is equally eye-catching, with the golden cascade of her hair, the sight of her babylike facial feature set in such a determined expression, and the fascinating turn of her body.

Click to enlarge

Kudos to Evans for shooting this catalogue in attractive settings rather than in a bare studio. The combinations of greenery and Victorian brickwork in the outdoor images is charming and gives the pictures a pleasing autumnal mellowness. This picture finds Kailee in a cozy sweater that showcases her voluptuous richness and teasingly hints at a sensual swell at her waist. Some of her tresses playfully find their way into her turtleneck, while others fall over her shoulders. Her expression is warm and endearing, her complexion fair with just a hint of a flush at the cheeks.

Click to enlarge

And finally, the Evans catalogue finds Kailee in the most Christmas-oriented of locales--at home, by the hearth, the mantle of which has been decorated to reflect Yuletide cheer. Her eyes sparkle as she flirtatiously plays with her tresses. The top defines her buxom contours, which give her figure an alluring sense of weight, for all that she is only a size 14. No one could wish for a finer Christmas gift than to be able to lay eyes on such enchanting feminine beauty.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Evans for producing such an outstanding winter catalogue, perhaps the finest publication it has ever issued, thanks to the presence of two of the most attractive models in the industry. Kailee and Justine are latter-day princesses, gorgeous and genuinely full-figured, and Evans did justice to their beauty by adorning them with such voluptuous hairstyles and shooting them in such attractive settings.

Hopefully this signals a real turn in thinking for Evans, which henceforth will continue to heed customers' wishes to see models such as these, who are both captivatingly beautiful and legitimately plus size.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Click to view Evans's winter catalogue

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Default Re: Kailee, Justine: Evans winter catalogue

What a beautiful catalogue. These pages are lovelier than anything in Vogue or Elle or any other fashion publication, thanks especially to the attractiveness of the models. Of course, it also helps that the photography is of such high quality, the locations are pretty and seasonal, and the clothing is stylish.

I have often despaired that the plus-size industry is losing the opportunity to really transform society, because many of the top retailers - the ones with the greatest reach - do not use gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models. Instead, they all too often resort to faux-plus girls. But with this fine catalogue, Evans steps into pro-curvy territory. Kailee and Justine both look stunningly beautiful, and anyone seeing this catalogue for the first time will be amazed. They will say to themselves, "I never realized full-figured women could be this beautiful." They will be forced to admit that plus-size beauty is the true shape of female beauty, and that the starving fashion cadavers in the glossy magazines and on the runways cannot compare.

The cover tear is also on the Evans home page right now:

The various Evans landing pages also feature the most beautiful images of the models, including, of course, Kailee in intimate apparel.

Justine looking like Aphrodite herself, with her curvaceous hips.

The buxom beauty of Kailee:

I find it interesting that Evans never photographed Justine and Kailee together. Perhaps they thought it would be too much beauty in a single image, and that customers would be mesmerized.

Such an earnest, lively expression.

The Justine cover image is also on the "clothing" landing page.

Kailee, home for the holidays, looking regal.

Kailee also appears on a "Whats Your Shape?" page at Evans.
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Default Re: Kailee, Justine: Evans winter catalogue

Evans has now added another image from the catalogue to the site's cover page - the picture of Justine looking appetitively at . . . whatever or whoever has inflamed her desire.

Evans clearly recognizes how fine this image is, as it also appears in an e-mail circular that I just received. And no wonder it's so popular: it's an exceptionally size-positive photograph. Justine looks gorgeous with this voluptuous hairstyle, and the fullness of her figure is abundantly on view. The image accentuates the generous curve of her hips, and although the top is a bit loose, the photo gives a sense of the model's luscious proportions. It's an image of a plus-size and faux-plus model beside one another, and the plus-size model is the more gorgeous one by far, the queen bee, and the other girl is her acolyte. Thus, this is an admirably size-celebratory picture.

The graphic links to the "party wear" section of the Evans site, which features Justine's top and a host of other attractive items.
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Default Justine: Evans catalogue cover

For the cover of its print catalogue (as opposed to the online version posted above), Evans has added a stunning cover image featuring Justine which is even more beautiful than the cover of the internet edition.

This image takes full advantage of the model's most attractive characteristics, from her long, voluptuous tresses to her baby-soft facial features. The sunlit golden hue of her hair, as well as the lush greenery in the background, give the cover a warm, inviting feeling. The model adopts an even gaze that is very present and self-affirming, but gentle enough to harmonize with the cover's pleasant atmosphere.

Imagine: a fairy-tale princess on the cover of a commercial catalogue. This is the wonder of the plus-size fashion industry at its finest. It also marks a remarkable achievement for Evans, which now ventures, for the first time ever, fully into the territory of timeless beauty.

We hope that future campaigns from this retailer will be equally beneficial for the aesthetic restoration.

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