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Default ''Delighted to be at her heaviest''

For a daily dose of inspiration, heres an article I found in The Daily Mirror, a British newspaper, that has an amazing comment from a British celebrity named Denise van Outen.

I had never heard of her before, but she seems to be well known it Britain. The article is a gossipy story about her having broken up with her latest boyfriend. But look at this excerpt from the article -

"Denise wants to find the right guy and is positive the love of her life will come along."

Whoever he is, he'll find Denise curvier than ever - as she says in an interview with Grazia magazine this week that she is delighted now to be at her heaviest weight.

"The times I've been really thin are the times I have been most unhappy," she says.

Of course the "curvier" Denise is still only celebrity-curvy (which is almost the same as skinny). But still, what a great thing to say. It would have been one thing if she said she "accepted" being at her heaviest. But to say that she is "delighted" to be at her heaviest is pure size celebration.

And why shouldnt she feel this way? Would anyone feel bad about being curvy, or wish to be thin, unless they were taught to be? Im glad she saw through this, and I hope more people read these words and take them to heart.
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Default Re: ''Delighted to be at her heaviest''

This is a shining example of someone who has managed to break out of the bubble of media conditioning--a personal victory that is especially significant for someone who actually works in the media, where the pressure to adhere to anorex-chic standards is overwhelming.

And how interesting to find Ms. van Outen acknowledging that she has been "most unhappy" in her life when she has been "really thin." This is a significant inversion of the lie that weight-loss propagandists attempt to implant in the minds of the populace. Diet profiteers forever imply that starvation is some sort of happiness-drug, a panacea, a cure for all ills. But if one steps back and reflects on the matter, one has to ask--what in the world could make self-deprivation a source of any kind of happiness? Isn't self-imposed starvation more likely to make a woman bitter, irritable, and physically enervated? And by contrast, isn't eating well more likely to make her feel comfortable, and satisfied, and full of vitality?

Ms. van Outen's delight at her current size is quite understandable. She undoubtedly looks better and feels better--and happier and healthier as well. Of this, one may be sure--that when the "love of her life" does come along, he will find her more attractive, in appearance and demeanour, than when she was "really thin"--and consequently, "most unhappy."

Kudos also go to The Mirror for reporting this figure-enhancement in a positive way. And attentive readers will note that Grazia magazine, the British weekly which The Mirror acknowledges as this source of this information, was the same periodical that published the affirmative story about Patsy Kensit being "curvier and happier," which was recently posted on this forum.

It indicates how effectively a magazine can be a force for good--instead of a force for ill--if the editorial vision is genuinely size positive.

Barbara Brickner looking understandably delighted at Lands' End, Fall 2005:

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