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Old 29th April 2013   #1
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Default Model agencies recruit at anorexia clinics

While Justine Legault's Elle Quebec image is a rare (in fact, lone) example of size celebration making it to the cover of a mainstream fashion magazine, this shouldn't in any way obscure the fact that the minus-size fashion world is an utterly contemptible industry full of sociopaths who explicitly thrive off the misery of women.

How terrible is it? Consider this news.

Modelling-agency representatives in Sweden have been scouting future talent . . . at anorexia clinics.

It's no longer even figurative to say that minus-size models look like anorexia victims. They are anorexia victims.

In fact, it now appears have having anorexia (a severe illness with a high incidence of fatality) is a prerequisite for the job.

This newspaper broke the story.!fTGJR0pmcNA5c/

The pertinent points:

Model agencies scouted anorexia clinics

Model agencies have been standing outside one of Swedens largest anorexia clinics and have been trying to recruit new model amongst the patients.

"They have been courting 14-15 years old severely ill girls," says Christina Lillman-Ringbor, care coordinator.

Metro can now reveal that model agencies have been trying to find new models amongst the severely ill patients.

"We find that absolutely reprehensible. They have been standing outside our clinic and trying to pick up our girls because they know that they are skinny. That sends absolutely the wrong signals when what the girls need is treatment," says Anna-Maria af Sandeberg, head of department and chef physician.

Among other things the agents have supposedly approached the girls when out walking together.

"They knew our schedule and could approach the girls outdoor. They are young girls with anorexia. Some of the girls BMI are as low as 14 and that most often requires around-the clock care," says Christina Lillman-Ringborg.

Can you imagine? Here's a clinic trying to save these girls' lives, and along comes a fashion-industry sociopath who tells her, no, keep starving yourself to death, but while you're doing it, model some clothes for some fashion designer who has a twisted fetish for androgynous emaciation.

Another Swedish newspaper followed up on the story.

It includes additional commentary, and a jaw-droppingly disgusting defence of the practice from a fashion-industry professional:

"It's despicable," psychologist Andreas Birgegård, chair of the Swedish Anorexia Society (SABS), told The Local.

"For people who have an illness centered around weight and looks, it's catastrophic to throw them into a business that focuses on exactly those things."

In one incident, an agent with one of Sweden's largest modelling agencies approached a 14-year-old girl and left a business card.

The girl's mother and care coordinator Chistina Lillman-Ringborg later confronted the agent, explaining that the girl suffered from a serious illness.

"They claimed that they approach healthy, normally slim young people and that they never urge anyone to lose weight; that's how they defended themselves," Lillman-Ringborg told the TT news agency.

"Normally slim"!!! Have you ever heard anything so twisted? These criminals scout girls from a clinic whose victims are dying -- dying -- and the model scouts call them "normally slim."

Here's a mother telling the agency that her daughter is severely ill, and the fashion professional responds, "No, she's not. She's 'normally slim.'"

Sure -- in the perverted world of fashion, where life-threatening anorexia is 'normal' (!).

And what a slimy evasion: if the girls are already anorexic, already starving themselves to death, then sure, the modelling industry can technically say they aren't "urging them to lose weight," because the girls are already losing weight due to the eating disorder!

How convenient for them: "We don't need to tell them to starve. They're already doing it for us."

A report from France24 adds another shocking item to the story.

Listen to this:

The unscrupulous head hunters were familiar with the patients' every day routine and would stop at nothing, she added.

"One of those contacted was in a wheelchair because she was so skinny," af Sandeberg said.

The incident took place several months ago, and the girls' schedules have since been changed.

My GOD. The girl is so sick that she can't even walk -- she's in a wheelchair from anorexia -- and the modelling agencies call that "normally slim"!

Two facts emerge from this quite clearly:

1. The people running the straight-size fashion industry are the ones who are sick -- truly sick, for only absolutely sick minds could see anorexia victims -- girls as young as 14, starving to death, confined to wheelchairs -- and think, "That victim will be my source of profit," if they're a modelling agent, or "That is what I call 'beautiful'," if they're a fashion designer.

2. That these people are so degenerate would be irrelevant if they confined their twisted thinking to themselves. But no, they control an industry that imposes a sick standard (literally sick, as this article proves) on society at large. And there's no way they should be permitted to do so.
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Default Re: Model agencies recruit at anorexia clinics

Slate also covered the agents' unbelievably callous behavior in an article titled, "The Most Infuriating Thing You Will Ever Read About the Modeling Industry." The author, Katy Waldman, makes her point bluntly:

Can we even imagine how confusing and harmful it might be for an eating disordered teenager, trying to recover, to hear praise for her rail-thin frame? To hear that it might propel her into a glamorous career? Heartless, perverse, exploitative crap like that makes the world a more toxic place for all of us.

How right she is. Fomenting, celebrating, and enshrining the starvation aesthetic poisons the world for everyone. The cynical exploitation of sick girls expresses a hatred for everything living and lovely.

Ms. Waldman closes her article by addressing the clinic's 1,700 (!) patients, again speaking bluntly, using the Swedish slang word for "bottom."

So, Stockholm Center patients, if you’re reading this, sip a milkshake, enjoy your body as it returns to health, ignore those monsters outside. They wouldn’t know beauty if it bit them on the arsel.
Full article here.
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