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M. Lopez
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Default Quiznos commercial

I don't know if everyone has seen this or not, but there's a clever Quiznos ( commercial on TV these days that I'd love to share.

It shows two women sitting on a park bench. One is somewhat plus-size, and is devouring a Quiznos sandwich, while the other woman, who is thin, is watching her, practically drooling. The underweight woman has a voice-over as she looks with jealousy upon the fuller-figured women. She muses:

"She's getting so much joy out of that sandwich....That should be me!"

The thin woman then says to the full-figured woman, with real envy:

"I hate you."

And the plus-size woman looks up from her sandwich and says, with a mix of astonishment and pleasure:

"Wow. Really?"

It's a very clever spot because it consciously reverses the usual media setup of showing the full-figured woman envying the skinny one. It also acknowledges that women who deny themselves food are really missing out on one of life's joys - and that women who allow themselves to indulge are genuinely experiencing a pleasure that starving women lack.

Here's the link to a video of the commercial:

It would work even better if the plus-size woman were equally "glamorous" (hair, clothing) as the skinny one, but still, it's a small glimmer of progress - and it shows in which direction the envy really runs, between curvy girls and their underweight rivals.
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