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Default The ideal movie plot

I chanced upon this description online. The context was unfortunately negative, but if you isolate the writer's thought-experiment on its own, it reads like the ideal plot for a wonderful film -- a film that I would love to see.

Let's engage in a little mental exercise here: say a big Hollywood studio actually made a film that revolved around a female character who weighed in at, say, 200 pounds. Heck, just for fun, let's pretend that 27 Dresses, which starred [Katherine] Heigl, had starred instead some 200-pound, size-18 actress. For good measure, let's replace Heigl's size-zero, supermodel sister with a sister who's a beautiful plus-size model. Let's envision the film opening up with a scene of our heroine getting ready for work in the morning, showing plenty of closeups of her [figure].

Now let's pretend that it was shot exactly like such a film with a "sexy" actress would be shot -- plenty of shots of her sassy [curves] swinging back and forth as she walked down the street in a short skirt and high heels, and of course, some obligatory shots from above of her ample cleavage. And that the plot was otherwise the same -- that an attractive male character pined after her, that men looked at her model sister with lust and that heads turned everywhere she went. And that both women end up with very sexy, rich guys who consider themselves lucky to be with such an intelligent, attractive woman.

Isn't that basically perfect? What Hollywood fails to realize is that this would be a dream-come-true movie, both for full-figured women and for the majority of heterosexual men. Moreover, it represents reality far more often than the powers who run the film industry are able to comprehend.

Too blinded by either their political inclinations or their warped aesthetic sense (or both), they just don't understand -- or refuse to accept -- that this is precisely the kind of film the world is waiting for.
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