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Old 28th January 2009   #1
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Default Valerie: Vulnerable beauty

The last few weeks have seen a profusion of captivating lingerie images from some of the industry's most popular models, and the latest addition is a fascinating new test photo from Valerie Lefkowitz.

Alas, Ms. Lefkowitz is down to a tiny size 14, having tragically diminished from the celebrated size-18 figure that she possessed just one short year ago. Her curves and beauty have dimmed in equal measure; however, in this photograph there is still at least a trace of her goddesslike qualities.

Notice the lovely contours that her arms display, as well as her gorgeous legs, which have retained some of their opulent shape. Valerie was once known for having the most attractive legs in the industry, and perhaps she still does. They appear exquisitely soft, free of any muscle tone, their rich fullness due to the natural rondeur that a goddess acquires through sweet self-indulgence.

The image is altogether one of great beauty. The environment is clean and simple, but feminine. Note how the pastel colours complement the model's dazzlingly fair complexion. The pale-blue pitcher sets off the mellow hue of the hatboxes. The round white orb, placed in the centre of the photograph, is a fascinating element. It seems to visually harmonize with the model's own roundness. Similarly, the bottom-heavy pitcher echoes the model's pear-shaped proportions.

Although Valerie's waist is too narrow, one still sees an attractive swell at he abdomen. She remains buxom and womanly. The pose is enchanting--a modest stance that emphasizes the model's vulnerability. In fact, vulnerability is the key to the beauty of this image--a quality that is much enhanced by her delicately fair complexion. She seems helpless, in need of protection--which is the most irresistible of female demeanours. Yet the smile on her face indicates that this passive state is pleasurable for her. She enjoys being vulnerable, because she knows that with such a mien, she can enslave the heart of anyone who sets eyes on her, making him her devoted suitor, eager to worship her and do her bidding. Her appearance of softness and weakness is, in fact, her greatest power.

Another image from the same test offers an eye-catching headshot of Valerie--one of her finest. Her wide, open-mouthed smile is joy incarnate. Her golden curls tumble around her beautiful face in thick, heavy locks, like those of a fairy-tale princess. Her complexion is enchantingly fair--as white as snow, with just a hint of an excited flush. She looks heavenward, as if giving thanks to the creator who endowed her with such celestial beauty.

For far too long, Valerie was represented by an online portfolio at Ford that featured none of her best work. Thankfully, with this new test, her book finally includes pictures that do her justice.

But how regrettable that Valerie did not test while she was at the peak of her fleeting, size-18 beauty. At least fans have her Reitmans and Lion Brand images, as well as her Polaroids, to remind them of that exciting period, during which she once again became--for a while--the most gorgeous model in the industry today.
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Default Re: Valerie: Vulnerable beauty

This latest pair of photos of Valerie, with her lovely hair spiraling over her shoulders, reminds me of the nursery rhyme "Curly-locks," quoted in a post last year.

Curly-locks, Curly-locks, wilt thou be mine?
Thou shalt not wash the dishes, nor yet feed the swine;
But sit on a cushion, and sew a fine seam
And feed upon strawberries, sugar, and cream.

This rhyme has been illustrated many times over the years, and at "Mama Lisa's House of English Nursery Rhymes," you can see two such illustrations (one sweetly depicting two children in the role of fair damsel and suitor).

Valerie is beautiful, and I'm always happy to see new photos of her (though of course, I'm greedy for more). Her skin glows, her eyes sparkle. Her smile is positively contagious -- I found myself smiling back at her joyous visage. She embodies the young lady addressed in the "Curly-locks" rhyme: a beautiful woman whom any man would delight to serve, so that she might enjoy leisure for fine handwork and savoring luscious foods.
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Default Re: Valerie: Vulnerable beauty

The devastating loss to Ford of both Kailee O'Sullivan and Barbara Brickner leaves Valerie Lefkowitz unchallenged as the agency's most beautiful model, although one dearly misses the curvier Valerie of just one short year ago. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see new test images gradually entering her Ford portfolio (which, until recently, did not do her justice).

What strikes one immediately about these new tests is how colourful they are--but in a pleasing way, not a garish way. In this image, notice how the vibrant green top and blue jacket are balanced by Valerie's striking citrus-hued shoes, and how all of these solids play off against her multicoloured handbag (which, incidentally, must be the largest handbag we've ever seen). The colour scheme gives the image a youthful touch. There is one alluring detail here--the swell of Valerie's womanly abdomen, which is half-obscured and half-disclosed by the jacket, much as a goddess might half-reveal her decolletage (and to be sure, the opulent roundness of a curvy waist or abdomen can be every bit as seductive as plump cleavage). The model's long tresses flow over her shoulders in a lovely way, and her expression is warm and endearing.

In the following image, the attention to colour is even more notable. The pink of the chair on which Valerie reposes plays off against her yellow handbag, just as the orange of the chair complements the rich green of the ruffled collar. The photographer's attention to colour is unmistakable, as the primary purpose of the chairs is expressly to liven the palette of the image. The vibrant hues transform what could have been a rather spare image of an underwhelming grey suit into a lively, fun photograph.

How regrettable that Valerie didn't test while she was a size 18, and at the very peak of her beauty. Her test images are always attractive, however, and it is pleasing to see these lovely new additions to her book. We look forward to her next campaigns--including, hopefully, more results from Dress Barn this spring.
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