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Old 2nd July 2009   #1
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Default FFFWeek goddess - Katherine Roll

So like everyone else, I was awed by Kailee O'Sullivan's beauty in the pictures from Full-Figured Fashion Week.

But another model really stood out to me in the photos from the event as well. I think she's absolutely breathtaking. She has golden curly hair, blue eyes, a fair complexion, and a very soft, full figure. She's perfect.

She looks especially stunning in this dress.

Extremely pretty in blue. Just look at her adorable facial features, and her shapely legs.

This is the only outfit I'm not crazy about, because it's too formless. But she still looks pretty.

Soft, full arms:

And her last look is a dreamy white dress.

She has a babylike quality to her face, and a genuinely curvaceous figure. I have no idea what her name is or who represents her, but she's as beautiful as any plus-size model I've seen.
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Old 2nd July 2009   #2
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Default Re: Full-Figured Fashion Week goddess

Oh my goodness, what an amazingly beautiful model! I hope someone will be able to identify her. She definitely deserves to be seen more.

I hope her career flourishes after her appearance in this exciting runway show.
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Old 3rd July 2009   #3
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Default Re: Full-Figured Fashion Week goddess

The entrepreneurial Ms. Gwen DeVoe, whose company organized Full-Figured Fashion Week (and did a splendid job, as the pictures from this final runway show demonstrate), has very kindly informed us that the model's name is Katherine Roll. Her measurements are a truly goddesslike 45-36-50, which accounts for her gorgeous proportions in the runway show.

Also, credit must go to the show's hairdresser for giving Ms. Roll a breathtakingly beautiful, princess-like feminine hairstyle which perfectly matched her soft, round facial features. And the outfits showcased her beauty admirably, particularly the blue/green dress whose colour complemented her fair features, and the final white gown, which was truly the attire of a princess.

We hope to see more of Katherine in the near future. And bravo to FFFWeek for discovering such a lovely talent.
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Old 4th July 2009   #4
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Default Re: FFFWeek goddess - Katherine Roll

We now have two print images of the stunning Katherine Roll to share with fans.

First, here is a lovely headshot set in a charming natural location. The picture effectively displays the gorgeous roundness of her facial features, and it even includes a highly sensual detail--the soft fullness of the model's neck area. The fact that Katherine is so opulently curvaceous enhances every aspect of her beauty. Hers is a sweet, gentle look that warms the heart. She looks calmly beautiful, secure in her attractions.

And for something more editorial, here is Miss Roll in a rather provocative shot. Full-figured models are blessed with buxom proportions, and the following image acknowledges this fact, while artfully using light and shadow to render the effect suggestive rather than overt. The outfit bares the model's shapely limbs. Notice the alluring detail of the thin straps of the top pressing into the model's soft shoulders. But daring as the wardrobe styling is, the effect is admirably softened by Katherine's long, long blonde tresses, and her adorable facial features, which are so exquisitely childlike. The effect of playing off the innocent beauty of the model's face against her sumptuous, womanly figure makes for a truly arresting image.

But fine as these photos are, it is the runway pictures posted above that display the full measure of her beauty, as they exhibit her luscious proportions, her round, full limbs, and her dazzlingly fair complexion.

Katherine is a stunning model with one of the best figures of any model in the industry. Fans will be watching her career with great interest.

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Old 6th July 2009   #5
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Default Re: FFFWeek goddess - Katherine Roll

I'm pleased to have discovered more images from FFF Week of everyone's two favourite models at the show, Kailee and Katherine.

Here is Katherine in her turquoise dress. I like this item on her because it defines her soft, lovely shape. You can see the rounded swell of her midsection. She has such a beautiful figure.


Here she is in the blue-topped outfit.


This is the one look that I didn't like -- the sack dress. Too formless for a model with such a good figure.


Here she is in the outfit with the green skirt.


And finally, the goddesslike white outfit that showed off her legs so well. This is lovely.


It's wonderful to see a model with authentically curvy proportions gaining such visibility. I hope she never, ever diminishes herself.

And let me add my voice to those praising her hairstyle in this show. Very pretty.
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Old 10th July 2009   #6
M. Lopez
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Default Re: FFFWeek goddess - Katherine Roll

A picture of Katherine is now in rotation on the FFFWeek cover page:

She's SO gorgeous. She and Charlotte Coyle must have the best figures of any models working today. It's so empowering to see a model on the runway who is truly plus-size AND stunningly beautiful. I just hope that no one ever tries to force her to diminish her figure, because she's perfect exactly as she is. We need more models who are generously proportioned and indisputably attractive, like she is. I earnestly hope that she keeps her killer curves, and doesn't lose an inch.

Katherine has a pretty smile, but I like her non-smiling expressions even more. I think those really show off the beauty of her face. In most of her runway pictures she isn't smiling but adopts languid expressions, which really suit her.

All of the pictures of both Kailee and Katherine show that this final runway show was a prestigious event. Bravo to everyone who put it together.
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Old 25th July 2009   #7
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Default Katherine Roll: Goddess

We are delighted to announce--and fans of Miss Roll will be ecstatic to hear--that Katherine has just signed with the Model Service Agency in New York, becoming a member of its famed (and aptly named) "Goddess" division.

Along with Lindsey Garbelman, Katherine immediately earns pride of place as the agency's most gorgeous talent. MSA has an exemplary history of signing beautiful and genuinely full-figured models, and in Katherine it has added a stunning new starlet--one who brings youth, extraordinary beauty, and considerable modelling experience.

We wish Miss Roll tremendous success with her new agency, and hope to see her in size-celebratory print campaigns in the near future.

Snapshot of Katherine from FFFWeek:

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Old 30th July 2009   #8
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Default Katherine Roll in the Advisor (article)

Ever since Katherine Roll appeared in Full-Figured Fashion Week, the curvaceous beauty has been garnering widespread acclaim.

The latest example of Katherine's increasing exposure is an article about her that appeared in the July 21st issue of the Advisor, a local newspaper in the Boston area.

The publication's friendly staff were kind enough to send us a copy of the issue, and we are delighted to be able to share the article with Katherine's many fans:

The article is wonderfully upbeat, and Katherine's comment, "I loved being among models who love their curves and the designers who create beautiful designs that flatter us," is inspiring.

Katherine's love of her own gorgeous curves was very much in evidence in the pictures from the event, which is why the public has responded so enthusiastically to her. She has become plus-size modelling's "overnight sensation" (although her experience is considerable, as the article notes), and fans cannot wait to see more of her exciting work. Her extraordinary beauty and talent make any designs that she wears look beautiful and flattering, and her empowering images are sure to help many young women learn to love their curves as well.

With Model Service Agency as her new representation, the sky is the limit for this lovely young starlet.

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Old 30th July 2009   #9
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Default Re: FFFWeek goddess - Katherine Roll

It's wonderful that this newspaper did such a nice write-up about Katherine, and spoke so well about Full-Figured Fashion Week. I think introducing Katherine to the world will be one of FFFWeek's most important contributions to plus-size beauty. She's amazingly gorgeous.

In no time at all, I think she'll be joining Christina, Kelsey, Charlotte, and Kailee as one of the most popular models currently working in the industry. In fact, she may have the best figure of all. And she has the face of an angel.

My favourite pictures of Katherine are those showing her in the white gown and in the light-blue dress, from the first post in this thread. Those are the very definition of timeless beauty.
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